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Contents Part One Life

Contents Part One Life of Christ Part Two The Resurrection Part Three Worship God Part Four Our Last Days Part Five Return of Christ Part Six God’s Kingdom

Part One Life of Christ In biblical times, it was said that God sent his spirit son Jesus to live on earth by sending the spirit child to Mary through God’s Holy Spirit. This illustrates how Jesus came into existence and how his name was created by an angel Gabriel, and later others believe he was the “Christ the Savior” or the “Messiah.” Even today, Jesus is considered the savior in certain religions, such as Christians and Baptists. Jesus’ parents were Mary and Joseph, two servants who lived in Nazareth; his dad, Joseph, was a carpenter, his mother Mary taught Jesus from the Holy Scriptures. It was said, that as a child, he had a happy, normal childhood. He was strong in spirit and wisdom, and had the grace of God. He didn’t hang around rich people in his home town; he chose to be among the poor. He loved to read and study by himself, and he didn’t attend any schools because the information was false, and he knew this. Yet, he had his ups and downs, and he had brothers who would speak badly to people. He would return by speaking gracefully. As you can see, even he had to deal with Satan in some form. It was said that Satan was always there trying to overcome him. Jesus loved the music of the lord’s coming, because it was filled with praise and thanksgiving. As an adult, Jesus worked at carpentry with his dad, and also became a great teacher to everyone he came into contact with; so as we can see, from the information that we have, Jesus Christ did exist over two thousand years ago, and he was said to have been a perfect human like his father God. This information also gives us a glimpse of his child-hood and who is said to be his parents. Although Mary and Joseph were Jesus’ earth parents and they taught him God (Jehovah) was his natural parent in heaven before he came to earth. Jesus then came to earth to teach us about God’s truth and his kingdom, along with other lessons, which were love and self-sacrifice, through his illustrations. It is here, at this point in our research that will begin looking at his ministry and some of his lessons he wanted us to learn, and yet, how they affected us today in our daily lives. Jesus’ ministry first began in Galilee (Matthew 9:17). Here it was illustrated that a man that had an incurable disease (he was a leper)