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Breakthrough technologies @ IFA 2019 transforming

the world


Jens Heithecker

Executive Director, IFA

Evolving market pressures across the

globe mean that to survive, manufacturers

have to find even more ways to innovate.

See page 5

Markus Kick

Global strategic insights, GfK

Sight and sound are increasingly

blending as an “ecosystem” with embedded

sound in TVs and home sound systems in

the smart home ecosystem.

See page 9

Cristiano Amon

President, Qualcomm

As new 5G networks are

beginning to unleash

the power of data unlike

anything that could have

been imagined just a few

years ago, this year’s

IFA is a pivotal point

marking the beginning of

a new era. More than just

transforming the “mobile

experience”, these new

networks will power an

entire new eco-system

of IoT devices – many of

which have probably not

even been thought of yet.

To this end, this year’s IFA

keynote stage will host

Qualcomm President

Cristiano Amon, who

will highlight how the

commercialisation of 5G

will profoundly transform

the global economy. “I

am excited and looking

forward to my IFA

Keynote in Berlin. 5G










commercialisation marks

the arrival of a new age of

invention that will forever

transform the devices we

depend on every day and

enrich our lives in 2019

and beyond. I believe

this creates a truly global

moment for consumers and

tech enthusiasts around

the world,” says Amon (see

our exclusive interview,

page 24).


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Kostas Vouzas

CEO, Philips TV & Audio Europe

From a business perspective, Philips

TV’s European performance has been

extremely positive.

See page 26

In this preview edition of IFA

International, we bring you

highlights from the main IFA

events in the run up to the “big

show”, including the Innovations

Media Briefing here in Berlin – that

takes place every summer, and is

a harbinger of what we will see on

the actual show floor. While many

announcements are made live at

the show, we can already give you a

sneak peek of some of the goodies

you’ll find! (From page 28)





Richard Barnes





Richard Yu

CEO, Huawei





Visitors to IFA from around the world are always wowed by the

sheer importance of the event. Perhaps more than anything else,

what stands out here, year after year, is the extreme efficiency

that is offered by this show when it comes to seeing and doing as

much as possible in a short space of time.

IFA’s format of having all halls in one place – whether it be for the

“mainstream” show, or for the IFA Global Markets – in its own

specific location, mean it is possible to see much more in a limited

amount of time.

According to IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker, “I really

think it is possible in two days to see all halls and all the most

important exhibitors at IFA, because of a very short space

between the halls and a highly organised structure. It’s very


Richard Yu, CEO, Consumer Business

Group, Huawei will be delivering the

IFA opening keynote on the morning

of Friday, 6 September 2019, when

he will share the results of Huawei’s

exploration on future connectivity and

strategy in AI, 5G, IoT and new smart


“Huawei is committed to turning smart

devices into intelligent devices by

building end-to-end capabilities that

support coordinated development of


devices. The ultimate goal is to provide

a full scenario intelligent solution

and offer a better user experience to

consumers in the future intelligent

world.” said Yu.

Other keynotes will include Cristiano

Amon, President of Qualcomm – at

2pm on Friday, 6 September, Anthony

Wood, CEO and founder of Roku – at

10:30am on Saturday, 7 September,

and Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik –

2pm on Saturday, 7 September

Focus is a key element in the success of this show. The focus

is on consumer products and consumer innovations, and the

show is resolutely centred on retail channels. Nothing more,

nothing less. That’s why at the end of each edition, the amount

of business signed on the show floor is so important – last year,

according to the organisers, amounting to €4.7bn. And when it

comes to gathering information, the IFA keynotes, IFA+Summit

and Shift Automotive conferences are unique in their genre. For

trade visitors and media coming to IFA from around the world,

these are the essential elements that make IFA unbeatable

They’re back! ShowStoppers @ IFA

2019, from 6-9pm on Thursday 5

September, is an invitation-only

media reception that enables

exhibiting companies to directly

meet with more than 850 prequalified

journalists, analysts and

key industry influencers.

ShowStoppers @ IFA is a three-hour

turnkey table-top showcase event

where companies demonstrate

their products “one on one”.

Journalists work their way from

table to table, discussing products,

and conducting interviews – all

fuelled by great food and drink

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With IFA just around the corner, we spoke to IFA executive

director Jens Heithecker about what the future holds for

consumer electronics, beginning with how he sees the

market progressing at the moment.

We are expecting an extraordinary

year, with new products and

innovative ideas arriving on the

market in the next few months.

Behind these innovations, we have

of course artificial intelligence,

which is conquering all the new

devices, along with IoT and, as we

have already mentioned last year,

and are repeating this year, what we

have termed coinnovation. Evolving

market pressures across the globe

mean that to survive, manufacturers

have to find even more ways to


One of the results of this market

evolution and coinnovation is that

the coming season will see the

introduction of a huge range of new

products. I am quite optimistic for

IFA itself, with exhibitors bringing all

these new products and innovations

into the market, I believe retailers

and consumers will be convinced that

it is the right time to buy.

What would you say are the key

themes at IFA this year?

5G will certainly be one of the key

trends. As one of the largest 5G

manufacturers for both backbone

and consumer devices, the opening

keynote by Huawei is indicative

of the importance of this. With a

number of speakers and exhibitors

centered on 5G at IFA this year, we

will understand where technology

and products will move in the near


A recent report from the European

Commission says 5G will be

challenging. How important does

that make IFA as a gathering point to

bring it all together more rapidly?

The talk about 5G is similar to what

we experienced in the past with the

implementation of LTE or 3G. The

difference is that we will see two

kinds of networks: public networks

for general consumers, and privatelyowned

networks, which will be faster

to roll-out. We will soon have 5G

mobile phones, but they will be quite

expensive. These will be picked-up by

early adopters, who want the newest,

most advanced devices they can get,

but on average this will not be the

case. In the short term, we will see

privately owned and run networks,

such as the one at Camp Nou stadium

in Barcelona. Big companies are

looking to establish their own 5G

networks in order to have very fast

data transfer, to run autonomous

cars on their grounds and so on. So, I

believe 5G will arrive quite quickly in

the private sector, but probably a bit

slower for the consumers.

Overall, there are two main

megatrends, “always connected” and

“giants of data”. Indeed, the influence

of big data on the economy, politics





IFA executive director Jens

Heithecker gives his outlook for

this year’s show

and society has been growing for

years. The resulting opportunities

and risks are the subject of discussion

among renowned speakers within

the cluster “Society” at the IFA+

Summit. We are celebrating the

connected world because this is

what the consumer can feel, see and

experience. When I get into my car

it tells me automatically, “If you’re

going home, it will take 20 minutes”.

That is “always connected”: you don’t

think about it you just see it. For

the manufacturing companies and

network operators, it is a different

challenge. Through the growing

influence of algorithms, big data, AI

and robotics on our lives, a host of

ethical questions arise. How can we

handle these technologies? Which

moral principles do we equip Artificial

Intelligence with? The “giants of data”

are going beyond building networks;

they have to play out the data in the

most efficient, ethical way. That is the

current challenge

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019





Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu

The “gfu Insights & Trends

Innovation Forum” hosted

this summer in Berlin

by gfu Consumer and

Home Electronics GmbH,

organisers of IFA, provided

exciting input on the major

trends of the upcoming


This year more than ever, artificial

intelligence, or AI, is the defining

keyword in all technology debates.

The notions of what AI actually is and

what it does are often very diverse.

It is not uncommon that concerns

about risks and possible negative

consequences of AI dominate

consumers’ views. Typical questions

that are often raised by the media


• Is AI becoming a job killer?

• Will machines eventually be smarter

than us?





The gfu Insights & Trends event

provided a number of insights into

these issues and questions and

thus shed a little more light on

the AI debate with the following


• gfu study 2019: different opinions –

how AI is seen by the consumer

• Semantic TV - how AI recognizes

the content of moving images

• Artificial Intelligence in Consumer


• Dynamic sound for video games -

how AI automatically composes

• Comfort and lifestyle – how AI

makes home appliances smarter

• Machine ethics - a new discipline

At the conference, Hans-Joachim

Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory

Board of gfu, presented the results of

the latest market study by gfu. One

of the key questions covered by the

study is whether artificial intelligence

is accepted or meets with skepticism.

Dr Matthieu Deru, of the German

Research Center for Artificial

Intelligence (DFKI), spoke on the topic

of “Semantic TV – how AI recognizes

the content of moving images”.

His research allows computers to

supplement movies and videos

with appropriate metadata and,

for example, automatically search

the Internet for related or in-depth

information. “AI can help shape

the post-Netflix era: viewers are reexperiencing

television when content

providers offer them interactive and

knowledge-based services,” Dr Deru


Mike Henkelmann, Marketing

Director TV & AV Samsung

Electronics GmbH, dealt with the

role of artificial intelligence in the

processing of moving images for

the latest generation of televisions

with 8K resolution. His theme was




Innovation forum highlights

artiial intelliene appliation

opportunities and risks

Artificial intelligence in consumer

electronics. In particular, it was about

the role of artificial intelligence in the

processing of moving images in TVs

with 8K resolution.

8K TVs have 36 times the resolution

of “standard” TV broadcasts.

Electronics therefore need to scale

the content – so much that it is

only with the support of artificial

intelligence that it is possible to bring

television programmes of the usual

clear and sharp quality to the screen.

Valerio Velardo, head of the Berlin

start-up Melodrive, spoke about the

topic “Composing music with AI –

how AI automatically composes”.

Melodrive uses artificial intelligence

to automatically compose music

– for example for video games:

the programme composes the

soundtrack in real time, matching the

interactive context.

Dr Thomas Salditt, Head of Digital

Business Enabling, BSH GmbH,

presented the role of artificial

intelligence in the field of household

appliances: “AI and home appliances

or: How much AI is / will be in your

home appliance?”

As a curtain-raiser to IFA 2019, with all

this “AI”, the gfu Insights and Trends

sessions thus set the tone for what

should be a very “smart” show

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019








5G, AI and innovative

screen technologies

take great strides


This year at IFA, yet again major trends will

be announced in several fields, all working

together in “coinnovation”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will see the onset of exciting

trends: many types of devices make use of selfteaching

digital systems and are able to improve their

performance over time. Voice-controlled systems for

example can continually upgrade their performance. AI

is built into the latest generation of 8k screens so that

they can perfectly adapt today’s image resolutions to

the new, ultra-sharp pixel grid. It also helps make the

sound as good as the images: intelligent software can

recognize whether the sound comes from a football

stadium, a newsroom or a concert hall and make

corresponding adjustments.

5G, the technology for tomorrow’s superfast

communication networks, is the dominant feature of

other innovative trends. The first market-ready 5G

smartphones will be on show at IFA 2019, with other

mobile devices to follow soon.

Innovative screen technology continues to set the tone

in spectacular fashion at IFA - flexible OLED screens for

instance: visitors to IFA can look forward to large TVs

that can be rolled up and stowed away in a neat cabinet

as well as tablets that can be folded in half to make a

handy smartphone. Prototypes will offer a foretaste

of the mobile phone of the future, looking like a large

bracelet adorning one’s wrist. Other prototype screens

are able to switch to ‘transparent mode’, if desired, and

resemble a clear window pane until the device software

puts colourful images onto the screen again.

The IFA Global Press Conference 2019 had an

entire section dedicated to market insights, with

five presentations – four from GfK and one from IHS

Markit / Technology





Friedemann Stoeckle, Vice

President, Global POS Support

at GfK, gave a “helicopter

view on innovations in

technical consumer goods”,

looking at smart home,

consumer electronics and

home appliances.

GfK estimates that consumers will

spend €1,052bn in 2019. This equates

to a rise of around 1% on 2018.

“The consumer is the centre of

everything,’’ says Stoeckle. “If the

consumer doesn’t like the features,

the innovation is not picked up in the

market. The consumer right now feels

in total control. And this is true; today,

consumers are more in control than

ever before.”

According to the GfK analyst, the

consumer is very much like a diva, and

the catch-phrase this year is: “I. Want.

It. Now.”

Five themes are driving the market:

performance, simplification, premium,

borderless shopping and developing

economies, with rich experiences

being delivered through the first four


Stoeckle spoke about GfK’s “Global

Price Index”, which indicates that

Europe has a 12% premium above the

global average, but new products are

13% to 24% higher still. In the China

market, new models are at a par, says

Stoeckle, with the rest of the world.

China has smarter products, bigger

products, and highly aspirational













M a ria R ua A guete,

Executive Director &

Technology, Fellow at

IHS Markit / Technology

speaks about latest trends

in TV market.

Over half TVs sold are 4K today,

and with 142 UHD channels, the

market is growing steadily, says

Rua Aguete.

Western Europe is leading the

market when it comes to UHD

channels. In terms of UHD TV

shipments, China is the largest

region for sales, followed by North

America. However, when it comes

to the number of homes with

UHD TVs, North America leads

the market, where almost 60% of

homes will have UHD TV by 2020.

8 K is slowly picking-up. A total of

18,600 8K TVs shipped in 2018.

China will dominate shipments

this year in 8K, thanks to local

panel manufacturing and fierce

brand competition. Global brands

are more cautious, believing 8K is

ahead of its time.

5G – what does it mean for

consumers and operators?

Consumers are spending more

time than ever on their mobile

devices, playing games, checking

email, or messaging. So, what

content will drive the 5G market?

Video was already a key driver

for the 4G market. It has become

central to messaging and social

app strategies. 5G will be driven in

part by consumer video and media.

Real time gaming will also be a

major driver, as well as HD and

UHD video. Massive IoT will be

a major factor as well, along with

low latency touch and steer for

cloud gaming and cloud VR.

Voice Assistance: Numerous kinds

of digital assistants have been in

existence for a couple of years

now. 2018 was all about new form

factors for existing assistants. An

increasing number of options thus

become available to consumers.

Consumers crave interoperability.

Only Alexa is meeting this need

for the moment, says Rua Aguete.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Echo

leads the smart speaker race, with

almost 90-million install base at

last count. HIS Market Consumer

Platforms Research found that

most people use digital assistants

for answering questions in general,

checking the weather and news,

alarm/timer, followed by making a

phone call

Markus Kick, Global

strategic insights at GfK

looks at the global retail

market for smartphones,

TV & audio.

In 2018, Asia Pacific accounted

for the biggest share – with

€330bn – a rise of 3% on the

previous year. Europe had

€166bn in sales – a rise of 6%,

while the North American market

accounted for €147bn, a rise of


Asia and Europe account for

two thirds of global turnover.

Smartphones account for 65%

of the market, followed by

computing and TV – each at

16%. Biggest growth is in the

headphone market plus 37% year

on year – now accounting for 2%

of the total market.

Performance was the enabler

to deliver on the need for rich

experience. Consumers, says Mr

Kick, are looking for superior and

immersive gaming experiences

from their PCs. When it comes to

TV, they want more pleasure in a

superior picture quality format.

With smartphones, people was

to capture and share high quality

moments in life and have fun on

the go, while in audio, people

want to enjoy a cinema-like

sound experience.

Sight and sound are increasingly

blending as an “ecosystem”with

embedded sound in TVs and

home sound systems in the smart

home ecosystem.

51% of global respondents

said they had played games

on a computer in the last 30

days. The gaming ecosystem is

thus evolving rapidly. Gaming

notebooks are the main device,

but the hype goes well beyond

computers, in particular in the

field of high-end monitors.

B o r d e r l e s s s h o p p i n g i s

another key new trend. 38%

of respondents said they need

shops and services they use

available at all times. The move

to online purchasing is slowing,

however, as omnichannel

becomes commonplace

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019









Norbert Herzog, Global Strategic Insights

GfK, explains that the consumer is the origin

and centre of trends that drive the markets.

Consumers are looking for rich and exciting

experiences allowing sales of premium/high

performance products. Coupling this with the

expectations of fully connected customers

leads to plentiful opportunities for retailers

and manufacturers when delivering on these

with innovations.

The global market for

Major Domestic Appliances

(MDA) and Small Domestic

Appliances (SDA) amounted

to €262bn in 2018 – growth

of 3% over the previous


Emerging Asia has seen

massive growth in SDA with

a hike of over 20% in 2018.

Simplification is a key

theme, with 43% of people

saying they are prepared

to pay more for products

that make their lives easier.

To this end, robot vacuum

cleaners saw 35% sales

value growth between 2017

and 2018, as opposed to

17% growth for the vacuum

cleaner market as a whole.

16% of MDAs are smart

now, up from 4% in 2015.

Sales of smart SDAs rose

from 1% – 10% penetration

from 2015 to 2018.

Norbert Herzog also

echoed the earlier GfK

adage of “I. Want. It. Now.”

– the catch phrase for 2019.

Channel evolution: 38%

of global respondents

said they want shops and

services to be available at

all times. 48% of people say

their smartphone or tablet

is fast becoming their most

important shopping tool.

Herzog explained that the

China market is crucial for

key players, and fluctuations

in this sector have an effect

on the global market. The

developing economies are

maturing, from a production

economy to a significant

global player. China again is

the home to an increasing

number of global home

appliance brands. Major

Chinese MDA brands

are strengthening their

footprint via acquisitions

with significant impact on








Smart Home Automation

Hub Powered by Tuya

At IFA 2019, Tuya Smart

is launching Smart Home

Automation Hub with Pegasus

technology, a control center

that enables multiple smart

home devices from different

appliances to connect with oneclick.

Tuya is a global AI+IoT leader, providing

a class-leading platform that brings

smart products to life for manufacturers,

brands, OEMs and retail chains. The

platform offers hardware access, cloud

services and app development. Tuya also

helps brands upgrade their technology

and business models in order to deliver

smart devices to meet consumer


Smart Home Automation Hub solves

the common problem of not having

enough power sockets in a given room

by combining all functions and requiring

one cable instead of several.

“Having a Smart Home Automation

Hub equipped with Pegasus technology

means having a Gigabit router and a

Zigbee gateway at the same time,” said

Alex Yang, Tuya’s Co-Founder and COO.

“You can free up your hands to enjoy

one-click networking and benefit from a

cost-efficient method of connection.”

Besides the debut for the Smart

Home Automation Hub, Tuya is also

organising a Tuya Day Event by inviting

companies to share their insights in

smart home and smart life in the era

of intelligent business. The likes of

Conrad, Hama, Arcelik, Calex, and

Yandex will discuss various topics from

“How Home Appliances Brands Evolve

by Embracing the Trend of IoT” to “the

Commercialisation of a Successful Smart


Tuya serves more than 100,000

partners in over 190 countries powering

products such as lighting, appliances,

environmental and surveillance

equipment. Co-headquartered in San

Jose, California, and Hangzhou, Tuya now

has offices in the US, China, Germany,

Japan, and Columbia

Hall 25

Stand 102

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019



© Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Cristiano Amon

Qualcomm President






Multi-gigabit speeds are here.

Brand new user experiences

are on the way

5G excitement is reaching new heights, ushering in

a year of firsts for Europe. Over the last few months,

operators and OEMs officially launched commercial 5G

networks and devices, which means the global rollout of

this new generation of wireless is fully underway — one

year ahead of schedule.

From the U.S. and Europe to

China, Australia and South

Korea, many consumers are now

beginning to experience 5G for

themselves. Download speeds

beyond gigabit-per-second and

unprecedented responsiveness

are now a reality, powering new

and improved user experiences in

the palms of our hands. 4K video

streaming is poised to become

virtually ubiquitous and seamless

— just like we stream music

today. Console-quality games will

stream on mobile via the cloud,

and our phones will have nearinstant

access to cloud processing,

storage, and AI for heavy-duty

apps such as video processing.

Qualcomm applied over 30 years

of mobile expertise to unlock 5G, a

once-in-a-decade opportunity that

will enable all to innovate in new



Europe is seeing its fair share of

groundbreaking 5G milestones.

Swisscom launched the first

commercial 5G network in Europe,

followed by Sunrise and EE. In

terms of devices, the LG V50 ThinQ

5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, OPPO Reno

5G, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G, and ZTE

Axon 10 Pro 5G smartphones have

all rolled out — all powered by

Qualcomm 5G technology.

In the U.S., 5G live network

rollouts kicked off with all major

operators: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,

and Verizon. The first 5G devices

are here as well. The LG V50

ThinQ 5G is now available. The

Motorola moto z3 smartphone

and the Motorola 5G moto mod,

one of the first commercial

5G-enabled devices, are now in

the hands of consumers, as is the

highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy

S10 5G. Looking forward, some

U.S. operators plan to provide

nationwide 5G coverage as early

as next year.

Over in China, 5G commercial

service was officially approved

in early June, and the country is

now beginning to experience the

realization of 5G. Most recently,

China’s Ministry of Industry and




© Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

© Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm officials and key mobile

players toast to 5G becoming real in

February 2019

Attendees look at 5G

mobile phones at the

Qualcomm stand

Information Technology (MIIT)

issued the 5G business operation

licenses to four companies — China

Broadcasting Network Corp., China

Mobile, China Telecom, and China

Unicom, giving the green light for 5G

commercialization. In anticipation

of this milestone, China Unicom

announced a 5G rollout plan in

collaboration with Nubia, OnePlus,

OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE.

Additionally, Lenovo just launched

the Z6 Pro 5G smartphone to much


Overall, more than 20 operators

worldwide have launched 5G

services, and Qualcomm expects

over 20 OEMs to launch 5G devices

in the first 12 months following

the first commercial launch. This is

much faster than the deployment

of 4G, which saw four operator and

three OEM launches in the first year.



Virtually every 5G mobile device

launched is powered by the

Q u a l c o m m S n a p d ra g o n 8 5 5

Mobile Platform, the world’s first

commercial mobile platform to

support multi-gigabit 5G. And part

of this platform is the industry’s only

modem-to-antenna 5G solution,

featuring the Snapdragon X50 5G

Modem and Qualcomm RF frontend.

These breakthrough technologies

are leading to exciting growth in the

Qualcomm Technologies pipeline.

The company now has over 150

5G design wins — 5X the number

it announced in January. Much of

this success can be attributed to

Qualcomm’s decades of mobile

experience and its early investment

in 5G. The company overcame

technical hurdles to invent oncethought-impossible


needed for 5G, like the world’s first

modem-to-antenna system for

commercial 5G. This is what allowed

Qualcomm to unlock mmWave

and sub-6 GHz and help make 5G a


Qualcomm is already sampling

its second generation of 5G

technologies and working toward

mainstream adoption: In February,

the company announced its

Snapdragon X55 5G modem and 5G

Qualcomm RF front end solutions,

followed by the introduction of

the industry’s first Snapdragon

Mobile Platform with integrated

5G. These products position

Qualcomm to power the second

wave of 5G devices, launching in

late 2019 and early 2020. This

includes areas beyond mobile

devices, as 5G is quickly moving

into fields such as fixed wireless

broadband and industrial IoT. The

world’s first 5G PC, the Project

Limitless collaboration with Lenovo,

was announced in May and uses

the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx

Compute Platform. Qualcomm

is also innovating in areas like

automotive, with the Snapdragon

Automotive 5G Platform.


As this new generation of wireless

removes barriers to invention

and ushers in a new age of rapid

innovation, it’s exciting to see

all the ways 5G and its related

technologies will enable customers,

transform industries, and enrich

lives. Thanks to the many Qualcomm

employees and the collaboration

within the entire mobile industry,

5G debuted ahead of schedule and

with much anticipation. It’s already

delivering new and improved user

experiences, and it’s exciting to

think about what’s to come in the

future like AR navigation, multiplayer

cloud gaming, and real-time

video translation.

If you weren’t already excited for

5G, it’s time to get on board. 5G

is here, and the possibilities are


Source: Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product

of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or

its subsidiaries








Keynote by Cristiano Amon,

President, Qualcomm


Friday 6 September 2019


2:00 pm


Grand Theatre – Hall 26b

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019









A series of power briefings at the IFA Global Press Conference (GPC) in

Andalusia, Spain, enabled journalists to get a first sneak peek at some

of the key innovations that will be officially presented at IFA 2019.

Following are some of the highlights:


It was the first time for journalists to meet

new Market Leader Philips Personal Health

DACH, Marlies Gebetsberger, who outlined

how her company is innovating in the field

of data-driven insights into health. Philips

is at the forefront with its vast expertise

in connectivity, big data and Artificial

Intelligence, and leveraged the IFA GPC

to announce Philips Sonicar Teledentistry

Solutions. Philips Sonicare Teledentistry

service provides patients with remote dental

consultation from licensed dentists within 24


Hall 22

Stand 201


The IFA 2019 Global Press Conference was

the first official press event attended by

Haier Europe CEO, Yannick Fierling, after

the recent acquisition of the Candy Hoover

Group. During his presentation, Mr Fierling

highlighted Haier’s intent to serve a wide

range of consumer targets thanks to its

multi-brand strategy. Currently ranked fifth

in Western Europe in terms of combined

revenues, Haier aims to become one of the

top three Groups within year 2022.

Hall 3.1

Stand 102


Chinese brand TCL outlined its ambitions to

become a major player in Europe, across the

categories of TV, audio and air-conditioning

over the next three years. Marek Maciejewski,

Product Development Director, TCL Europe,

said that the business is aiming for a top three

position in Europe by 2020, and top three

positions for audio and air-conditioning by

2022. He added that the company is moving

into more countries, starting with the

Netherlands in May, which will be followed by

Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland,

Austria and countries in the Balkan region.

Hall 21

Stand 102


Julian Lietzau, Marketing Director, Hisense

Gorenje (DACH), announced that the

company’s sponsorship of the Euro 2020

championship will feature both Hisense and

Gorenje brands.

Mr Lietzau says the Euro 2020 sponsorship

will run across the company’s TV,

refrigerators, freezers, washing machines,

smart phones, tablets, air conditioning and

SDA product categories. He added that

the sponsorship also includes the brand

logos on the score boards at all matches

and Hisense will be the exclusive supplier of

display technology in stadia throughout the


Hall 6.2

Stand 201





GPC 2019




The 2019 IFA Global Press Conference again saw over 300 media

representatives from around the globe gathered together – this time in

Andalusia, Spain. We asked some of them what they thought about the


What’s really unique about the IFA

Global Press Conference is it is the one

international space where you meet people

from all over the world – not only from the

companies – which are all global companies

– but also perspectives from all over the

world – from journalists and people looking

at the technology on a daily basis, and that’s

something you don’t get anywhere else.

John Quain, Digital Trends,

Tom’s Guide – USA

I can see many journalists from different

countries, and we exchange views, so I can

make sure I understand the industry well.

By having this kind of GPC event, it creates

a kind of community or family atmosphere,

leading up to IFA in September. IFA is the

real event for Christmas sales enabling us

to see what is sold in the market. I think it

is becoming more international. Since I first

joined this event eleven or twelve years

ago, it has been becoming increasingly

international. There is nothing else like

the IFA Global Press Conference in the

world. For journalists, it is a good event.

And because over 300 journalists are here,

more manufacturers should come to the

conference. Particularly from Japan, it

would be good to see more participants.

Many of them don’t understand why they

should be here, but it is important for PR

people to join.

Waichi Sekiguchi – senior staff writer,

NIKKEI Asian Review - Japan

In 20 years of reporting on consumer

electronics and appliances, there is nothing

like the IFA Global Press Conference. For

journalists - there is an exclusive opportunity

to network with other media outlets

and obtain exclusive insights from global

company executives and data providers to

understand the heartbeat of the industry.

For suppliers - it offers unrivalled access to

the most comprehensive cross section of

the world’s specialist media outlets who are

in one place for one reason - to broadcast

and distribute the latest announcements for

their highly targeted audience.

James Wells – Editorial Director,

Appliance Retailer – Australia

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019






Discover all the latest news from top manufacturers

at the IFA press events

© Messe Berlin GmbH

© Messe Berlin GmbH

Philips press conference @ IFA 2018 Panasonic press conference @ IFA 2018


10:00 am - 10:45 am Siemens Hausgeräte Hall 1.1, Stand 101

10:30 am - 11:30 am Acer Hub 27, Alpha 5/6/7 Groundlevel

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Miele Hall 2.1, Stand 101

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Robert Bosch Hausgeräte Hall 3.1, Stand 101

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm IFA Opening Press Conference Grand Theater,

Hall 26b

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm Skullcandy Hall 1.2, Stand 202

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Vonmählen Hall 3.2, Stand 102


9:00 am - 9:45 am Bissel Hall 9, Stand 111

10:00 am - 10:30 am Segway Hall 26, Stand 222

10:00 am - 10:45 am De’Longhi Hall 1.1, Stand 202

10:00 am - 10:50 am LG Electronics Marshall House, Red Lounge

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Samsung Electronics CityCube, Stand 101

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Philips Hall 22, Stand 101

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Beko Hall 23, Stand 101

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Deutsche Telekom Hall 21a, Stand 101

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Garmin Deutschland Hall 4.2, Stand 232

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm Busch-Jaeger / ABB Hall 2.2, Stand 211

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Sony Hall 20

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEG Hall 4.1, Stand 101

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm DALI A/S Hall 1.2, Stand 127

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Haier Hall 3.1, Stand 102

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Harman Funkturm

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm TCL Hub 27, Alpha 1,2 & 3

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm Skullcandy Hall 1.2, Stand 202

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Grunding Hall 23, Stand 101

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm MysteryVibe Hall 4.2, Stand 207

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Vonmählen Hall 3.2, Stand 102

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Busch-Jaeger / ABB Hall 2.2, Stand 211

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Toshiba Hall 8.2

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm Tractive Hall 4.2, Stand 242

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm ShowStoppers@IFA South entrance Messe Berlin

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Lenovo Tech Life Hub 27, Alpha 9


11:00 am - 12:00 pm ek / servicegroup Hall 1.1, Stand 203

11:00 am - 5:00 pm Russel Hobbs (live-cooking) Hall 4.1, Stand 208

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Taiwan Excellence Hall 25, Stand 415

12:45 pm - 1:30 pm Beurer Hall 4.1, Stand 212

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Homematic IP Hall 25, Stand 341

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Medisana Hall 6.1, Stand 103

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Pundi X Hall 24, Stand 200-01


10:15 am - 11:15 am Speck Products Hall 6.2a, Stand 108

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Pundi X Hall 24, Stand 200-01


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Pundi X Hall 24, Stand 200-01



10:30 am - 11:00 am Pundi X Hall 24, Stand 200-01






Arçelik showcases two top brands at IFA 2019 -

with CEO keynote and themed press conferences

Arçelik has a significant global

footprint with 12 brands

(Arçelik, Beko, Grundig,

Blomberg, Elektrabregenz,

Arctic, Leisure, Flavel, Defy,

Altus, Dawlance and Voltas

Beko) in its portfolio, as well

as products and services in

146 countries. The company

employs over 30,000 people

across 23 production facilities

i n 9 c ountries ( Turkey,

Romania, Russia, China, South

Africa, Thailand, Pakistan,

India and Bangladesh), and 35

sales and marketing offices

around the world.

In line with its “Respecting the

World, Respected Worldwide”

vision, Arçelik continues to

strengthen its global presence

everyday and put into practice

environmentally friendly,

innovative technologies

by utilising every source in

the most efficient manner;

and acts with a high level

of sustainability in all of its


The company is back at IFA

Berlin this year, showcasing

two of its flagship brands-

Beko and Grundig. Both brands

will hold press conferences on

September 5, 2019.

Arçelik CMO Zeynep Yalım

Uzun will participate as a

spokesperson during both

press conference alongside

Mario Vogl, regional director

for Northern Europe.



CEO Hakan Bulgurlu will

deliver a keynote speech

on September 7, where

he will discuss Arçelik’s

sustainability approach

and its cutting-edge

technological solutions as

the company strives for

a more sustainable and

efficient future. He will

demonstrate the company’s

strong position on product

innovation, the impact

this will have on the longterm

growth, as well as the

importance of how products

developed by Arçelik affect

people’s lives.



7 September 2019


2:00 pm


Grand Theatre

Hall 26b


45 minutes

Hakan Bulgurlu

Arçelik CEO




Date: Thursday 5 September 2019

Time: 3:00 pm

Location: Hall 23 / 101

Duration: 45 minutes

Zeynep Yalım Uzun

Arçelik CMO

Mario Vogl

Arçelik Northern Europe

Regional Director

Lisa Faulkner



• Zeynep Yalim Uzun

• Mario Vogl

• Lisa Faulkner, Moderator



Date: Thursday 5 September


Time: 12:00 mid-day

Location: Hall 23 / 101

Duration: 45 minutes


• Zeynep Yalim Uzun

• Mario Vogl

• Lisa Faulkner, Moderator

The audience will be introduced

to Beko’s latest innovations

and product benefits. Together,

Zeynep Yalım Uzun and Mario

Vogl, along with moderator,

Lisa Faulkner, will guide the

audience on the impact Beko

products have on a typical day

in the life of its consumers.

In just 45 minutes, Beko will

segment the press conference

into three sections, morning/

mind, noon/body and night/

soul. Within these segments,

they will delve into how the

brands latest products and

innovations impact and help to

motivate its consumers to enjoy

healthier, happier lives.

Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Mario Vogl

and Lisa Faulkner will introduce

themselves and the theme

- Time for Wellbeing. They

will highlight the challenges

being faced by consumers in

their everyday lives before

addressing how Beko is

innovating to meet these needs.

Concept: It starts at home!

Grundig continues to inspire people in taking

action everyday at home to pursue a better

future. Grundig is redefining its brand strategy

and building on three key areas of focus: quality,

aesthetics and sustainability. The brand is

changing its entire product portfolio to improve

the little things we do inside the home which can

really have a big impact on the world outside. A

sustainable future starts at home!

Zeynep and Mario will share some consumer

insights alongside new technologies as two great

innovations will be launched this year at IFA. The

first one will be around home entertainment, a

TV! Secondly, several announcements focusing

on another important area of the home: the

kitchen, where new technologies will change the

cooking experience at home.

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019




The IFA+Summit spotlights risks and

opportunities presented by data use


Using the slogan “Shifting Patterns – The Rise of Dataism”, this

year’s IFA+Summit will examine the growing power of data, the

ensuing responsibilities and the potential dangers to present social


Since 2014 the IFA+ Summit has served

as the “think tank” for the industry. Each

year it, attracts over 550 participants

from more than 30 countries, and over 50

speakers. The two-day IFA+ Summit forms

part of the innovation hub IFA NEXT. The

summit takes place on Sunday, 8, and

Monday, 9 September 2019 at the Grand

Theatre in Hall 26b on the IFA Exhibition


The subject matter of the IFA+Summit

this year is covered by four clusters:

“Society”, “Interaction”, “Intelligence” and

“Experience”. As a future forum at IFA, the

IFA+Summit and its many international

speakers provide a preview of the

development of disruptive technologies

in the digitally interconnected future. The

selected speakers have acquired their

experience in positions such as advisor

to the White House and to NATO, or as

consultants with many leading businesses

such as Amazon and Microsoft, and will be

providing a well-founded overview of the

“brave new world” of dataism. Some of the

main speakers include:

SHERMIN VOSHMGIR - regarded as

one of the pioneers of the blockchain.

A Director of the Research Institute

for Crypto Economics at the Vienna

University of Economics, with her think

tank she engages in interdisciplinary

communication and discussions about

current developments in blockchain:

“Bitcoin is like email was in the 1990s”.

In her publications and talks Voshmgir

illustrates the potential opportunities

and risks to society from advances in

this concept: “Provided that we use it

intelligently, blockchain certainly has

the potential for resolving many of the

problems confronting us today. However,

blockchain also has the potential to be a

universal control machine”.

PARHAM EFTEKHARI - a co-founder of

the Institute for Critical Infrastructure

Technology, a think tank that provides

advice on cyber security matters to

organisations such as NATO and the World

Bank and to the US Congress. In 2017 the

US Government presented Eftekhari with

its Information Security Leadership Award

as “Most Valuable Industry Partner”. In

his publications, he addresses the issues

surrounding the many and varied uses of

data and its release.

DIPAYAN GHOSH - who, as a consultant

to Facebook, developed the corporate

strategy for dealing with private users’

data in an improved and more effective

way. As a result, in 2016 he was listed in

the “30 under 3” by Forbes Magazine, in

the category Privacy and Law. Prior to

working for Facebook, Ghosh served as

an advisor on technology policy issues

to the White House during the Obama

administration, and also analysed the

impact of big data on consumer privacy.

His presentation will focus on his current

research topic: artificial intelligence.


Director at Google, heads user experience

teams in the USA, Europe and Asia in the

areas of Search, News, Maps and User

Accounts. During his 12 years at Google

he has transformed the company’s

User Insight Teams and created a crosscompany

product development culture.

His work served as an interface between

digital technologies and user-friendly

design. Every month with Google Maps

over one billion people benefit from the

advances introduced by the UX Director

that are based on this service

Shermin Voshmgir

- Leading female

experts in the area of

new technologies are

on hand at the IFA+




A showcase for technological excellence –

underpinned by the land of the rising sun

On 28 th and 29 th of June 2019, the leaders of the G20

gathered in Osaka, as Japan hosted its first ever G20

Summit. During its presidency of the G20 Summit, the

Japanese government underlined its leadership in advancing

discussions toward resolving the myriad issues now facing

the international community. Underlining this renewed

dynamism, Japan will be the first Global Innovation Partner

in the history of IFA NEXT.

IFA NEXT is a global innovation

hub bringing together researchers,

industry professionals, start-ups and

retailers for a dynamic transfer of

knowledge, information and business

ideas. At the IFA NEXT Showcase,

innovative companies, research

institutions, start-ups, universities,

labs, and associations this year will

again present their ideas for the


“Japan is a country that was the

main driver to create the world of

consumer electronics as we know

it today, and that – once again – has

become an incredible hub for industry

research, thought leadership and

start-up innovation,” said Dr Christian

Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin.

At the recent IFA Global Press

Conference in Spain, Keita

Nishiyama, the Director-General

of the Commerce and Information

Policy Bureau at Japan’s Ministry of

Economy, Trade and Industry (METI),

addressed the media on the key issues

at stake heading into the future, in

particular when it comes to new data

governance models.

“The Osaka G20 will, I believe, and

as stated by our Prime Minister, long

be remembered as the summit that

started world-wide data governance”,

said Mr Nishiyama. “The time to do

so is ripe, as it will be digital data that

drives our economy forward.”

With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes

of digital information circulating

each day, Mr Nishiyama called for the

establishment of “DFFT” – or Data









Free Flow with Trust, for non-personal

data. He said that while personal data

and intellectual property need to

remain under careful protection, on

the other hand, medical, industrial,

traffic and other highly useful nonpersonal

data must be allowed to flow

freely across borders.

The result will, he says, be “Society

5.0”, which this fourth industrial

revolution will bring about, thanks,

in part to new collaboration between

entities such as the OECD, WEF and


Speaking about the partnership with

Japan for IFA Next, Jens Heithecker,

IFA Executive Director said, “This

is a major step for IFA, because

we learned that when different

people talk about innovation, each

one has very different wording,

with different effects in different

countries. In America, every new

product is an ‘innovation’. That’s

great. But in European countries or

Japan, people are more hesitant to

use the word innovation for a new

product. In these countries, the

language culture means it has to be

a big step, not just a new product.

This is why often in countries like

Germany or Japan, the “innovators”

are totally underestimated, which is

why we need to spotlight them. We

are starting with Japan, because we

have learned that in Japan there are

strong, diversified innovators that

are virtually unknown to the world, so

we are putting them on stage in order

that their efforts might have an impact

outside of their home territory. Japan

is not only our partner country for IFA

Next, and we will also be discovering

new start-ups and tech companies

from Japan, coming to Berlin for the

first time”

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019


© Messe Berlin GmbH





Smart and Fujitsu are

the new key partners

for the convention of

global insights and ideas

exploring how future

mobility will change the

way we think, live, and

drive, Shift Automotive

on 10 & 11 September

2019 at IFA.

“Fujitsu will provide an experience

that could propel the visitor’s

right into the future of connected

mobility through a quantum leap,”

says Dr Joseph Reger, CTO CE and

EMEIA at Fujitsu, adding, “The

notion of quantum computing

and conceivable quantum

computers are introduced and

described briefly, together with

the technology of major existing

categories and their relationships.”

Kirsten Ehrlich, Head of smart

sales Germany says, “We are

happy to be part of this because

smart has always been the car of

the future. From 2020, the brand

will change the switch: smart

will be fully electric. At the Shift

AUTOMOTIVE, we also present

our innovative ‘ready to services’

that significantly expand urban

mobility - for example, you can

easily share your own vehicle

with others or have your packages

delivered to your own vehicle

instead of home.”

IFA Executive Director, Jens

Heithecker says the philosophy

behind Shift Automotive is very

different to anything else on the

market: “We realised that it did

not make sense to only bring car

manufacturers to a show like this.

It is not the concept of IFA, it is not

an integrated concept for the new

digital mobility, and this is why

we positioned Shift Automotive

in this very different way. It is not

only about technology; it is about

what the consumer sees as being

the benefits. We also have to look

at what happens to the driver if he

or she is no longer actively driving.

What do they do? What does the

interior look like? What is the real

usage now of the car or vehicle?

What will change? Is shared

transport the way to go? With

this focus on the consumer, from

the user-side, we differentiate

this event from every convention

or tradeshow on these topics

worldwide. Last year, we started

this convention very carefully. It

will develop over the next years

and we will see how far it can go”




At this year’s Shift Automotive conference at IFA, Iomob

CEO, Boyd Cohen, will highlight where he believes the

future of mobility is going, the role of Mobility as a

Service (MaaS) and the Internet of Mobility in supporting

a transition away from single occupied passenger vehicle

dependence in cities. We asked him to tell us more about


Iomob stands for the Internet

of Mobility. If IoT is about how

devices in cities or elsewhere can

be connected to the Internet, and

then to each other to seamlessly

connect things, the Internet of

Mobility, or Iomob, is a company

focused on providing the enabling

infrastructure so that mobility

devices (scooters, bikes, cars, trains,

buses, etc.) can be connected to the

Iomob protocol and then to each

other to enable seamless mobility

for users around the globe.

How do you see the future of


I believe this will vary greatly in the

next 10 years around the globe. In

North America, I believe we will

likely see an acceleration of ride

hailing services and autonomous

passenger vehicles. In Europe, I

believe we will continue to see an

explosion in micro mobility and

shared mobility and in cities erecting

barriers for single occupancy

vehicles entering urban areas. I

believe autonomous in Europe will

be more on multi passenger liquid

bus experiences. And the growing

explosion in new services will require

new infrastructure (for charging,

for dedicated lanes that separate

pedestrians, people powered micro

mobility and motorised micro

mobility) and of course drive rapid

demand and use of seamless MaaS

services that can roam with the user.

I don’t believe the future of MaaS is

separate apps in each city.

Who should come to your talk and


I would hope anyone interested

in understanding the present and

future of MaaS, how passenger

vehicles might shift towards

becoming liquid parts of a seamless

mobility ecosystem, and the role of

micro mobility in the future mobility


Boyd Cohen, CEO, Iomob

Impulse speech


Tuesday, 10 September


11:05 am - 11:25 am


IFA Next Grand Theater, Hall 26B

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019









Dr Johannes Schamel,

Study lead. Geomarketing, GfK

In May 2019, GfK released a major study on retail

trends, anticipating nominal turnover growth of

2.0% in 2019 for brick-and-mortar retail in the 27 EU


The majority of European

consumers are currently

subjected to opposing forces,

claims the survey. On the

one hand, this consists of

uncertainty over Brexit, trade

conflicts and weaker growth

prospects in important export

markets such as China. But on

the other hand, consumers have

a robust labour market, higher

wage increases and moderate

prices for crude oil. Against this

backdrop, GfK’s Geomarketing

solution area evaluated various

key European retail benchmarks

and published the results in

the free study “European retail

in 2019”. The study analyses

trends and developments in 32

European countries and offers

a 2019 turnover prognosis,

giving retailers, investors and

project developers an important

reference point for their


“G f K f o r e c a s t s n o m i n a l

turnover growth of two

percent for brick-and-mortar

retail in 2019 for the EU-27

countries,” explains the study’s

lead, Dr Johannes Schamel.

“This growth is only slightly

above the rate of inflation

and comparable to the growth

observed last year.”

In light of the continued dynamic

growth in online retail, GfK

anticipates nominal turnover

growth of +2.0% for the EU-27

countries. The highest growth

rates among the EU states are

expected for Romania (+7.0%)

and Lithuania (+5.9%).

Sinking energy prices beginning

already at the end of 2018

suggest that the EU’s rate of

inflation will fall. Along with

continuing trade disputes

with the USA, the weakening

European economy at the

beginning of 2019 is dampening

the mood of economists. As a

result, a lower 2019 inflation

rate of 1.6% is expected for the

European Union.

Sales area productivity: Europewide,

there was no change to the

top three nations compared to

the previous year with respect

to sales area productivity.

The unchallenged forerunner

continues to be Luxembourg

(approximately 7,250€/m²),

which even experienced a slight

increase (+1.40%) in sales area

productivity in 2018. Second

and third place are occupied

by Norway (approximately

6,430€/m²) and Switzerland

(approximately 6,220€/m²)










With the onset of new laws governing the use

of e-scooters in Germany, MediaMarktSaturn

has been taking pre-orders for sales of streetlegal


With the eKFV Small Electric

Vehicles Regulations coming

into force in Germany,

there will be nothing to

stop people from riding

electric scooters in traffic –

as long as they comply with

the German highway code

and meet all the necessary

criteria to be declared


* Don’t miss our new Buyers’

Guide on e-mobility in the

Day 1 edition.

T h e t w o c o n s u m e r

e l e c t r o n i c s r e t a i l e r s

have been stocking the

first street-legal electric

scooters, taking pre-orders

from online shops and

in-store. Moreover, the

range will gradually be

supplemented by other

e-scooters suitable for use

on public roads.

Nippier than bicycles and

greener than cars, electric

scooters have long been

very popular in many

countries. In Germany, too,

there’s plenty of interest in

these innovative means of

transport. According to a

recent survey commissioned

by MediaMarkt, one in four

Germans are interested in

trying out an e-scooter

With the ESL One tournament just around

the corner – in October – in Hamburg,

Euronics will be riding the wave of esports

popularity as a key partner.

Euronics International,

a retail group consisting

of 26 members across

35 countries in Europe,

CIS, and the Middle East,

announced on 27 May,

2019, the landmark

sponsorship with ESL, the

world’s largest esports

company, broadcasting

major global esports

tournaments. The deal will

not only centre around

the famous ESL One

tournament in Hamburg

in October, but will also

include National Leagues

in key markets including

France, Italy, and Spain.

The Group launched its

updated brand identity

in 2017, reiterating its

core focus on innovative

t e c h n o l o g i e s a n d

customer solutions of

which gaming forms a

key part, in preparation

o f i d e n t i f y i n g t h e

appropriate international

sponsorship opportunity

which has been realised

with ESL.

“The popularity and

flexibility of partnering

with ESL in esports has

provided the Euronics

Group with an exciting

opportunity to collaborate

simultaneously across

all our markets, those

carrying the Euronics logo

as well as those Euronics

members with strong local

brands such as Boulanger

(France) and Teknosa

(Turkey)” said John Olsen,

Managing Director of

Euronics International.

“For us, providing ‘a

human touch in a digital

world’ is our guiding

principle in everything

we do both instore and

online. With direct access

to an extremely engaged

audience across multiple

channels we identified

great synergies with ESL.

We both have a passion for

creating meaningful and

unforgettable experiences

for our customers and


Activation will feature instore

across all markets

and around events with

branding in and around

the venues, players, fans

and across all digital

p l a t f o r m s , o f f e r i n g

the ideal opportunity

to connect audiences

and develop customer

relationships and promote

the Euronics brand in new

and existing markets



MediaMarkt is offering a new

service via the Google Assistant,

enabling customers to find the

perfect television for themselves

by using MediaMarkt’s voicecontrolled

TV product advisor.

The digital sales assistant uses a series of

questions to pinpoint the right TV that suits

them. Afterwards, they can also use a voice

command to be taken to MediaMarkt’s

online shop. The use of voice-activated

virtual assistants is an important building

block within MediaMarkt’s multichannel

strategy. In fact, MediaMarkt claims to have

been one of the first consumer electronics

retailers in Germany to start offering

services via the Google Assistant.

It’s already been doing so for a few years

now and is continually expanding them.

“OK, Google, talk to MediaMarkt!”

Customers who say this to their Google

Home speaker or any other device with

Google Assistant can now find their dream

TV with the aid of MediaMarkt’s TV

advisor. This digital dialogue isn’t limited

to the Google Home smart speaker, Google

Home Mini or Google Nest Hub. In fact,

MediaMarkt’s TV advisor can be activated

on any smartphone or mobile device on

which the Google Assistant app has been


www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019








Cristiano Amon

President, Qualcomm



Qualcomm’s IFA Keynote focuses on the next wave of mobile

innovation unlocked by 5G

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon will be expounding the

virtues of the new generation of mobile technology on IFA’s

2019 keynote stage next Friday afternoon. As a foretaste,

we asked him to give some details on how rollout has been

coming along for 5G in Europe, and what key industry players

Qualcomm has been involved with so far.

5G is already a success in Europe with

launches from operators like EE, Elisa,

Swisscom, TIM and Vodafone. There

are multiple smartphones launched,

including those from Samsung, LG,

OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi and ZTE. In

fact, most of the devices launched

in Europe are using the Qualcomm

Snapdragon 5G platform. It is

fantastic for consumers to have the

choice between so many great 5G

smartphones from the start.

What about the rest of the world?

Where are the key rollouts taking


We a r e s e e i n g d e p l oy m e n t s

around the world, making it a

global phenomenon. In fact, the 5G

transition is moving faster than 4G.

In the first year for 4G there were 4

carriers and 4 devices launched in a

few countries.


With 5G there are deployments

by more than 20 operators in 10

countries with no less than 20 devices

to be launched using Snapdragon

5G platforms by the end of the year.

And there are over 150 designs

announced or in development. Over

the past several months, operators

and OEMs officially launched

commercial 5G networks and devices

one year ahead of schedule. In the

United States, operators including

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

have launched 5G in major cities.

China is moving to 5G also ahead of

schedule. All three major operators

there have announced 5G plans. In

fact, by the end of this year, they will

deploy roughly 100,000 5G base

stations, which, put in context, is

the equivalent of the scale of the

entire network of a large US wireless


How is Qualcomm innovating in this


Qualcomm, at its heart, is a

company that invents breakthrough

technologies that transform how

the world connects, computes and

communicates. We invested in 5G

R&D early with a particular focus on

the 5G unified air interface, Massive

MIMO and mmWave – a technology

many said would never be mobile. We

use these fundamental technologies

to create leading solutions that help

our customers compete, innovate

and grow. 5G starts with your

smartphone, but will soon be in your

PC, your car, and then in virtually

everything else.

What makes you the most excited

about the future?

Looking ahead, it is clear that the

future is connected. And with this

connectivity comes richer and more

immersive experiences. These

intelligent and connected devices

will unlock a wave of innovation that

will bring new devices and services

to market. Video will be something

we stream every day, everywhere,

just like we stream music today.

Gaming will take advantage of

the vast computing capabilities in

the cloud and become much more

engaging across devices. Social will

be transformed by virtual presence.

Who should attend your keynote

and why?

Everyone who makes a product,

offers a service or runs a business

should come see what 5G will bring.

It will be essential to understand what

this next evolution of connectivity

means for their companies and lives.

Qualcomm is looking forward to

working closely with the broader

ecosystem of companies in Europe

and around the world to deliver this


Keynote by Cristiano Amon,

President, Qualcomm


Friday 6 September 2019

Time: 2:00 pm


Grand Theatre – Hall 26b




Siemen elp o in a onneted iten

Roland Hagenbucher, CEO Siemens Home Appliances Germany shares

how Siemens’ vision for a “seamless life” is evolving this year .

This year, we are inviting our visitors to the

Siemens World, where, in a host of different

scenarios, we are showing how our home

appliances become interactive partners,

motivators, and sources of inspiration.

Here, connectivity, smart technology and

design interact in such a way that everyday

life becomes increasingly easier to

manage. This is how we are helping people

worldwide cope with the complexity of

our times and making it easier for them to

realize their own personal wishes.

Which cities are you featuring at the stand

in this respect? Can you tell us a bit more

about what we can see there?

From New York, Shanghai, Rio, or Cape

Town, in the Siemens World, our visitors

can take a trip that takes them from one

vibrant metropolis to the next. We show

the exciting possibilities of urban living, and

how people can discover them with Siemens

home appliances. With our scenarios, they

are immersed at each station in the special

Siemens way of life, experience its special

fascination, and draw inspiration from new


How are adoption rates going with regard

to people using “smart” appliances?

We are very satisfied, and this will grow

since smart home appliances will establish

themselves more firmly over time. For

the past two years, we have been offering

connectivity not only in the iQ700 and

iQ800 premium class but also in the iQ500


programmes, voice control, and remote

control via smartphone and tablet are

becoming increasingly relevant. Our

studies clearly show that more and more

people are interested in these “future

technologies” and, consequently, they often

turn up in wish lists.

What are some concrete examples (at IFA)

of how you are rolling out solutions to

these issues?

A wonderful example is our new activeLight

cooktop, which is the perfect combination

of smart technology, design, and innovation.

It hardly needs any operation, and simply

follows what the user does. Instead of the

conventional cooking zones, there is an

animated, blue light matrix underneath

the ceramic surface. It responds to all the

cook’s actions, inspiring a whole new form

of interaction.

How important is IFA for Siemens as a

platform to promote and network?

IFA is one of the highlights of the year for

us, and one that we are very much looking

forward to attending it. It’s where the

industry meets up, where we present our

new products for the first time to a broad

international audience. That’s why IFA is

very important to us as a communication,

trade and networking platform

Roland Hagenbucher

CEO Siemens Home Appliances Germany

What does your research show when it

comes to wants and needs of consumers?

From our surveys we know that managing

housework faster and more easily is just

one of the needs met by our appliances.

But people also want to express their

own lifestyle and underline their status.

The kitchen has permanently replaced

the car as the number one status symbol.

However it’s also about self-fulfillment and

even happiness, more than a third of the

interviewees get into a flow when cooking.







With all of these concerns, smart

technologies such as automatic

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019






Exclusive interview

Kostas Vouzas, CEO – Philips TV & Aud













Business continues to go well for TP Vision – the company

behind Philips TV, and – since last year – audio products.

We asked Kostas Vouzas, CEO of Philips TV & Audio

Europe the reasons for this success.

We have performed well not only

last year, but for the last 3 years!

This is due to many factors: our

OLED TV range has been a success

since the very first Philips OLED

TV back in 2015, our own P5

Picture processing engine has been

recognised by the industry with

many awards, and, of course, our

exclusive Philips TV Ambilight is

loved by consumers across Europe.

From a business perspective, Philips

TV’s European performance has

been extremely positive, with

significant growth in both revenue

and profitability, which is quite an

achievement in today’s challenging

Consumer Electronics market.

What do you see as being the main

trends that are driving the industry


That is a good question, as it seems

trends are developing in a blink of

an eye! Technology can evolve very

quickly, but it is also very important

for us to see how quickly people

adopt and really embrace a certain

technology. 4K is still on the rise, but

in terms of content, the 4K market

needs to grow even further. In the

past few years, we have clearly seen

that people want a television that

is as fully equipped as possible, but

budget and screen size remain a

very important factor.

How are you repositioning TP

Vision with regard to product


We a r e m a i n l y k n o w n f o r

developing, manufacturing and

marketing Philips TV products,

while our mother company

TPV is one of the largest panel

manufacturers in the world. But

that’s not all! Since last year, we

are also in charge of the Philips

Audio brand and its portfolio on

a global scale. There is a natural

link between image and sound and

we hope to bring the Philips Audio

products to the next level, the same

way we’ve done with Philips TV

propositions. We’ve been analysing

the existing product portfolio - from

Dect phones to clock radios and

from smart speakers to headphones

– and this year at IFA we will

launch new Philips Audio flagship

products, which is very exciting.

You have been winning many

awards. Could you tell us about


It’s always great to see our products

being recognised by both the media

and the industry. This means we are

doing something right and we are

extremely proud of this. In 2018,

Philips TV won almost 100 Awards

across Europe, and our OLED+

903 Sound by Bowers & Wilkins,

launched at IFA last year, has

collected more than 40!

For us, these awards mean 2 things:

we are developing and marketing

great products but also means that

we need to push our boundaries

even further. Awards are a great

motivational tool as they force you

to do even better.

You launched the “Performance

Series” this year. What has the

reaction been like?

Our new mid-range Philips TV

‘performance Series’ has been well

received so far by retailers and

consumers. This introduction is

in line with our ambition to bring

Philips TV products to a larger

audience. The first steps were

taken with our OLED TV models,

and the Performance Series is a

new step in that direction. After all,

the premium high-end segment of

the market is limited, even though

everyone is enthusiastic about the







– a meeting with DACH Marketing

Director Matthias Wietstock at the IFA

Innoation Media rien

io - Europe

latest technology. That is why

we also want to make the most

important innovations available

lower in our range. This model

will feature our P5 picture

processor and it is equipped with

Dolby Vision, a technology that

is more important in the midrange

models than in the highend.

The Performance Series has

a beautiful design with a metal

frame that people are happy to

put in the living room, Android TV

platform and last, but not least,

our signature feature Ambilight

that changes the way you watch

content, whether is a movie or the

news! In short, with this model

Philips wants to offer the best allround

TV without hurting your


What can we expect to see at

IFA this year (without giving too

much away)?

IFA is always the most exciting

time of the year for us… And this

year, even more so. Not only are

we launching our new Philips TV

Flagship models, but we are also

presenting our new Philips Audio

propositions and products. This

year at IFA, we will also see how

the partnerships we announced

last year have evolved: expect

more sound by Bowers & Wilkins

in our TVs, more European Design

with Georg Jensen, more fun

and engaging activations with

Abbey Road Studios and new

unexpected collaborations to be


What would you say are the main

points of differentiation of the

Philips brand today?

From a Philips TV & Audio

perspective, I think there are a

few unique propositions that

make our products so special:

When it comes to Philips TV, I

need to mention Ambilight again

as it has proven to be something

that people who try it, adopt it!

We are also proud of our

European Heritage and our

European Design promise

bringing beautiful products to


We also bring sound to the next

level. Our partnership with

Bowers & Wilkins is just 1 proof

point of this.

And a 4 th one is connectivity. We

understand how important this is

and we are always integrating the

latest smart technologies in our

TVs and Audio products

Matthias Wietstock has been almost 25 years with

the Philips brand, in various international sales and

marketing roles. We asked him why it was important

to have brought sound and vision together under

one umbrella.

We basically now say it’s “Philips

Consumer Electronics” – not

under Royal Philips – but with

the backing of a big Taiwanese

company. We are now also

seeing the first results, being

own-developed products, which

we are bringing to market at IFA.

The OLED is still the flagship

product for the brand…

Exactly. We will have the new

8 series OLED after we won

something like 48 awards

with the predecessor with the

803 and the 903 series. We

are happy to be working with

Bowers and Wilkins on this

model as a premium brand.

They will also help us to become

even more high-end, which is

our ambition. It is interesting to

Matthias Wietstock

Marketing Director for Germany,

Austria, and Switzerland,

Philips TV & Audio

see how we are able to further

improve the quality of an OLED

TV at a price point above €2000.

This shows that both sound and

picture quality are the most

important features in making

a TV better than most of our

competitors. The Ambilight is

still our USP, and it is one of the

most important things we will

include in our communication

for our OLED TVs, but also for

our mid-range products

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019





Managing Director, Bosch

Household Appliances






BOSCH @ IFA 2019

We spoke to Harald Friedrich, Managing Director of

Bosch Household Appliances about the company’s

presence at IFA this year… beginning with a new “zero

waste” initiative…

We are living at a time in which

food waste is a very severe

problem and households can

contribute quite a lot to reducing

food waste on their end. Bosch

aims to actively support Zero

Waste Europe – an initiative that

was launched as people constantly

try to reduce their costs, optimise

their day-to-day, and go “smart”.

We help by providing storage

technology – in refrigerators for

example – which helps keep food

fresh for a much longer time. If

you keep food at 0°C with perfect

humidity, then the food stays fresh

much longer, and that means you

don’t waste so much.

How is artificial intelligence being

introduced into your products?

Our Bosch Home Professional

Series of washing machines and

dryers works with a form of

artificial intelligence. The machine,

via sensors, can measure the

laundry load, how dirty it is, and

what kind of textiles are being

washed. From these parameters,

the machine, in the automatic

programme, determines exactly,

to the last millilitre, how much

detergent is needed. This saves

money, it saves water and

detergent, and in the end, it helps

the environment.

AI also relates to the kitchen. We

already have some sensors in our

products today, like, for example,

the Perfect Bake baking sensor,

which measures automatically

when a cake is ready. Now what

we are doing is connecting these

products, sending anonymous

data to the cloud, where we have

updated algorithms, and where we

can calculate exactly how long the

cake will take to be ready, and the

user gets an indication of how long

the process will take. Our new

cooking hoods are connected. You

can control the hood either from

your cooking zone, or via Alexa or

other devices such as this.

What will visitors to your stand

this year discover?

There are innovations at every

level, from the quietest washing

machine to a smart grow system,

where you can grow vegetables

in your own home, even in winter


Hall 3.1

Stand 101

Making life better by

creating personalised

solutions for a healthy life

is the number one aim of

Philips products in 2019.

Philips aims to move its focus to

the various stages of life, with an

emphasis on healthy living and

personal care in the home. Marlies

Gebetsberger, Market Leader,

Philips Personal Health DACH, told

journalists at this year’s Innovations

Media Briefing in Berlin that Philips

wants consumers to take an active

role in their own health and aims to

reach 3 billion people by 2030 with

their innovative products.

“From personal to personalised

health; that is the focus of

Philips new appliances. Philips is

searching for solutions that adapt

to consumers that offer better,

data-driven insights into health and

access to professional expertise

and advice,” said Gebetsberger.

Among the innovations Philips

is introducing the “Sonicare

teledentistry” service which provides

consumers with remote dental

consultation from dentists. The app

acts as a “virtual hub” for personal

Philips Smart Shaver

series 7000

oral healthcare, helping users

manage their complete oral care

on a daily basis and share brushing

data with their dental practitioners.

The Philips Smart Shaver series

7000 is the world’s first connected

and AI-powered shaving solution,

which analyses shaver motion

and determines the motion

type to provide each man with a

personalised shaving plan.

Philips Cares empowers people

to easily form and activate a care

circle of trusted family and friends.

Also presented were the Philips

pregnancy + and baby +, devices

that track the baby from the nine

months of pregnancy to the first

1,000 days of life.

And in keeping with the healthy life

emphasis, Philips Airfryer utilises

the latest technology of integrated

sensors to help consumers prepare

tasty food that is also healthy

Hall 22

Stand 101

Philips Airfryer







OLED technology is now

firmly established, with

LG as the market leader

reported Andreas Urbach,

Head of Product Marketing

HE at LG Electronics at the

Innovations Media Briefing

in Berlin.

“LG Display is the only producer

of OLED panels for TV and has a

€790m budget for further OLED

development,” said Urbach, adding

that “the new LG OLED 88Z9 is the

world’s first 8K OLED TV compatible

with Google Assistant and Amazon

Alexa, along with another rollable

OLED TV, the upcoming OLED 65R9.”

New products include the LG

Nanocell 755M99 television.

Products from the ThinQ range

already work with Google Assistant

and now with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple

AirPlay 2 and Home Kit. HDMI 2.1 is

already integrated into all LG OLED


Talking about the LG G8 ThinQ

smartphone, Urbach said, “It has

features never before seen on a

phone such as a Z camera, Hand ID

with vein recognition, and 3D Face

Unlock for use both day and night,

Air Motion for gesticular control and

Crystal Sound OLED.”

Olivia Wintermeyer, Head of

Product Marketing HA, emphasized

Siemens has announced a new motto: “metropolitan style

of living”, the key tenets of which are personalisation,

digitalisation, and urbanisation, strongly influenced by

the number of megacities worldwide, set to grow from

37 to 43 by 2030.

Product Showcase LG Electronics

freshness in the new refrigerators

which conserves food and reduces

waste. At 36dB, its volume is quieter

than a library. The compressor has a

10 or 20-year warranty, and the appcontrolled

fridge has both foldable

and slide-in shelves..

Smart washing machines and dryers

from LG, feature a recyclable,

hard-wearing safety-glass door.

TurboWash technology washes in 39

mins, removing 99.9% of allergens

and yielding a 30% crease reduction.

In addition, a 49” LG Ultrawide

computer monitor is particularly

suited to video and sound editors

with its wide, curved screen, while

the CineBeam HU85L short throw

projector has improved brightness,

4K UHD resolution, and a laser with

REC 709 colour space. It can be

controlled with iOS or Android

Hall 18

Stand 101




Roland Hagenbucher, Managing

Director at Siemens, presented

the company forecast at the

Innovations Media Briefing

in Berlin, explaining that the

company is mainly concerned

about what the changing status

quo means for the future of its

goods: what is the reciprocal

influence of people on cities, and

what Siemens can contribute to

this. Summed up, its mission is

achieving a “seamless life”.

Siemens’ upcoming products

include the Active Light stove,

inspired by architectural design.

Invisible when not in use, blending

into the kitchen counter, its

80x80cm glass ceramic surface

is turned into a screen when in

use. The UI is intuitive, offering

maximum cooking freedom

through the VarioMotion feature,

so that various pots and pans can

be placed on top of it at will. Other

features include activeLight and

varioInduction plus.

Another significant upcoming

product is the iQ800 Premium

washing series. The washing

machine and dryer work together

to ensure a seamless clean. iDos

technology means the laundry

liquid only needs to be refilled

after 20 uses, and the level of dirt

is calculated, meaning only the

exact amount of liquid is applied,

guaranteeing sustainability along

with its A+++ energy efficiency.

SensoFresh applies a gentle wash

to delicate items, practically

eliminating the need for dry

cleaning services. The dryer’s

lint trap is also self-cleaning, and

its SmartFinish replaces ironing.

When IntelligentDry is in use,

the dryer and washing machine

communicate: information

about the exact programme and

amount of clothes is transmitted

so that the clothes are dried at an

appropriate level.

Naturally, all devices have an

accompanying smartphone app.

“ We’re distancing ourselves

from household consumer goods

being mere devices, and taking

them to new heights of becoming

personal assistants and fostering

sustainability,” said Hagenbucher,

also hinting at Siemens creating

more voice-controlled household

goods in the future, thus ideally

supporting a metropolitan style of


Hall 1.1

Stand 101

Siemens iQ700

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019












users to add extra pieces of

laundry while the machine is

already in operation.

The current washing machine

ranges, W1 and T1, are

introducing new aesthetic

features — lotus white,

obsidian black, aluminium

silver colours on the hood, an

illuminated drum, and a highquality

chrome exterior ring.

eQ-3 is a leading innovation and

technology company for home

control and consumer electronics.

With more than 200 different types

of products, eQ-3 claims to provide

the largest product portfolio in

the industry and has more than 25

million wireless devices in more than

one million households. We asked

Jonas Deicke, the company’s head of

communications and marketing, to

tell us more about their smart home

brand Homematic.

Homematic is one of the only “whole home”

solutions in smart home. You might hear of

many companies that are doing “single use case”

solutions, for example just for lighting. Our

philosophy is to offer components for each and

every sector of the smart home. We are starting

in heating, with a radiator thermostat that

replaces your existing unit. Then there are wall

thermostats, window open detection and so on.

There are also under-floor heating components,

as well as products for lighting. These start with

the single switch socket that you can just put in

your power outlet, but we also have integrated

solutions for 230 volts, where you can put your

branded switch on top. The portfolio is not only

wide, it is also deep. We also cover shading,

with roller blinds and so on, security aspects,

with alarm solutions, water detection, smoke

detection and so on. We cover all aspects of an

automated home.

What are your key differentiating factors?

Our solution is completely anonymous. We don’t

collect any data from our users. You even don’t

have to log in with your email address, and we

don’t know where you are. This is not the case

for most smart home solutions. And we cover

solutions from plug & play right up to those for


At this year’s Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin,

Miele tracked its illustrious past and announced

innovations for the coming season.

Bernhard Hörsch, Director

of Sales at Miele, introduced

t h e c o m p a ny ’ s l a t e s t

developments in the kitchen,

in washing, drying, and in trade


Looking back on 120 years

of tradition, with attractive

performance and good value

for money, highlights of the

past few years include the

Blizzard, the first bagless

vacuum by Miele, the Dialog

Cooker with electromagnetic

waves, and the mobilec

o n t r o l l e d A u t o D o s

dishwasher featuring an

integrated PowerDisk.

In the kitchen, Miele presented

its new Generation 7000

series. FoodView technology

sends HD images from inside

the oven to the smartphone

thanks to a heat-resistant

c a m e r a . Ta s t e C o n t r o l

r e g u l a t e s t e m p e ra t u r e

and moisture remotely via

smartphone, keeping dishes

warm, while the MotionReact

feature predicts the next

step of the cooking process

and reacts to users it senses


Miele’s relaunch of its washing

machine and dryer range is its

biggest ever of this product

group. QuickPowerWash

speeds up the wash, reducing

it to up to 49 minutes, ideal

for family households. The

EcoSpeed feature on dryers

boasts A+++ energy efficiency

while drying 8kg of laundry in

2:35 hours — an advantage of

20 minutes. AddLoad allows

One exclusive and noteworthy

element of this is Miele’s

conscious decision to make

these available only at brickand-mortar

retailers. Miele

attributes this loyalty to

longstanding collaborations

with these retailers, of which

64% have disappeared in

Germany between 1992

and 2019. 30% of Q1 2019

revenue in the sector was

made online.

Miele has been a market leader

of the past 10 years through its

added-value partner concept;

a selective distribution

system, new partner ranges,

fair conditions, and on-brand,

adequate presentation at the


Hall 2.1

Stand 101

Hall 25

Stand 341





SHB2515 true

wireless produkt




With TP Vision – renowned for “running” the Philips

TV brand, recently taking over the marketing and

manufacturing of Philips audio products, the company

has announced some highly innovative products for Q4


Matthias Wietstock, Marketing

Director for Germany, Austria, and

Switzerland, introduced the latest

products at the Innovations Media

Briefing in Berlin.

“At the moment, we’re concentrating

on headphones, especially wireless,

as that’s where we see the biggest

opportunities to raise average

market prices,” said Wietstock. “Our

new Philips True Wireless SHB2515

earbuds come with an integrated

power bank in the storage case,

which can also charge a smartphone

for maximum convenience.”

For more audiovisual products,

the Soundbar HTL3325 is a perfect

addition to the Performance

TV series, with its three-sided

Ambilight. 2019 has seen a fall in

TV prices by 9%, while the OLED

market grew 127% in 2018 and

represents 80% of the 65” segment

in the premium TV segment.

Philips supports all main HDR

formats with its 6000 series. The

two-chip solution enables a sharper

picture. OLED TVs in 2019 will

come ready-equipped with the third

generation of the P5 processor,

w h i c h

enhances the

o v e ra l l i m a g e

quality in source

perfection, sharpness, colour,

contrast, and motion.

P h i l i p s ’ 2 0 1 8 s o u n d s y s t e m

collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins

is showcased this year in the OLED 8

series. T h e y

will be Google and

Alexa compatible and

Dolby Vision and Dolby

Atmos among other high-end


Hall 22

Stand 101




Maremed MK500:

marine climate for

at home

Hall 26

Stand 105

Hall 4.1

Stand 212

Celebrating its 100 th

anniversary this

year, Beurer’s wide

range of wellness

products serve the

intersection of health

and innovation.

The focus at this year’s

Innovation Media Briefing

was first on the Maremed

humidifier, which is not only

for general use, but also for

relief from asthma.

According to Beurer Managing

Director Georg Walkenbach,

consumer interest in products

like these is predicted to rise

as there are 300m asthma

sufferers worldwide, one tenth

of whom are located in the EU.

Moreover many patients are

seeking alternative treatments

to medication.

Maremed is manually filled

with water and sea salt. Using

patented technology, its filter

purifies the air and a UVC lamp

purifies the outgoing humidified

air. Maremed eliminates 99%

of bacteria and viruses, and

can also be used preventatively

against common allergies such

as hay fever.

According to Walkenbach, “We

can now bring the sea breeze

into your home. It’s not just

a humidifier, it’s a humidifier

based on salt water. The secret

behind this new device is that

the air is pumped through the

water, picking up the humidity

as it goes along, as well as the

salt. ”

The virtual postural trainer

8sense was also introduced.

Sedentary occupations are a

known threat to posture and

general health, yet most users

need personalised guidance.

The 8sense device is clipped

onto clothing at the nape of

the neck, providing real-time

posture feedback through

vibrations. Its algorithms

recognise and analyse daily

movements and habits,

while data is gathered on the

accompanying, Bluetoothconnected


www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019










Marco Getz

Managing Director,

Medisana GmbH

IFA senior management continue to sing the

praises of what they term coinnovation, and

proof of the concept comes with news from

Medisana that they are bringing a new “home

care” robot to the market thanks to a new joint


Marco Getz, the new

Managing Director of

Medisana GmbH, presented

the new robot in a world

premiere at the Innovations

Media Briefing in Berlin this

summer. The device is the

fruit of a joint venture between

China-based Medisana and

an Israeli engineering firm,

coupled with input from the

German office.

“We put in a lot of our

resources and know-how,

especially in terms of medical

measurements and medical

devices,” says Getz, adding,

“We are connecting the robot






with our



for such

things as

blood pressure, blood sugar,

or scales, so that the user has

permanent control of their

vital parameters.”

Getz explains that the

company that originally

designed this product did

so primarily for defence

purposes: “It was made to

detect bombs. It therefore had

a very smooth and reliable

navigation system, which has

been used to make our own

robot in combination with our

know-how in medical devices

and medical measurements.”

As Medisana’s major

business is in Europe, the

company is starting its rollout

in this territory, with further

rollout coming as the robot

gets ‘life lessons’: “We have to




learn about the robot, as this

is the first generation. It has

to develop its own intelligence

step-by-step, so we don’t

want to make a global rollout

straight away. A second stage

will see a roll-out in Asia and

the US,” says Getz.

According to Medisana’s

German boss, feedback

from journalists has been

enthusiastic: “They are

saying this is one of the real

innovations they are seeing

at the IFA preview, because

it is new, it is unique, and of

course a lot of people are

talking about robots, but we

are showing a real working

model. We will roll out the

product in Q4 this year,

so it is real. Therefore, the

journalists are impressed

about our performance and

our development”

Hall 6.1

Stand 103

In a strategic partnership since only fall 2018 Hisense

and Gorenje showed a united front at the Innovations

Media Briefing with Julian Lietzau, Marketing Director

of Gorenje and Uwe Paul, Commercial Director of


Hisense, founded in 1969 in

China, is one of the leading

manufacturers of flat screen

TVs and household appliances.

The Slovenian Gorenje Group,

founded in 1950, counts among

the leading home appliance

manufacturers with customers

from 90 countries.

“Since our partnership was

formed, our two companies have

been working together to create

and optimise our products,” said

Lietzau. “We are two companies

with our own unique strengths,

and it is very exciting to bring

these strengths together in

one entity. We have combined

the potential of both firms, and

this has given us a great deal of

positive energy. Our common aim

is to create quality, affordable hitech

and lifestyle products.”

Paul said that by 2020 there

will be a range of household

appliances that will combine and

reflect the two companies’ unique


Highlights include the Hisense

H65U8B 65-inch TV, which

features Dolby vision, USB

recording and a built-in

subwoofer. The slick design,

said Paul, appeals to European

taste. He also emphasised

the growing market for Laser

TV in Europe, which he said is

often overlooked, yet has all the

features of a normal TV. Hisense

is working fast to incorporate the

growing range of apps relevant

to Smart TV into their TVs. The

apps incorporate quick search

functions for video on demand,

one touch access and voice

control via ALEXA.

Another highlight includes the

Gorenje washing machines and

dryers that now offer a steam

programme, named

Steamtech. Julian Lietzau

explained that steam in washing

programmes was now popular

for a number of reasons, among

them the ability to kill bacteria in

clothing without any chemicals,

but also eliminated the need to

iron clothes

Hall 6.2

Stand 201





Daniel Wild, Director of Marketing and Communications for Haier,

announced new strategy and products at the IFA Innovations Media

Briefing in Berlin, as Haier is becoming a “tri-brand” name: absorbing

Candy and Hoover.

“The XL Slim Size fridge, with its range of

15 appliances with features such as four

doors, is my personal highlight of Haier’s

2019 innovations,” enthused Wild. “ It’s

convenient size, fitting between many

diverse dimensions of countertops and

other appliances adds so much value to the


Candy draws on its long Italian tradition

of good design and achieved a world

first: developing nine short washing

programmes. Snap&Wash technology

allows the user to take a photograph of the

washing and the machine will determine

the most appropriate programme.

Hoover’s 2019 innovations focus

on wellbeing and sustainability. The

H-Keepheat 700 cooks food slowly and is

the world’s first oven to conserve food at a

constant temperature of 63°C. The MyChef

Tefal OptiGrill Elite

Steffen Henssler

app displays hob status and step-by-step


As for washing products, the Axi Silent

Drum dryer reduces noise by 10dB and can

be voice-controlled. Hoover’s Handstick

vacuum range is influenced by homes

getting smaller and an increase in allergies

and pet ownership.

Haier’s Duo Laundry Centre, with its two

drums, simultaneously carries out any

two options from drying, washing, and

refreshing. Haier’s top-loaders have an

antibacterial coating and a steam function,

while its popular Super Drum can both

wash and dry and won a Red Dot Design

Award in 2017

Hall 3.1

Stand 102

Daniel Wild

Director of Marketing and Communications, HAIER

during the A nnoation Media Brieng




Krups Cook4Me+


Groupe SEB have leveraged the Innovations Media

Briefing in Berlin to announce a roadmap to “design

products that reflect sustainability, flexibility and

individual needs. Looking to the future, where it

is estimated over 80% of the population will live in

cities; space will be limited and kitchens smaller.”

“I am happy to be able to tell

you that we have had a 7.8%

growth in sales worldwide,”

said Astrid Duhamel, Head of

Communication and Digital

DACH – Groupe SEB. “We have

had a big increase in sales in both

Austria and Switzerland, and we

are the number one product in

11 different categories.”

a specific amount of ingredients

and through the Cookforme


Another highlight is the new

kitchen machine that enables

users to grill meat in its lid.

It also incorporates a kitchen

scale and allows to prepare food

for up to 10 people.

longer cable.

TEFAL have addressed

individual tastes by introducing

a grill that features 12 different

programmes for grilling meat,

and even includes a special one

for grilling German sausages.

Rowenta addresses the

challenge pets create with the

Explorer Series vacuum cleaners

which features a special turbo

brush that sweeps deeper into

floor coverings and also captures

many allergens

The latest KRUPS model, the

Multi Cooker C27 actively

prevents food wastage by

advising what they can cook with

One of KRUPS’ truly classic

appliances, the legendary 3 MIX

celebrates its 60 th anniversary

with the addition of a new,

Entrance South

(left) Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019







Tobias Wahl, Head of Product Management and Marketing of Retail

Indoor Products at Kärcher, announced during the Innovations Media

Briefing that his company aims to make floor cleaning easier and more


Tobias Wahl

Head of Product Management &

Marketing Retail Indoor Products,


Wahl ensured “none of our products rely

on chemicals to clean, but utilise steam and

provide the perfect cleaning solution for every

surface. What’s more, cleaning with Kärcher

appliances means you are killing 99.9% of the

known bacteria that thrive on floor surfaces.”

Wahl introduced two new upright models, the

SC Upright Easy Fix and the FC 5 Cordless

Premium. The latter allows users to vacuum

and wash their floors at the

same time. The cleaner

enables maximum ease

of use when cleaning

hard floors. It features

a practical 2-in-1

function to pick up

wet and dry dirt

in a single step,

which means it is not necessary to vacuum


Kärcher SC 3 Upright Easy Fix Premium is a

steam mop that deep-cleans hard floors. As

it comes with a three-stage steam volume

control operated, it is easy to find the right

amount of steam for use on different surfaces

including tiles, wood and carpet.

Wahl points out Kärcher products provide

the perfect cleaning solution to just about any

surface. For families with children and allergysufferers

in particular, cleaning with steam is

ideal, because thorough use removes 99.99%

of all common household bacteria, without

any chemicals - just the power of hot steam

Hall 4.1

Stand 213

Andreas Gelsheimer

Product Line Manager Homecare D/AT, AEG







Andreas Gelsheimer,

Product Line Manager

for Homecare D/AT and

Michael Wolf, Product

Manager for Laundry

D/AT, introduced AEG’s

upcoming products

during the Innovations

Media Briefing.

“ We believe in knowing,

serving, and learning from

customer needs to create

cleanliness that goes deeper.

Features that make life easier

and can stand on their own as

design objects are the key to

our success,” said Gelsheimer.

The QX8 and QX9 vacuum

cleaners, equipped with a

power roller, picks up six

times more dirt than other

vacuum cleaners, while also

polishing hard surfaces.

The Series 9000 dryer with

3D ScanSensor technology

ensures thorough drying of

garments, even thick, lined

jackets. It senses moisture up

to 5cm deep in clothing and

even conditions the lining,

heightening it by up to 30%.

August and December 2019

will see the release of Series

6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000

washing machines with

Autodose function. The Series

9000 black edition washing

machines and dryers, available

in April 2020 features a WiFi

connection, providing info

about the total washing and

drying time.

Cooking is about to become

more intuitive: cookers

and stoves with SensePro,

SenseFry, and SenseBoil

encompass sensor technology

for perfect culinary results.

The FrenchDoor fridge is WiFicompatible.

A remarkable innovation is

the Ultrasonic Stain Remover

Pen. Once filled with water

and laundry liquid, it dissolves

stains, giving stained garments

a gentle yet potent pretreatment

before washing

Hall 4.1

Stand 101







Bosch VitaFresh system

The credo of Bosch home appliances

this year is “zero is hero”.

“Bosch always tries to address people

and their needs. Our appliances

reflect what it means to live

consciously. We wish to contribute

to a society that has a growing

awareness of its responsibilities to

the environment, a society that is

changing, where men and women are

looking to share their responsibilities

in the household,” explained Harald

Friedrich Managing Director of

Bosch Household Appliances at the

company’s recent power briefing in


Avoiding waste and conserving

energy are the leitmotifs that

run through Bosch’s latest range

of household appliances. Many

utilise artificial intelligence (AI),

which is skilfully integrated into the

appliances using high-performance


This has allowed Bosch to developed

the first oven that can predict

when a roast or cake is ready.

With the VitaFresh system, Bosch

refrigerators allow consumers

to keep food fresh for as long as


A new innovation is Bosch’s latest

solutions for allergy sufferers,

where a new circulating air filter for

extractor hoods CleanAir Plus, cleans

99% of pollen from the air.

In 2019, the Bosch Home

Professional series presents the first

tumble dryer that interacts with the

washing machine and automatically

selects the right program and so the

laundry is dried optimally. And now

a new door filter system, means fluff

only needs to be cleaned about eight

times a year, a chore that had to be

done several times a week.

And all this as quietly as possible,

as the trio the washing machine

WAY287W5, the tumble dryer

WTY887W6 and the dishwasher

SMS68TW00E utilise high-tech

components for noise reduction


Friedrich referred to the trend

researcher, Daniel Anthes who

said that today, more people are

becoming conscientious about their

consumption, but this should not

mean that high quality and attractive

design are forfeited

Hall 3.1

Stand 101




Samsung’s new smart

refrigerator enables users to

get a view outside their front


At this year’s Innovations Media Briefing,

Dr Thorsten Böker, Director of Product

Management at Samsung, presented the

company’s projected shift from isolated

smart solutions to an interconnected

smart home.

Dr Böker explained, “A smart home

is the sum of its connected devices,

personalised by the people who live in it;

the design of Samsung’s IoT-compatible

products is therefore highly useroriented.”

190m people are already using the

SmartThings mobile app, available for

use on devices like smartphones, tablets,

and fridges. Samsung believes in the ease

of introduction to the benefits of a smart

home as its individual products are so

common. It predicts all its devices will be

IoT-compatible before 2020.

The SmartHub is the nucleus of the smart

home ecosystem. Its central interface is

controlled by the SmartThings mobile

app, where settings and scenarios can

be tailored to the individual. Powered by

mesh WiFi, it is also compatible with any

existing smart home assistants such as

Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and

also features self-optimising bandwidth

management. Other devices include the

Motion Sensor, which increases home

security by recording movements in its

120° scope, the Multipurpose Sensor,

which provides home surveillance in

the user’s absence, and the Water Leak



Hall B - Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019






Panasonic revealed

a working “Concept”

transparent OLED

screen at the recent

IFA innovations media

briefing – turning many


Hall 5.2

Stand 101

During his power briefing at the Innovations Media

Briefing, Mike Bolatzky, manager at the Panasonic

Institute, gave insights into the status quo,

innovations, and forecast of the company’s focus on

the future of TV.

According to our findings, 95%

of those surveyed in Germany

said that they watch TV at least

once a week. Further statistics

indicate a clear downward incline

in cinema visits, whereas TV sales

shot up 47% between 2017 and


Current market trends are

large screen, OLED technology,

improved image and sound

quality through technologies like

HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and HLG

Broadcast. 12.35 million smart

TVs in Germany are connected to

the internet.

Pa n a s o n i c h a s s e v e ra l

innovations in 2019. Requiring

access only to a home WiFi

network and electricity, TV>IP

offers a server and client function

so that users can watch media

on a smart TV, which can then

be transmitted to a non-smart

TV, allowing users to live flexibly

and save costs on purchasing two

separate smart TVs.

Another new product forecast

for 2019 is the HbbTV Operator

App. It is standardised, meaning

that one application can be used

on many devices regardless

of manufacturer or model,

conforming to industry guideline

and avoiding several different

user interfaces. It combines a

linear broadcast with non-linear

IP content.

In a demonstration, HD+ was

shown to encrypt private

broadcasts (i.e. integrate them

into linear broadcasting). Its

features include a virtual TV

guide allowing the viewer to

go seven days back, browsing

a media selection of a channel

different to the one currently

being viewed, with everything

in one place. Users also have

the opportunity to search by

genre, i.e. “music” will display all

music-themed TV shows across

all channels, and create a userdefined

list of channels in the


In future developments,

Panasonic is continuing the

trend of making the TV a central

object in a smart home, while

also simultaneously allowing it

to blend in. Mr Bolatzky spoke of

its “discreet integration” into the

decor, with pale wooden frames

surrounding an aesthetically

pleasing iridescent screen when

not in use

New Jura coffee maker at the

recent Innovations Media Briefing







The Swiss coffee

making specialist JURA

presented their latest

high-tech machines at

the Innovations Media


“The ENA 8 utilises AI to the

fullest and will also allow you to

order via our J.O.E. App (JURA

Operating Experience) and

Siri. Not only does it enable

you to order your favourite

coffee – and ENA offers over 12

different types of coffee - but it

also instructs you in how best

to care for this nifty, compact

device”, explains Wiebke

Reineke, Sales Director, JURA


At the Innovations Media

Briefing, the Swiss coffee and

gourmet specialist announced

ENA 8, the latest version of

their single-cup, fully automatic

coffee machine. Two models

were presented: The Full

Metropolitan Black and Solid


Both models combine

impressive design with

sophisticated technology and

now come with a touch screen.

They also now offer a choice of

12 coffee types.

“Those of us who are espresso

connoisseurs know that the

espresso cup needs to be

heated before the coffee comes

in,” says Reineke.

A 2.8-inch TFT touch screen,

combined with Artificial

Intelligence and the JURA App

J.O.E. are combined to make

creating a coffee even easier.

ENA 8 features a Rondell

view on the display. Coffee

connoisseurs can now look

forward to a perfect Coffee

Barista or the new Cortado.

The latter is an espresso

mixed with just a touch of

warm milk. Further to this, a

specially developed algorithm

ensures that the ENA 8 can

independently recognize the

individual preferences of each

coffee lover and adapt the start

screen accordingly.

The single-cup automatic

machine uses an AromaG3

grinder and the pulse extraction

process (P.E.P.) and an

automatic filter type detection

(I.W.S.) indicates whether the

ENA 8 is being used and adjusts

the corresponding settings


Reineke says, “It is all about

ordering and creating your

coffee in the most comfortable

way possible”

Hall 2.1

Stand 202








Mark Wu, executive director of the strategic marketing

department at the Taiwan External Trade Development

Council (TAITRA) highlights the state’s role in IoT.

With the rise of AI and IoT, Taiwan is now shifting from hightech

manufacturing to an innovation-driven economy. We

asked Wu, how consumer electronics, telco and home appliance

manufacturing industries evolving in Taiwan today.






Mark Wu

Executive Director of the Strategic

Marketing Department,

Taiwan External Trade Development

Council (TAITRA)

Taiwanese companies aim to integrate

their experience of developing and

manufacturing consumer electronics

with highlight trends, such as AI, IoT,

Big Data, VR, etc. Taiwan is now shifting

from high tech manufacturing to an

innovative solutions driven economy.

Therefore, Taiwanese companies

have committed to strengthening

their competence in the integration of

devices, networking and systems for AI,

Big Data and edge computing in order

to grasp the business opportunities

in smart living, robotics, healthcare

and home appliances. This will be the

key to enhancing service capabilities,

application and offerings in the market

of consumer electronics.

Are there any new and interesting

companies from Taiwan attending IFA

this year?

This year, in addition to leading ICT

companies, such as Acer, Asus and Adata,

there are also lots of companies from

Taiwan that will showcase innovative

ideas for smart living and products

developed based on technology of AI,

IoT, VR, and so on.

For example, New Kinpo Group will

showcase its consumer electronics

brand, HiMirror, which is producing the

world’s first smart mirror. HiMirror’s

smart beauty device combines skin

analysis, fitness management and digital

make-up try-on through AR technology.

In addition, the world’s first adjustable

electric wine aerator from Mercuries

Asia will be showcased at the Taiwan

Excellence Pavilion. The patented

Adjustable Air Intake Mechanism lets

consumers mix their red wine with

different volumes of air to arrive at the

desired aerated texture and flavour.

What product categories are the

“sweet spots” at the moment?

Smart appliances are becoming

necessary for everyone to access and

control things at home. The majority of

smart appliances are powered by the

internet of things (IoT), and AI pushes

the IoT revolution.

AI is now a mainstay in consumer tech

by being integrated into every piece of

IoT technology and changing the way

companies do business.

With the development of voice and

facial recognition, applications between

AI and robots, and increasing availability

of connected appliances, the future of

the smart home market and personal

service robot looks promising.

You have been attending IFA for

some time. Please tell us about your

relationship with IFA and why this

show is important for your members.

Germany is Taiwan’s 7th trade partner

and ICT products represent the

highest percentage in Taiwanese global

exportation. IFA, as the biggest tech

trade show, is the main meeting place

for key buyers and experts from the

industry and the media. In addition, IFA

is the perfect platform to communicate

with consumers and introduce new ideas

into the European market. Attending

IFA is always a good opportunity for

Taiwan Excellence to introduce excellent

Taiwanese companies and brands and

also to enhance Taiwan’s image

Hall 25

Stand 415

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019







Taiwan’s economy currently faces

a slight slow-down in economic

growth. GDP grew at 2.7% in

2018, and is expected to be

around 2.2% in 2019.

Taiwan’s exports, which account

for around 77% of its GDP,

have this year been hit by a

fall in demand for electronic

components such as computer

chips amid weaker device sales

and slower global economic

growth. The Taiwanese

government is forecasting a

decline of 1.17% for exports in

2019, following 5.9% growth in


Electronics make up more than

40% of Taiwan’s exports, and as

growth in the global smartphone

sector is weighed-down by market

saturation, the effect will flowon

to Taiwan’s economy. Demand

from the mainland China market

is also slowing, particularly in

the fields of automotive and

telecommunications equipment.

Tzer-Ming Chu, Taiwan’s Minister

of the Directorate General of

Budget, Accounting and Statistics,

is reported to have stated that

the slowing of exports is due

to decreasing global trade and

a slowing global economy, not

because of the trade war.

On the other hand, there are

some underlying positives for

the Taiwan economy, as the share

prices of tech companies continue

to rise. Google, Microsoft and

other major global tech companies

are growing their presence in

Taiwan, training local staff, which

will result in a long-term benefit.


The past couple of years have

seen Foxconn very active on

the international front, with

Taiwanese company’s subsidiary,

Foxconn Interconnect Technology

(FIT) buying the US tech player

Belkin – the mother company of

Linksys and Wemo, for a reported

US$866m in March last year.

In an official statement, Sidney

Lu, CEO of FIT said, “Integrating

Belkin’s best-in-class capabilities

and solutions into FIT, we

expect to enrich our portfolio of

premium consumer products and

accelerate our penetration into

the smart home.”

Interesting to note also, with

the arrival last year at IFA of the

Shift Automotive conference, is

that in 2016, Foxconn, together

with Tencent and luxury-car

dealer Harmony New Energy

Auto, founded Future Mobility,

a car start-up that aims to sell

all-electric fully autonomous

premium cars by the end of this

year, under the “Byton” brand

name. The vehicle has been

described as a “driveable electric

concept car”.

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion

will again be present at IFA this

year – Hall 25 / 415




forecast economic

growth in 2019


of Taiwan’s GDP comes

from exports


the part of Taiwan’s

exports taken up by

electronics goods





In April 2019, Taiwan-based ASUS

announced wins of 21 Red Dot

Awards for outstanding product

design, setting a new company

record for the number of Red

Dot Awards won in a single year.

According to ASUS Chief Design

Officer, Mitch Yang. “By continuing

to break records with more

Red Dot Award wins each year,

the entire ASUS team is clearly

demonstrating our ‘In Search

of Incredible’ spirit of continual

innovation with the goal of

delivering the best products”




ADATA Technology’s HM800

external hard drive is a must-have

for users who own a smart TV. Not

only does the HM800 playback users’

favourite binge-worthy TV shows,

movies, and sporting matches on

their TV, but also lets them record

this content. They can record to their

heart’s content with 4, 6, and 8TB

of storage capacity and can easily

backup their files with the One-Touch

Backup function

HALL 12 / STAND 107

ASUS ROG Phone –

one of this year’s Red Dot

Award winners

HALL 12 / STAND 110

ADATA HM800 External

Hard Drive


© Thomas Keller



Berlin: celebrating historic milestones in 2019

Berlin’s Governing Mayor, Michael Müller, welcomes IFA Berlin guests in a year when

the city celebrates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall — among numerous special

anniversaries. We asked him what makes Berlin a special travel destination in 2019.

Michael Müller

Mayor of Berlin

Berlin is a destination for cultural discoverers and

connoisseurs. Life here is colourful, diverse and

fascinating. No wonder we are in the top five of

European destinations. Highlights this year are

certainly the big anniversary celebrations. We

celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift

in June, during which West Berlin was blockaded

by the Soviet Union; and in November, we celebrate

the “Peaceful Revolution” marking the fall of the

Wall 30 years ago. In addition, 2019 is “Humboldt

Year,” especially in Berlin where the 250th birthday

of scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt

will be celebrated on September 14 — parallel to

the opening of the new Humboldt Forum, a new

exhibition and experience space in the heart of


How has Berlin changed since the fall of the Berlin

Wall, and how exactly will the city celebrate the


Berlin has undergone tremendous change, yet

will not cease to change. That alone is a reason to

visit year after year. From the 4th to the 10th of

November we will celebrate the Peaceful Revolution

and the fall of the Wall with a big festival. Important

events in the history of 1989/90 are told and

experienced in the places where they happened on

the “Berlin Route of the Revolution.” In addition,

countless events, exhibitions — and many surprises

— await guests. Just one more reason to visit the

German capital this autumn.

How does Berlin try to promote sustainability?

We want a sustainable metropolis for all, for the

guests of our city and of course for all Berliners.

Sustainable tourism means that the authenticity of

Berlin, which attracts millions of visitors every year,

is preserved — and that tourism is co-designed with

Berliners. There are always new ideas in Berlin,

projects that are developing in new places in the city

and that are becoming highlights and attracting many

people. But it can lead to an overload on certain hot

spots. The new tourism concept therefore seeks to

relieve the burden on such places so that more of

Berlin on the whole comes alive. We are therefore

improving the tourism infrastructure in all twelve

districts so that Berlin’s high quality of life and

experience is maintained.

What is your main tip for IFA visitors who might be

exploring Berlin for the first time?

Look less at your travel guide or on your smartphone

and instead experience Berlin, the neighbourhoods,

the life in the streets and its unique history.

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019


Brechts Steakhaus



The blacklist bar offers a creative mix of

modern drinks, a cool contemporary kitchen

and high design interior. The look is inspired by a

combination of eclectic experiences recalling Rio

de Janeiro, Miami, Tel Aviv and a former 1950s

church. Leonardo Weissmann, former bar manager

of the legendary Unversum lounge and Marbu

bar, developed the Blacklist Bar concept; while

Patrick Rexhausen, known for creating innovative

kitchen concepts in the German culinary scene for

over 25 years, oversees the delicious treats from

the kitchen. This is also the bar where fashionable

guests party to the city’s best DJs.

Opening Tuesday to Saturday, 6 pm - 2 am; Sunday

and Monday, 7 pm - 12 am

Blacklist Bar

Neue Kant Str. 1/ Suarez Str.

14057 Berlin

Tel: +49 176 84 583 919

Metro: S-Bahn Charlottenburg -

U-Bahn Sophie-Charlotte-Platz



The Brechts Steakhaus is located directly on the

water in Berlin Mitte at Friedrichstrasse. The

restaurant derives its name from the fact that it

was Bertolt Brecht’s main house.

In addition to first-class Dry Aged Steaks from

grass fed Hereford cattles in Ireland, there are also

over 100 excellent wines from Germany on the

menu. You will also find classics such as the famous

Berlin currywurst, organic chicken, and spare ribs,

from the lava stone grill.

Brechts Steakhaus offers a menu for IFA to

commemorate the new twenties.

Three courses for €34,50

Open daily: 12 noon - 1 am

Brechts Steakhaus

Schiffbauerdamm 7 - 10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 2757 2037


Metro: S & U Friedrichstraße




Lovers of fresh seafood and fans of French cuisine

will be spoiled at the Brasserie Ganymed in


The playwright Bert Brecht and actress Helene

Weigel used to enjoy the food and the authentic

Parisian atmosphere here. The dishes are prepared

with fresh, regional products directly from Brittany

and special French delicacies. On warm days and

balmy September nights, be sure to secure a place

on the Spree Terrace.

Vive la france at Ganymed, the Belle Epoque-style

restaurant offers a menu for IFA to commemorate

the golden twenties. 3 courses for €34.50

Open daily: 12 noon - 1 am

Ganymed Brasserie

Schiffbauerdamm 510117 Berlin Mitte

Tel: +49 (0)30 28 59 90 46


Metro: S & U Friedrichstraße

Ganymed Brasserie

Cultural Entertainment

& Shopping


The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, the pulsating

heart in Berlin Mitte, an area for shopping

and experiences with metropolitain flair. The

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden offers 130 shops,

restaurants and cafés on three levels.

Opening hours: Mo-Sat 10:00am - 9:00 pm

underground parking around the clock.

The Daimler Art Collection started in 1977 and is

devoted to 20th century and contemporary art.

Located in Hauss Huth at Potsdamer Platz, the

exhibition space “Daimler Contemporary”, founded

in 1999, measures about 600 m2 and presents

quarterly-changing exhibitions that focus on

various themes or feature new acquisitions.

Temporary shows of works by individual artists and

by special exhibitions are also occasionally on the


The Daimler Contemporary is open daily

from 11am to 6pm, admission is free.

Potsdamer Platz Shopping Arkaden

Alte Potsdamer Strasse 7

10785 Berlin

Tel:+49 (0)30 255 927 66


Metro: S & U Potsdamer Platz




Hall 3.1 - Stand 102

Hall 25 - Stand 415

Hall 4.1 - Stand 212

Hall 1.1 - Stand 202

Hall 4.1 - Stand 213

Hall 9 - Stand 212

Hall 5.1 - Stand 107

Hall 9 - Stand 106

Hall 7.1c - Stand 108 Hall 9 - Stand 109 Hall 2.1 - Stand 201

Hall 5.1 - Stand 101


Hall 6.1 - Stand 103

Hall 8.1 - Stand 104

Hall 4.1 - Stand 208

Hall 4.1 - Stand 205

Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 10.1 Stand 127

Hall 4.1 - Stand 208

Hall 7.1a - Stand 107

Hall 8.1 - Stand 115

Hall 23 - Stand 102

Hall 11.1 - Stand 141

Hall 26 - Stand 213

Hall 25 - Stand 102

Hall 10.2 - Stand 101

Hall 22 - Stand 101 Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 11.1- Stands 141 - 177 / Funkturm Indoor Ground - A20

Hall 11.1 - Stands 101 - 158

Hall 25 - Stand 223

Hall 25 - Stand 106

Hall 2.2 - Stand 101

Hall 25 - Stand 103

Hall 25 - Stand 113 Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 17 - Stand 204

Summer garden / A10

Hall 4.2 - Stand 244

Hall 8.2 - Stand 101 Hall 17 - Stand 105 STATION Berlin Showroom



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