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opening the doors to Dubberley Delicious in May<br />

this year.<br />

With the help of sister Lucy, a teacher by trade who<br />

runs both the front-of-house operation and behindthe-scenes<br />

promotion, Dubberley Delicious has<br />

quickly become a Lichfield must-visit.<br />

We started our evening with a glass of fizz and that<br />

sensational wild garlic popcorn, while Jack and<br />

Lucy ran through some elements of the menu and<br />

a selection of Noughties indie classics provided the<br />

musical backdrop.<br />

The drinks list is small but perfectly formed, offering<br />

just enough choice to suit everyone with wines,<br />

locally sourced beers and a handful of spirits, as well<br />

as soft drink options.<br />

Rather than freshly baked bread, it was black truffle<br />

crumpets and a healthy slab of butter which were<br />

first up, each a little mouthful of heaven. Crumpets<br />

were a staple on the Larder menu under Jack’s reign,<br />

and most definitely make for a welcome change to<br />

the usual bread offerings.<br />

The first course of sweet and sour tomatoes<br />

teamed with a smoked ricotta was a complete<br />

revelation, topped with puffed pearl barley to add<br />

a contrasting crunch to the smooth, rich cheese<br />

element. Exploding with flavour, these little bombs of<br />

tomatoey goodness are exactly how tomatoes should<br />

be served from now on.<br />

And the treats kept coming.<br />

Welsh wagyu brisket with wagyu fat crumb and an<br />

incredible mushroom ketchup was melt-in-the-mouth<br />

good, with delicate sea veg adding a salty balance.<br />

Then came perfectly cooked monkfish on a curried<br />

cauliflower puree with a sweet hint of mango, all<br />

crowned with the umami savouriness of Bombay<br />

mix.<br />

It was hard to choose a standout dish of the night,<br />

but the revelation that is lamb fat mash might<br />

just have sealed the deal for the main course. A<br />

beautifully pink piece of lamb rump, a fresh hit of<br />

peas and a charred roscoff onion were all delicious<br />

components, but it was the silky mash flavoured with<br />

lamb fat which stole the show. So much so that we<br />

were all asking for more - and still discussing its fine<br />

merits many days later.<br />

A little theatre followed with the first of the two<br />

dessert courses as Jack wielded the liquid nitrogen<br />

to complete the raspberry elements of his lemon,<br />

raspberry, meringue and shortbread concoction.w<br />

The final flourish was a piece of chocolate heaven,<br />

with a Manjari chocolate cremeux, raisins, a<br />

chocolate crumb and a delectable bay leaf ice cream<br />

which just complimented the intense chocolate<br />

flavours perfectly.<br />

Throughout the evening, Lucy kept the drinks<br />

topped up and the conversation flowing, creating the<br />

perfect double act with her chef brother and keeping<br />

us all completely engaged in each element of the<br />

meal.<br />

The food is, indeed, every bit as delicious as the<br />

name suggests. But Dubberley Delicious is more than<br />

its, admittedly fabulous, culinary offerings. It’s heart,<br />

passion, and a desire to create a different kind of<br />

dining event.<br />

We could just tell you how good the Dubberley<br />

Delicious experience is. But we strongly suggest that<br />

you book a table and discover it for yourselves. You<br />

can thank us later.

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