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Beginning Writing for

Beginning Writing for Publication Have you always wanted to be a writer? Do you have creative ideas for a blog, essays, or articles? Do you dream of seeing your name on the spine of a book? Widely published author and blogger, Mary Potter Kenyon, will jumpstart your writing career with this three-hour course that teaches the basics of successfully writing for publication. Topics include breaking into the market by writing shorter pieces, writing for anthologies, and the importance of social media. With concrete examples and ideas for common markets, you’ll leave this class motivated to submit your work for publication or begin a blog. If desired, students have the option of submitting up to two, doublespaced pages of their writing for critique, at least one week prior to class. $39 | 33399 Aug 21 Tu 6:30pm–9:30pm / 1 session Kenyon Cedar Falls Center Conversational French Learn practical and common phrases that will make your trip to the many French-speaking regions of the world more enjoyable. Practice and learn both sides of the conversation as you work on proper pronunciation. Discover cultural tips to assist you in your travels and communication. Textbook included. $89 33318 Jun 7 – Jul 12* Th 6:30pm–9pm / 5 sessions | Schumacher Cedar Falls Center *No class 7/5 Genealogy: Building Your Family Story! [NEW!] Would you like to create an ancestor chart or compile a family history booklet for your children? Finding your ancestors and sharing with your loved ones is the ultimate family legacy creation. Certified Genealogist Lyle Potter will get you started on your journey. You will learn where to find information, types of records to research, what Census records can reveal, and how history affected our ancestor’s lives. You will have computer time in class to search the internet with guidance. $59 | 33352 Aug 7 – Aug 21 Tu 6:30pm–8:30pm / 3 sessions Potter Cedar Falls Center Songwriting: Level 1 Whether you want to learn how to write songs, or write better songs, or would simply would like to understand how to appreciate songs, this class will benefit you. You will learn the structure of a popular song and the elements of a hit song along with the hook and how it works. Different songwriting techniques will be discussed, along with the tricks of the trade. Plus, the instructor will also give you insight about the music business and how to get your song heard. Youth 15+ may register. $59 | 33316 May 17 – May 31 Th 6pm–8pm / 3 sessions Schumacher Cedar Falls Center Life & Leisure Conversational Spanish for the Workplace Would you like to provide better customer service to the Hispanic population in your workplace? If so, conversational Spanish will enable you to learn key phrases so you can communicate on a basic level with Spanish-speaking customers. This minimal grammar class concentrates on conversational techniques and basic word phrases. Emphasis is on pronunciation and oral exercises in a learner-friendly environment. Improve your Spanish and reduce communication barriers! Textbook is included. $89 | 33304 May 16 – Jun 13 W 6:30pm–9pm / 5 sessions Herrera Cedar Falls Center Conversational Spanish for the Workplace “This was really effective for kick-starting my ability to communicate almost immediately.” Songwriting “I will be making a new album using many of Tim’s techniques.” Songwriting: Level 2 Take your songwriting to the next level! This class will be approached as a songwriting workshop with everyone contributing ideas and learning from each other. Guidance from the teacher will include song structure (lyrics, melody, rhythm, and chord patterns) and various songwriting techniques, aimed at approaching songwriting from different starting points, will be provided. Consider signing up for Level 1 or both. Youth 15+ may register. $69 | 33317 Jul 23 – Aug 13 M 6pm–8pm / 4 sessions Schumacher Cedar Falls Center Dialoguing with Nature: A Mini Retreat to Reconnect with Nature & Nourish the Soul [NEW!] Experience nature afresh and explore plants, animals, minerals, and the great outdoors as a way to reconnect with your creative inner self. This mini retreat is held at the Cedar Valley Arboretum and includes guided writing and journaling, walking exercises, and time for reflection and sharing. A nature journal will be provided. $39 | 33360 Jul 10 Tu 6pm–9pm / 1 session Schuerman Cedar Valley Arboretum Spanish Fundamentals : Spanish Fundamentals is a self-paced, online Spanish conversation course that seeks to bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish-speakers. $165 | 34662 Start anytime Online 32 | Hawkeye Business & Community Education | May – Aug 2018 | | 319-296-4290

Writing Books for Kids: From Idea to Publication [NEW!] Do you have a great idea for a children’s book but unsure how to get started? Or maybe you have a finished manuscript but don’t know how to get it published? Writing for children is a different world than writing for adults. Local author of 35 published children’s books will share her firsthand knowledge and industry insight to help you along your journey. You will learn about idea generation, manuscript creation, children’s book formats, potential markets, and what to expect should a publisher accept your manuscript. $39 | 33359 Aug 7 Tu 6pm–9pm / 1 session Boelts Cedar Falls Center Maribeth Boelts Maribeth has been writing for children more than 20 years. Her titles “Those Shoes”, “Happy Like Soccer”, “A Bike Like Sergio’s”, and “Before You Were Mine” have won awards, and “Those Shoes” is in its 25th printing. She has two new publications on the way from Random House, while a new picture book, “Kaia and the Bees”, will be published by Candlewick Press. A former teacher, Maribeth loves meeting with others and encouraging them to write. Join Maribeth for Writing Books for Kids: From Idea to Publication. Recreation & Hobbies Bridge for Beginners Learn to play Bridge, a fun and fascinating card game that helps keep your brain active and healthy! Formerly employed with the American Contract Bridge League, your instructor will teach you how to evaluate a bridge hand, count points, and the basics of bidding. Practice what you learn in a structured party bridge setting. The first class is open to all ages. The second class is intended for 60+ and held at the Cedar Falls Senior Center. $25 | $25 | 33332 Jul 10 – Jul 31 Tu 6:30pm–8pm / 4 sessions Johnston Cedar Falls Center 33358 Jun 4 – Jun 25 M 10am–11:30am / 4 sessions Johnston Cedar Falls Community Center Fly Fishing 101 [NEW!] Would you like to catch a trout on a fly rod? This class will teach you how to properly set-up your fly rod and casting techniques to improve your chances of success! Learn how to select a fly and basic knots to tie them to your line. Discover how to read water and currents to know where to cast and to ensure wading safety. If you have a fly rod and gear, please bring to class. If not, demos will be provided in order to practice. An optional fishing trip will be planned upon class completion. Youth 15+ may register. $39 | 33321 May 14 – May 21 M 6:30pm–8:30pm / 2 sessions Kramer III Cedar Falls Center Intro to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Recreational Drones Are you thinking about buying a drone? Do you have a toy drone and want to upgrade to something bigger and better? What is a drone anyway? What can you do with one? This course will answer these questions and more. Designed for hobby drone enthusiasts of all skill levels, this six-session course provides the general knowledge to fly small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), otherwise known as drones. Learn about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for safely operating drones for either hobby or commercial use. In addition, you will learn about the history and application of drones, basics of flight, radios and electronics, aerial photography, first person view (FPV) and helpful smartphone apps. There will also be drone flight demonstrations. While this course is not intended as preparation for the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certification test for commercial drone pilots, it will cover many of the basics required for the Certification. Youth 15+ may register. $69 | 34406 Jun 11 – Jun 27 MW 6pm–8pm / 6 sessions Leeper Cedar Falls Center Neal Leeper Neal is a retired engineer and has flown radio-controlled model aircraft and drones for more than 40 years. “My hope is for students to leave my class with a working knowledge of the FAA rules that apply to model aircraft and drones,” says Neal. “I also want them to have a greater appreciation and understanding of how airplanes and drones fly–and how to use them safely for everyone’s enjoyment.” Join Neal for Intro to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Recreational Drones. Jewelry Making: Level 1 Learn how to make your own unique metal jewelry for yourself and to give as gifts! In this class, you will learn to wrap beads and make handmade chain links, hook clasp and a toggle clasp for a pendant you’ll make using brass and copper. Experience soldering with a butane torch, with both hard silver solder and soft solder, in order to add decorative items such as filigree, stampings, and rhinestones to the pendant. Learn to rivet to attach pieces of metal together. After four sessions, you will leave with a number of beautiful pieces and the know-how to make your own jewelry and gifts. Returning students can register for Level 1 to use as studio time in order to develop unique projects while consulting with instructor. $89 | 34781 May 8 – May 29 Tu 6:30pm–8:30pm / 4 sessions Andres Cedar Falls Center Life & Leisure Register online at | 319-296-4290 | 33

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