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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives


I '\ '", 4A-HILP WANTED DOMESTIC GROSSE POINTE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ,-..-=-",:;;: C'""k~, Nannies. Maids, Housekeepers, t; (l U y 1~ !. : Nurse Aides. Companions and Day Workers for pri. vate homes. Experience and references required. 18514 Mack A v e n u e, Grosse Pointe Farms. 885-4576. t LIVE-IN MAID, no COOking, European woman preferred. References required. 5-S'TUA TlON s-srruATtoN WANTED WANTID EXPERIENCED lady, rell- REMOVAL, CLEAN - UPS, able, de~ every other maintenance or laWlleut. Saturday eleanibg. Own Unto Very reasonable, Call transportation. 833-5'7Cll, Dave~. LOW RATES. Lawn mow in, LAWN SERVICE. Very reU- Ind maintenance. Gutter able private service. Ten eleaning etc. Call Bryce )'ears' experience serving 881~. PoLntes. Excellent equip- JOB SERVfCE c.n 886-2960 MODda)'-Fri. PRIVATE NURSING day, 9-5 p.m. Around the "Clock IIn home, hospital or nursing MATURE WOMAN with flex. bome. RN's LPN'! Aides ible bOars to bab~'Sit iD my companions' male' attemf: Grosse Pointe Par~ bome ants, live-~. Screened ind for a t-)'eat'-old gu-l and bonded. H hour 'servi~. one-year-old boy, Monday Lieensed nurses for insur. 'and Wednesday, 8 a.m.-l anee case. p.m. and other unsched. POINTE AREA NURSES Wed times. Own transport. TU 4-3180 tation. Referenees. 885- .oW68. SENIOR SITl'ERS ment, very nuonable, Can for ntimate. 1l8t.9515. HOUSEKEEPER 1 Gourmet Need a job done! or need a Cook wanted to oversee 1 helping band! CoUe,e stu- large beach house on Hit .. dent more than wUUt\i to ton Head lsland. South I belp )'ou ~'ith an)' odd job. MEDICAL SERVICE PROFEsSIONAL CARE WHEN NEEDED Carolina. DLl'ties: pick up I Can do la .....n cutting, spring and return tenants to Air. clean up, painting or what port in SavanMh; prepare I have you! Call Mike SMand serve approximately 5 1 8987 anytime. I 'meals per week; arrange maintenance, etc. Prefer RETIRED HANDYMAN _ own transportation; mile- Minor repairs.. carpentry, age paid for electrical, plwnbil1l, brotated us('. Ac:oommodations ken windows aDd sash cord -and meals plus $400 per replaced, etc. Reasonable. :month salary; excellent Referen

Thursday, April 29, 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS P'g' Fiv.-C' ~'OR UNT UNFURNISHED ~FOR liNT UNFURNISHED 6A-FOR RENT FURNISHED 6C-OFFIC£ FOR AENT 6D-VACATfON RENTALS 6D-V ACA TION RENTALS 16F-SHAlE LIVING QUARTElS I-ARTICLU FOR SALE GROSSE POINTE vlelnlty- Newly rede~rated, HARPER WOODS - 21338 Prestwick Road. 3.bedroom 3 BEDROOM mal dining Colonial. For. room, break. COLONIAL NORTH CAPE COD _ Cozy house. keepJng cottage on beach. CHARMING Victorian frame house in beautiful Harbor PROFESSIONAL wanted to share WOMAN 8 room TELEPHONE-Design candlestick, $40. Line. 777-M80 lower, natural fireplace. 2 brick ranch, Vacant May 1. fast room. summer terrace. New 5,000 sq. It. otrlce build. Sleeps four. $235 a week. Springs View of Bay. In. home. Groue Pointe City. _0_r_3_7_2_.6_584_. _ car garage. 343-0z55 or 331 "227 "V , .... _. OUTER DRIVE-MACK area. Spacious 4 bedrooms, ga. rage. $400/month plus se. curHy deposit. 882.922a. .-----.---------. BEDROOM lower (lilt one street away from GrossI: $450 a month. small pets okay. 888."770. ,,760 .---- DE-A-'U-T-IF-U-L-fl-at-.- 6 rooms. No pets. Call between 5.7 p.m. 8811.7109. -.------------- 6 MILE/GRATIOT - Ideal for single working person. 1 bedroom. kitchen. living (Farms) $800. Alter 6.881. 8 . ------------1 DO YOU NEED a 2 bedroom fully furnished condom!n. Jum Jn Grosse Pointe City ... you've got it! Super location. one block to ev. erythlng Including the bus, Krogers and tennis, bring ing being built at Harper. 886.9542. 11 Mile Boad. LeasIng now. ---------- 881-6436 HILTON HEAD ISLAND _ HARPER--PRO"F-ESSIONAL South Carolina. 1 and 2. bedroom. fully furnished Up Plazato near 120012square Mile Road, feet ocean f'll ront VI as. poo, I te~. $7 • a e foot Liberal I nls. golf. Day or week' per squ r. I $320 to $450 per wee. lease arrangements. In. Easter openings. 771-4586 quire 823-3733, I anytime. town Accommadates large famiiy. Stylish decor. Rent. ing now, $500 per week. Call Rochester 1-651.8645. MARCO ISLAN D - SuP~ luxury 2 bedroom beac . tront furnJshed condo _ pool, tennis, boat dock, se. curity. No pets, Lowest Kitchen and laundry privi. TEN PIECES of old fuhlonleges, garage. 882-4595. d' kilt condi e WIC er. exce en - ----------- t' 824""1 6G--STORE OR OFFICE JOll. ..".. • RE-..JT.lL ROTOSPADE YOUR garden.n " f t 1 Up to 1,000 square ee, NEW DYMMEL Plaza-15O $25. 823.1821. car parkine. 12 and Groes. BOX SPRING and mattre8lJ ' be.864. mer or stay forever. $:1M> 6""" per month. P S E'th 562.02.56. b' 882. ...."... I er ring a adjoining secretarial areas. HILTON HE;\D ISLAND. wI'th common kl'tchen and I South Carolina. 2 bedroom ~1. '1 visitor space available, ex. villa. weekly rent ... aval . bedroom, 2 bath condo. Enjoy tennis, sailing. pool, and more. Call Bob (219) immediate VirginJa possession CC • S. Je rles MY SISTERS' shop. We hand.crafted Place Resale specialize In d It ems an Pointe City. Charming 1 i}977. flashlight and sterno or cellfnt parking rent ranges able direct from owner. 259.5187, after 5 p.m. (219) Realtor quality c lot h in g. Open bedroom with living room. ------.----.----- pay your own utilities. from $200 t~ $350 per 1.348.1732. 1-348.1094, 294.7180. 882'{)899 Monday-Saturday, 10-5 p.m. small den. kitchen, bath II"DIAN VILLAGE - 4 bed. -T'A-S'-T-E-FU--LLYdId 2: month. For further infor- DELTONA'. New unfurnl'shed _ .. Con5ignmenls of era f t s with screened po~h. $37~. rooms, living room with bedroom nat. New ecora kitch. e . mation. cal I CaI Rock • 7. 12 2 bedroom. 2 bath Condo, MODERN, CLEAN _ 2 bed. 6J- H " "'LLS 1 and miscellaneous takenI Some utilities included. beam ceilings and flre. en. bath spotless. Must see, 5300. for lease or sale. 882-1232. room Cm 2 h"th luxurv on 0, R~?!t)'!"hl.. (~13\ 8Q4-3960. f~r"'l"" and .party room. Rlf'YCLES _ lI:irl's 20-inc!l ( 99 K ere h e val, Grosse 1s1. 499.3714. and immediate occupancy ~fi '~~ason rates. 882-1232. I I Kitchen avaJ1able. AM-I yellow at $25 and 24-lnch Pointe Farms, Ml 48236. I -----.------------- LARGE one bedroom. neat 168-ROOMS I In Harper. Woods With pri'l SUPER CONDO I'n Harbor HARBOR summer SPRINGS-Luxury r e n t a I Harbor I VETS. Harper at Allard. purple at $20, coaster n.. 9 LARGE one bedroom apart. and dean in GroliSe Pointe FOR RENT vate park mg. 839.2771. Springs on Littie Traverse Cove C

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