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Before moving to find

Before moving to find out what earth will be like after Jesus comes back, let’s take note that [Matthew 25:34] gives us two events that will take place before the final second coming. 1. Those that are righteous will be raptured and may not have to face judgment, and it will be a judgment of separation [sheep on the right and goats on the left]. 2. The saved ones will be invited in to come and share the blessings of His kingdom [Gods]. As we see then the term kingdom is used and implied as God’s kingdom new world of order. Remember the term the living will be changed and the example then refers to the concept that everyone will have new goryfled bodies like those who were dead and resurrected by God who made their bodies like new. [Matthew 25:33] tells us that Jesus is judge over all of us and this is why when he returns he will do the following things that we mentioned earlier. Note then that He states that the sheep [believers] will be given a place of favor, and the goats [non-believers] had to stand on the left. He tells us people classified as goats are the wicked ones and these people shall be punished by their own actions etc. [Matthew 25:33]. They then stand on the left for Satan’s side. Now let me ask you, are you a sheep or a goat? And what side will you stand on? If you yet don’t know, maybe you should take a closer look at yourself. It’s been stated that the people back in Noah’s days and times were warned by God that a deadly flood was coming. But they didn’t believe or listen to the warning – just like the worldly people of today who were told countless times that these are our last days we are living [Matthew 24:39]. Which also stated and knew not until the flood came and took them all away – so shall the coming of the son of man. This passage tells us that there are a few things we should note about our lives that are mentioned here: 1. Noah knew the flood was coming and was prepared as God instructed him to do. 2. He didn’t know the hour, like we don’t know. He made an ark to put his family so they wouldn’t drown. So, we see nothing has changed from the biblical times to today. [Matthew 24:39] gives us a clear example of life’s final events. It tells us that some will be taken to the kingdom; they will be reserved, and others who are the unbelievers, will be swept away. Keep in mind, se have already mentioned a key factor, and that was the concept of the sheep

and goat. And yet according to [Matthew 25:31] the goat will be sent to an everlasting punishment, and the sheep will go to the kingdom of God. It is time to pay attention to the message Jesus and God are telling us. It was mentioned that the future generations will be warned for three and a half years, and to make matters worse, it’s going on now. It tells us in the Bible that everyone in the world holds their life, including wealth and natural abilities in trust to God, and must give account that they used them. Wow! So let me ask you, what have you done with the life that God has entrusted you with? Think about what I am saying now, and that is, we will all have to answer to our Lord God. Some of us may have good jobs, but have not used our money that God entrusted us with right, but only to buy worldly things. We as humans must remember that in order to get into the kingdom of God, we must do the will of God. Yet, with all this in mind, we must note that enter the kingdom of God must live according to the value of it and wait for the return of Christ. [Matthew 24:41] tells us to be on guard and be prepared to meet God for judgment or mercy. I know that on some level we are all worldly people so I am trying to prepare myself and others – so let me inform you of what may happen – pay attention to the following: 1. It will be a one-on-one calling, meaning we cannot take others with us. 2. Each person will be judged, whether they rose to meet Jesus or opted to stay behind. 3. Someone you knew may not make it. 4. It tells us to witness to everyone we come in contact with [family and friends]. 5. Seek the will of God in everything you do through prayer and proper worship.