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Climate Action 2014-2015


POWER GENERATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD According to World Energy Outlook 2014, the report published by the International Energy Agency, electricity is the fastest-growing final form of energy. It is also contributing to the reduction of fossil fuel use more than any other form of energy in the global energy matrix. Half of the newly installed power capacity through 2040 will come from renewable energy technologies. In Latin America, the penetration of renewable technologies such as onshore wind farms and photovoltaic plants has trailed more developed parts of the world despite benefiting from more favourable meteorological conditions. However, over the last decade, the demand growth for electricity and the drop in equipment prices have spurred regional momentum and governmental policy support for such renewable forms of energy. Countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay have led the way in implementing market-driven programmes to promote the installation of renewable technologies. At ContourGlobal, we have successfully developed renewable power plants in two of the most dynamic electricity markets in the region – Brazil and Peru – with 712MW of wind farms and 37MW of small hydroelectric facilities. These projects represent our commitment to grow well, i.e. developing sustainable businesses that utilise resources efficiently to expand access to affordable energy in underserved markets. ENHANCING THE OPERATING ENVIRONMENT We recognise that being a leader in our industry gives us the unique ability to impact the regulatory and public policy environment for our entire sector. We are committed to: Promoting sector development by engaging local governments and regional power associations Advocating for sector reform priorities such as liberalisation and transparency "Half of the newly installed power capacity through 2040 will come from renewable energy technologies." Working with government officials to increase effectiveness of power services Building capacity in emerging countries to provide specialised technical training Educating our communities on energy efficiency and power safety Establishing strategic partnerships with governments, development organisations and NGOs. INNOVATION AND EFFICIENCY We also seek opportunities in markets where renewable options may not make sense. In such markets we focus on improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts while introducing operational best practices in the areas of health, safety and compliance. By deploying 118

STRATEGIC SUCCESS FACTORS ContourGlobal’s success as a company depends on ensuring the best conditions for all operations. Here are our key commitments: "We are committed to implementing innovative technologies that minimise our environmental footprint." Providing a safe and healthy workplace that improves continuously through a rigorous audit programme Minimising our environmental impacts by complying with global best practices, and maximising innovation to decrease our local footprints ‘next generation’ technologies in an innovative way, ContourGlobal is meeting the global demand for electricity ethically and sustainably. Since 2005, ContourGlobal has been building, owning, and operating power generation facilities around the world. We are committed to implementing innovative technologies that minimise our environmental footprint. We operate on four continents and in eighteen countries, with over 3,572MW of installed capacity in construction and operation. Operating efficiently and reliably to meet capacity availability targets Developing and training operational teams through ongoing knowledge-sharing. 119