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CURRENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS IN CROATIA Site name: Hermanov vinograd Position: Filipovica Place/municipality: Osijek, Osijek-Baranja County Head of excavations: Jacqueline Balen, PhD, and Dragana Rajković Institution: Center for Prehistoric Research Excavation period: 18 th – 30 th July, 2017 Type of excavation: test trench excavation Total excavated area: 50 m 2 Chronological and cultural attribution of the site: Neolithic, Sopot culture THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF HERMANOV VINOGRAD (HERMAN’S VINEYARD) 02 It must be pointed out that, so-called, satellite settlements were positioned south of the tell or, to be precise, the central settlement of the Sopot culture, which was populated throughout a longer period of the culture. These were short-lived settlements, whose citizens were most likely attached to the central settlement. Considering that this was a wetland in the prehistoric time, it can be assumed that the inhabitants of the Sopot culture migrated from one dry surface to the next. Short-lived settlements were possibly of workshops. However, this is impossible to conclude on the basis of a small excavated surface. It is necessary to continue the excavation, not only in the central settlement within the moat, but also in a wider area, in order to establish the pattern of population and the life of the Sopot culture inhabitants. Translated by Selma Elkasović

CURRENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS IN CROATIA Site name: Hrvatska Dubica; Kostrići Position: Gradina; Unka Place/Municipality: Hrvatska Kostajnica, Hrvatska Dubica, Majur Municipality Head of excavations: Filip Franković and Sanjin Mihelić Institution: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Excavation period: 25/04 – 09/05/2017 Type of excavation: Test archaeological excavation Total excavated area: Excavation: 20 m 2 ; systematic field survey: 1 km 2 Chronological and cultural attribution of the site: Prehistory, Middle Ages HRVATSKA KOSTAJNICA – UNKA; HRVATSKA DUBICA – GRADINA TEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS The Pounje area around Hrvatska Kostajnica and Hrvatska Dubica has been known as an area extremely rich in tangible cultural heritage ever since the beginnings of archaeology in Croatia. In addition to the structures from the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Ages, which have been preserved to this day, there is clear evidence of this area being inhabited even in the earlier periods of human history, that is, in Classical Antiquity and prehistory. However, the knowledge of archaeological topography of this area has so far been the result of accidental and sporadic finds, rather than systematic excavations. The goal of the excavations in the areas of Hrvatska Kostajnica and Hrvatska Dubica was to identify the biggest possible number of archaeological sites, as well as to examine their potential for future archaeological excavations. This was done through field surveys and test archaeological excavations. The excavation conducted in 2017 covered several positions that were assumed to be archaeological sites based on their toponyms and the information acquired from local residents. Although a portion of the surveyed positions did not show any evidence of human activity from the past, the position of Unka, near the village of Kostrići, and Gradina, near Hrvatska Dubica, yielded significant results. The Unka site near the village of Kostrići, although identified some time ago, has not been excavated up until now, and it was not known to which period it belonged. With the help of test trenches, it has been established that this is a source of clay from the prehistoric period. Fragments of prehistoric pottery and chipped stone tools that were found there bear witness to the exploitation of this source of clay. The Gradina site near Hrvatska Dubica was mentioned in older literature as a site from the periods of prehistory and Classical Antiquity. The systematic field survey has helped establish that this is actually a site dated to the Middle Ages, as the surface finds of medieval pottery suggest. Translated by Lara Fabekovec

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