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Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2018


HAPPENINGS THAILAND PATTAYA / TRAT SPOTLIGHT Float Through the Mangroves Travelling to an island doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to beach activities all the time. Here in Koh Chang, there’s another tranquil activity available when you feel like taking a short break from the sea and sand. One of the popular options to consider to taking a boat and rowing along the mangroves. The trees grow in abundance in Koh Chang around Salak Khok Bay. Along quiet waters, visitors will be able to explore mangroves up close SPOTLIGHT Glimpsing Van Gogh Imagine being able to view and admire world-class artworks of the masters in the busy city of Pattaya? Yes, you definitely can. The museum, Hello Van Gogh Pattaya, is the only one of its kind in Thailand that showcases the creations of Vincent Van Gogh in stunning technology. All masterpieces are presented as convergence art, projected onto large screens with highdefinition projectors. Step into the wonderful world of Vincent Van Gogh and get a retrospective glimpse into his incredible life before he became such a great artist. You can also admire works belonging to other Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, and many more. High-quality prints of Van Gogh and Monet paintings are also available for sale at the gallery. If all sounds interesting enough, list this place as your next destination in Pattaya now. They say that art is a balm for the soul, so take a break from the hectic pace and engage in some art appreciation. by kayak or a traditional wooden boat. This eco tour is operated by Baan Salak Khok Community Tour Club who know the area best. Feel what it’s like to float along the endless rows of mangroves and experience the way of life among the fisherfolks. These excursions also help the community earn extra money apart from their main livelihood as fishermen. So take a boat ride, reconnect with nature, and enjoy the serenity and amazing views. AUTHENTICALLY INDIAN Feel like taking a break from seafood? If yes, go for an option that defines sophisticated dining at the Maharani Indian Restaurant that’s in the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel. A meal there involves tasting the richness of incredible Indian specialties with the added bonus of spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand. Maharani, which means “The Queen” in Hindi, offers up the perfect combination of rich savoury dishes, superb ambience and exceptional service. Such fine details make it a unique and authentic experience with Indian cuisine. If you have no idea what to start with, the delicious and popular dishes like that of the Maharani Lamb Chop, Prawn Till Tikka and Garlic Naan send you off in the right direction. Expect to feel truly special with their service and experience Indian food at its finest, in a regal and vibrant atmosphere, as the restaurant lives up to the name as the “Queen of Indian Flavours.” OF SOUND, MIND AND BODY A shout out to people living healthy lives as they remind us it’s a good idea to revitalise our minds and nurture our bodies as frequently as possible. The Spa Koh Chang is just the right immersion into a holiday that’s tranquil and healthy. A good variety of body detoxification options are for the choosing, with three main programmes offering 3-7 days of detox retreats. Each is designed to meet personal health goals, remove toxins from the body as well as a chance to direct your mind into a relaxing state. A strong emphasis at the Spa involves cleansing and re-balancing your entire body system through healthy nutrition. Check out programmes that suit your interest and just enjoy a time of detoxification while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Koh Chang. 100