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there’s no other show where this happens, and he<br />

can’t wait to give a warm welcome to the city of<br />

Lichfield.<br />

“The most important thing is laughter, if you<br />

don’t laugh you can stay at home, but we just want<br />

laughter in the room that’s why we do it,” he says.<br />

“Panto can be a long few weeks, we are working<br />

doing two shows a day, if you go to West End they<br />

won’t do this many shows so it’s a very intense<br />

month-and-a-half. It’s also over the holiday period<br />

where people would normally be spending time with<br />

their families but we choose to do this and entertain<br />

families because there’s no better thing at Christmas<br />

than hearing a room full of laughter so it’s great<br />

when you get the family together.<br />

“And panto is brilliant because a grandma will be<br />

laughing at something similar to the grandchildren,<br />

and there’s no other show where that happens.”<br />

Getting back to life pre-Covid times may feel a little<br />

unusual but we are getting there slowly and it’s<br />

the small things that we have learnt to appreciate.<br />

Whether that be, going for walks, seeing friends and<br />

family, going to eat at a restaurant, even returning to<br />

work and simply putting passion into everything you<br />

do – giving it your all, just like the production team<br />

and cast of the wonderful Peter Pan.<br />

“I’m looking forward to working with people again;<br />

it’s going to be so nice to have creative people in the<br />

same room and choreographers, lighting technicians,<br />

musicians, actors as well,” says Sam.<br />

“Although I direct the production it’s nice to have<br />

actors’ input as well because everybody is different,<br />

and you want to be able to bring peoples’ own<br />

personality to the role.<br />

“I can’t wait! It’s been too long since we’ve done this,<br />

it’s nearly 18 months for most of us and nothing is<br />

the same as panto or as theatre so the thought of<br />

being able to just walk back and cry those lovely<br />

words of ‘Hello Lichfield’ will be beautiful.”<br />

This showstopper of a performance is not to be<br />

missed and can be enjoyed by all of the family at<br />

such a beautiful time of year, so take the time to<br />

relax, sit back and laugh your way into the new year.<br />

After all, as Captain Hook himself says, “It’s<br />

magical, unmissable and joyous”.<br />

The All New Adventures of Peter Pan will<br />

be on at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre from<br />

November 25 to January 22, 2022. For tickets<br />

visit www.lichfieldgarrick.com or call the<br />

box office on 01543 412121.<br />

8<br />


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