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“You have Cinderella and Sleeping<br />

Beauty which are very female-lead<br />

but Peter Pan has got both a good<br />

strong male and female lead. It’s a<br />

bit different to the other ones; it’s<br />

not a traditional panto but there are<br />

great panto elements in there so it’s a<br />

really nice story to get your teeth into<br />

because everybody wants to be like one<br />

of the lost boys or Peter Pan, you want<br />

to be able to fly, everybody wants to be<br />

able to learn how to fly and we will be<br />

flying here so be ready to see Peter Pan<br />

take off.”.<br />

He added: “It’s a new show, it’s not the<br />

traditional Peter Pan. We have gone<br />

a little off-piste, it’s in the future so we are looking<br />

forward to giving you a bit of a new take on it.”<br />

David McKechnie is playing the unforgettable Hook<br />

and it seems he’s most looking forward to crocodiles<br />

- very fitting for his character.<br />

“I’m thrilled to be dressed as a pirate again, I wasn’t<br />

able to do pantomime last year of course because of<br />

what was happening, it was so sad because I love it,<br />

it’s my favourite time of year,” says David. “It’s so<br />

much fun and it’s a lovely way to end the year, so it’s<br />

great to be back and I’m really looking forward to<br />

it… I’m counting the days!”<br />

He added “I really like crocodiles, I’ve always liked<br />

them and if there’s one thing I love more than a<br />

crocodile, it’s a pantomime crocodile, so I can’t wait<br />

to see him! For Captain Cook it’s all about when he<br />

first gets to meet the crocodile, I’m getting excited<br />

thinking about it!”<br />

All-New Adventures of Peter Pan is set to be a<br />

dazzling show, with a wonderful cast, out-of-this<br />





MONTH<br />

world costumes and, of course, extra laughs to be<br />

enjoyed by all the family.<br />

After missing out on theatre due to lockdown, it’s<br />

fair to say there may be some wobbly knees before<br />

the curtain opens but the cast just want to be able<br />

to feel the buzz of energy and happiness during the<br />

Christmas season more than ever.<br />

“It’s been so long you kind of forget what it’s like<br />

to be on stage and as soon you are on stage there<br />

is nothing better and it all comes back, the nerves<br />

go away and what I’m looking forward to most is<br />

the smiles on the kids’ faces, they’re coming on an<br />

adventure with us and there is nothing better than<br />

that the smiles and cries of laughter, screams and it’s<br />

amazing!” said Marcus.<br />

“There’s always jitters before walking on to the stage,<br />

you feel it in your stomach, this nervous feeling and<br />

as soon as you get on it becomes this energy that<br />

you’re able to use for the performance. It really<br />

is a great spectacle, Evolution productions are an<br />

excellent production company, they’re doing the set,<br />

costumes and lighting etc. so it’s<br />

a really big show, it’s going to be<br />

a lot of fun and you can expect a<br />

lot of laughs and of course some<br />

good old-fashioned musical gags,<br />

you know those really corny old<br />

jokes that everyone loves.” says<br />

David.<br />

The fun of Peter Pan tied in<br />

with Christmas will be a magical<br />

event, centred around joy,<br />

happiness and giggles. If there’s<br />

one thing that the cast all have<br />

in common, it’s the love to bring<br />

light and laughter to everyone<br />

at the show. Sam Rabone says<br />

www.jaimemagazine.com<br />


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