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some food to make the scene underwater even<br />

more magical. The artist, Jason deCaires<br />

Taylor, also has sites in the Canary Islands and<br />

Mexico as well as a pop-up exhibition in the<br />

Thames.<br />

A snorkelling guided tour is a great way<br />

to explore the many sites around the Gili<br />

Islands. They are inexpensive and can range in<br />

luxury. We chose a very basic boat but found<br />

the guides to be knowledgeable and caring for<br />

the environment. We booked this on the island,<br />

but they can also be booked in advance if you<br />

would like peace of mind.<br />

We also treated ourselves to massages on Gili<br />

Air. Massages and other spa treatments are<br />

famously cheap in South-East Asia so we took<br />

full advantage. This was a lovely experience<br />

to share with my Mum and we had a giggle<br />

as our limbs were twisted in a few interesting<br />

ways. We may have overlooked the fact that<br />

we were very oily after this massage and found<br />

that after sunbathing we got a little fried!<br />

Beaches are varied on Gili Air and go from<br />

rocky to white sand. Some are closed off and<br />

for guest use only so we did struggle slightly to<br />

find good beaches that we were allowed to be<br />

on, as our villas were inland. Some did allow you to<br />

pay to be on the beach or asked for you to eat lunch<br />

there. We obliged to this in most cases and spent much<br />

of our four days there sunbathing and swimming off<br />

the shore.<br />

Throughout our stay I also made sure to take many<br />

photos on the iconic swings. These are owned by<br />

various hotels along the beaches and are easy to<br />

find. There are some better for sunset and sunrise so I<br />

made sure to get some photos with both.<br />

We found the sunrise we encountered to be serene and<br />

very reflective. With no one else awake on our side of<br />




the island we enjoyed watching the sun rise over the<br />

mountains on Lombok and place a cool kiss on the<br />

first fishing boats of the day.<br />

This island may not have a huge variety of things<br />

to do for the adventurous traveller, but it does make<br />

up for this in its charm and serenity. The people are<br />

friendly, and the island is wonderful to cycle around<br />

whilst enjoying the lack of motors. We enjoyed our<br />

time here and found it was a wonderful place to spend<br />

some time as a family after six months apart.<br />

As we bid farewell to the island, we headed to<br />

Lombok to catch a flight back to Singapore via<br />

Jakarta. I wanted to add this in here as our journey<br />

from the port to the<br />

airport was one of the<br />

most memorable moments<br />

of our whole trip. We first<br />

headed to the beach and<br />

waited for our transport<br />

off the island, a boat<br />

named 007 to pick us<br />

up. Sure enough they<br />

did and we roared off to<br />

Lombok in style. We were<br />

transferred to our land<br />

transfer and guide Asier,<br />

who enthusiastically told<br />

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