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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

f " Pige Four-B

f " Pige Four-B ________________________________ GROSSE ..-J.-POINTE NEWS Thundoy, _ ".. ~ Have your Carpets CleBned by Professionsls Truck Mount 2 ROOMS & HALL Steam fO,$ 59 95 Call Today for Appointment 949.5430 or 296-5970 • Furniture Cleaning • Scotchgard • COmmElrClst Cleaning lY:""Il----------------- ..-----~ ~ ~, \ • • .~ •,• ,•,•\ I •,~ • 'I ~ .1 ~, ~ \ . i i i. 'I ~ 1-/ .! \ ~: • MUSIC • PUPPETS DANCING • ENTERTAINMENT AND THE~ BEST FOOD AROUNDI Sponsored by the j1yIichigan Restaurant L1ssociation Passport and Visa: Photograph Service •• t .Greatwoys Travel Corporation "7; i -'. - '\.it~~ ~1'"oo Kercheval On the Hill Open Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PhOebe' ~W.\l'\b"t1;h'" Judy -Standish Sue Anne Benkert Shelley Brenner 886-4710 Sat. 9:30-12:30'. ROYAL COPE:\H.-\GE:\ PORCEL.-\J:\ , VIS~ '''M5 TERC ~R() •• \-'It£:- CH~RCI • PH()I-.f ()R[)ff?\ .M". OR[)(/() ,UP'> 5lR~1CE REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE We use the Finest Truck Mounted Steam Equipment in the World Today, Ma-nufactured by CLEANCARE INTERNATIONAL c:.A Taste lJf CJJetrbit FINE FOODS ETHNIC FESTrv AL at HART PLAZA Friday - Sunday, April 30 . May 2 Sample Specialties f'om .Famous Restaurants "14 I : _ ., '. :1, " ... First Edition Plate The Motherhood Collection Wiggs IS proue: '0 present :r"S deilghtfui gathe""g Danish arllst SVEln Ves'ergard has depicted t",e most treasured of our . wildlife 3"d houser,old creatures In a new Issue ol Collector's Plates Th,s. the f,rsl edition I~ the serres. has our beloved Mother PObin with fiedgl,ngs hand pa,nted In lhe claSSIC hues of blue or: an engraved. bas-re;,ef porcelain. accompanied by a liock oj robin flgur:nes With Ihelr COlorful red breasts 6' dia First Edition Plate, $29.50 , Mother Robin. 3-1/2" h, $79 lillie Robin. '-'/2' h., $54. 0I'l.'" M(wD~'l' THURSO"''l' ~NO FRIO",y.n'l PHONf b40l70 From Allother Pointe Of View HHf. i,"HJ BEAUTIFUL BARGAIN PLANTS FOR HOUSE AND GARDEN The GreeneryATTHE DESIGNERSt SHOW HOUSE 625 LAKESHORE ROAD MAY 1-23 MON.-SAT. 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM SUNS. tOO PM-4:00 PM WED. & THURS. EVES. 6:30-8:30 PM NO SHOW HOUSE TICKETS NECESSARY INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL MUSIC DEPARTMENTS present • Private rooms and Apartments ")711 \X!oodward Sonday, May 9. 1982 7:")0 p.m. selections 10 include "Grand Canyon Suite" / Schuben .. Mass in G" / "1812 Overture" For !"10rmalion Call 343.2140 Adults - $3.'50 Students -- $2.00 Senior Citil.ens - Free • Maintenance • Beauty/Barber Shop • Grocery Store • Library WHITTIER TOWERS 415 Burns Dr. Detroit,Michigan 482\4 all with private baths • Around-the-clock security • Registered Nurses on duty • Doctors' Clinic all within the building for further Information or for an appointment 823-6470 822-9000 •

sqQ.a,. ,. Thursday. April 29, 1982 ns HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAINI tin SABRE LANCER RE-OPENS ft~c-tA~: AT ... ",E.~ NEW LOCATION \5 17569 E. WARREN AT HEREFORD Ground Rounds • Perch • Pickerel Ribs •• Greek & Anti Pasto Salads VIDEO GAMES FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY BRUSH ON GLAMOUR ... FINE COSMETIC BRUSHES IN THEIR OWN ELEGANT CASES MAKE BEAUTIFUL GIFTS FOR YOU OR SOMEONE SPECIAL. $22.50 to $25 BY PARIS DIFFUSION AND NAT ROBBINS B Siegel. Mastercard. Visa. Amellcan Express DicGcl o 4 snap shirts in packages of two o 2 gowns with drawstring and mitten cuffs. solid or print o 2 juice or feeding bibs o 1 E:lozen prefold diapers o 2 packages of diaper pins o 2 waterproof panties o 3 fitted standard-size crib sheets in colors or prints o 2 fitted print bassinet sheets o 2 waterproof sheets, 36"x54" o 4 washcloths in packages of 2 o 1 quilted mattress pad o 2 hooded bath towels o 3 receiving blankets. prints or wnite with colored satin binding o 1 acrylic crib blanket, 40"x60" o 1 shawl o 2 stretch terry cO\Jeralls o 1 jacket. bonnet and bootie set in soft acrylic Jacobson's GROSSE POINTE OPEN THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS UNTIL 9:00 P.M GROSSE POINTE NEWS I .~, -.J > • Fibless is in fashion ... . Looking fit is becoming very fashionable, as Hudson's and Kalosomatics will show you Wednesday, May 5, when Assumption Cultural Center, located on Marter Road at the border of Grosse Pointe Woods and St. Clair Shores, joins forces with Hudson's Eastland to present "Fitness & Fashion," a luncheon and fashion program. BETTY MAGEE (standing); manager of ,Eastland's Woodward Shop, is pictured above giving BARB OTUL (center), Kalosomatics FItness Program director, and JOAN DeRONNE, executive director of the Center, a sneak preview of one of the season's latest coverups for wearing to and from an exercise session. Reservations for the noontime luncheon show are being taken at 779-6111. Wayne Women busy in May Wayne State Univel'lity's Women of 22, at Dearborn Inn, is also available. Wayne alumni auociation, in conjunc- The four outstanding WSUgraduates tion 'wlth Casual Corner oC Renais- to be honored at this year's Headliners lance Center, will conduct a program Luncheon are Ann Fletcher, first on "Investment Dressing" Sunday, 'woman president of the Engineering )la)' ~. ,al ~ .p.l1\. ~ ~ .WSIJ.Aiumg.i ~!~y o~ Detroit: Betty Cain Lackey, House. Casual Cotner wIn' de. pt'm(Jent of 'Ule'N"'A'CP;' Helen 'Pet .... monstrate how to assemble and coor. rauskas, an attorney with Ford Motor dinate a wardrobe . ..women ol Wayne Company; and MaBon Purnell wiU serve coffee, tea and dessert. Johnson, author of children's books. This year's Headliners service Information on tickets, at $3 for awardee will be Beth Shale, former WOW members, $3.50 for non. president of Women of Wayne. Keynmembers, may be obtained by calling ate speaker Dr. Bemadine Denning, the Alumni House, 577-2161,where in- Community Relations director, Detroit formation on tickets at $14.50per per. Board of Education, has selected son for WOW's annual Headliners "Successful Women of the 80s" as her Luncheon; planned for Saturday. May topic. 91 Eayeffe forCJjour9Yewborn isCWaifing We have a beautiful layette to bedeck your little bundle. Come in and let our thoughtful and thorough staff assist you in selecting well-planned and complete basics from our Infants Department...every . necessity is here for that brand new little person. We also have our Gift Registry to inform others of your preferences. Our gift of congratulations, a pretty wicker-weave bassinet, white, non-toxic enamel. foldable and hooded, with the $125 purchase of any combination from the list below: P.g8 Fiv.B • F::::~:~=,~~r 21815 MACK 778-4050 Slim Down and Vacation at the same time For Only $250 Spend A Week At The Homestead (Irish Hills Area) Have Fun Losing Weight! Gain renewed energy and determin. ation to continue on your way. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 517.547.7115 Michel Jean Pi~t t A H 0 seA , I N G SpecialiLing in creative landscape design, and planting of quality shade trees, shrubs, evergreens, and large speCImen trees. Co'o~"e Z5% ofF '..''.: 823-6662' . ~~~~ U:SOIT"'fAIl MACK AT lOCHMOOR '(The C~os~t rrhltlq 8"ou4 , uMotkeJl' s 'dJeaJtt 14 _Aaruf gold Jilld Basic "Mother's Heart" $17 50 Each Stone (Maximum of 70 per heart) S2°O ORDERS FOR MOTHER'S DA Y, (MAY 9) NO LATER THAN MAY 1. WATCH CHANNEL 8 CA8lE fOR SPECIALS lla ten Ie Jewel,." .'~i"('#'193~ 16601 f. War ...n ." .... 00 Monday.Fridoy 9 to 6, Sat"ntoy 9 10 5 I

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