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A System of

A System of Collaboration After Don, Doreen and her team, and the rest of the company adopt a system of collaboration marketing, this scenario is very different than without it. Doreen can strategize and delegate marketing pieces to team-members old and new with confidence. Don, in turn, can rest assured that all of the content being distributed is brand-compliant, and that his contacts are safe from prying eyes even while they are being used. Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble. Ian Schafer, Marketoonist Top-to-Bottom Consensus True to its name, Collaboration Marketing requires a top-to-bottom consensus regarding the system. When executives, sales teams, and marketing people work together to create and maintain a content hub, everyone can do their job with less stress and higher productivity. Collaboration Marketing eliminates ambiguity surrounding brandcompliance, gathering contacts, and receiving important analytics to determine the effectiveness of any piece or campaign. This method increases morale, effectiveness, and most importantly, an organization’s bottom line. Book 2 of 3 7

Summary • Collaboration Marketing is a strategy for harmonizing marketing and sales teams to effect a greater increase in the bottom line. • Collaboration Marketing is the process of leveraging your brand across all suitable digital marketing channels in ways that don’t put a strain on marketing resources. • Collaboration Marketing utilizes a comprehensive, organization-wide content hub with a multi-tier structure that seamlessly allows for the production and distribution of fresh, relevant content across a spectrum of marketing channels. • Collaboration Marketing requires a top-tobottom consensus regarding the system, with executives, sales teams, and marketing people working together to create and maintain a content hub so that everyone can do their job within a framework that leads to less stress and higher productivity. Book 2 of 3 8

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