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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives


llc-IOATS AND MOTORS 12E-COMMERCI"'L PROPERTY llir-BOAT DOCKAGE ~: AND STORAGE _________ \ HOMESTEAD RESORT WA'NTED - Boat well for Leelanau County .. Prestige 23 r boat for Grosse Pointe recreational • income. Conilr~a resident. 886-5597.' d~'s . on miles of Lake BOAT WELLS TO RENT- $3'75 to $425 to 25'. Clinton River. 469.3859. 11 F- TR"'ILERS .' AND CAMPERS PORT F RAN K S, Ontario , Canada-90 minutes from Grosse Pointe, Lovely 3 bedroom secluded brick , tri-le\'el, adjacent to Lak e ,Huron and Au SaDle River , 'partiy furnished. $60,000 :American. 88Ull54. ON LAKE HURON - Nea r l.exington, lovely 2 story , ;3 bedroom home, with fire. ;place, family room and at - tacheli 21,2 car garage, al SO includes one 2.bedroom ~nd one I-bedroom rental $110,000. Land Conlrac t \erms. Call 1-622-8100, eve nings 1-822-8325. TOWN &: COUNTRY .- - REALTY 4 q a l3-Rl ...L ESTATE FOR SALE G R 0 SSE P,O I N T E NEWS - _0' __ _.'_ • • •• ~ " Thursd.y, Aprll 2', 1982 _ U-R£AL ESTATE FOR SALE with majestic entranceway r----A-.B-A-R-G-A-IN-I-N-T-O-D-A-y- ..-S-MA--R-KE-T----, and foyer, 2 stories high topped with operable uy. Price reduced lor quick spring sale. Excellent terms. lights, spacious balcony, Charming 3 bedroom Colonial in a choice Farms adjoining the mammoth location. Professionally decorated, central air, 15 x~ 29 gl'eat room and patio; many extras, . enclosed deck adjoining 273 MT, VERNON - 885.6588 dIning room, 2"" baths, 2 ~~~'=.~~'=.'=.~'::.-::'::.'::.'::.~'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.'::.-::'::.~=='::.=.----' car garage, complete witli I Appointment only. 886-2057 ATTRACTIVE HOME 1666 Broadstone, near Mack - Lovely 3-4 bedroom , Colonial, 2'-2 baths plus family room. New roof and driveway. In the $9O's, Land Contract avail. able. 1st time shown. Open Sunday 1 to 5. 881. 7353. . BY OWNER-IN THE WOODS GLADHILL OPEN SUNDAY 2 - 5 WINDMILL POINTE DRIVE 2166 Lennon: Colonia!. 3 bedroom, 1112 bath. family room, Assume 117< - 7 year Land Contract. DUPLEX Occupancy at close. TO\\'l1house on each side with 3 ~drooms, 21,~bllth, 3 car garage, newly dee. I __ . ._. . - _.. ' 881-3670 orated. $179,000, assumable mortgage and I or other terms. 882-0114 495 CHALFONTE OPEN SATURDA Y- SUNDAY 12-6 FARMS RANCH-By own. er, Spacious 2 bedroom brick ranch. great room with fireplace, attached garage, fuli besement, move in condition with many extras, Must see to believe. Good terms. By appointment Call Cynthia arc Bruce. 882. 7314. GROSSE POINTE SHORES 41 BRIARCLIFF - BY OWNER DAYS 445.7231 AFTER 6 P.M. CALL 882.2540 Tri.level, 3 bedrooms, 2\!:! baths, living room with . fireplace, large family room with fireplace, {jr~t floor laundry room, full basement. ~- .-- -"- --- - - -- OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 1804 Broadstone. Very attractive 3 bedroom Colonial. 1 full bath and lavatory off Master bedroom. 't,~ bath down, den, breakfast rool1l, screened porch. -_._----------_. -, BY OWNER 71 WILliSON GROSSE POINTE SHORES Prime location, exclusive residents nellr Lakeshore. Huge 3 bedrooms. 2\'i baths, formal dining room and handsome family room. Central air and iarge spacious lot. Must be seen 10 be appreciated, 886.7576 or 961.7970 for appointment. 839-7469 13-U ...L ISTATE FOR SALE 11 % LAND CONTRACT 886-6058 BY OWNER GROSSE ,POINTE PARK Attractive four be4room home. 2 full baths, fireplace, and many more extras. Excellent condition. Great floor plan. $89,000. Will consider terms. FIRST OFFERING - 1200 N, OXFORD Spacious 3 bedroom Colonial. Large livIng room with ftreplace, fo~l dining rOOln. New large family room. Patio, private yard, central Ilr. $127,500.. Land Contrfct terms available. 885-3467 Weekdays, 9A-SP 964-2161 OPEN SUNDAY 1-5 ASSUME LARGE 11% MORTGAGE By Owner, Peachtree Lane, Groaae Pointe Woods. 3 bedrooms, 2\\ b&tht, 4th bedroom or office possible in .ddltional lit noor area. Two plul attached garale, 2,SOO 'Quare feet. Profellion. ally decorated. and landscaped. 23.loot family . room, 2Q-foot .creened porch, prIvate patio. Cen. tral air, $149,900. CAll: Evenings & Weekends 884-3412 1l8H718 For Sale By Owner leu HARVARD AT MAUMEE LoVely center entrance Colonial with large private patio. New roof and storms. Tastefully decorated. $208,000. 88Z-3330 a spacious REDUCED $63,000 - DESPERATE r ,-- - - quarters and sep a rate ./ c~:~~Y courtyard, all' at an un- 251 Lincoln. 12,000 square.foot garage apartment plus r BY OWNER b . 3rd floor apartment, 6O-foot recreation room, huge I . 81 COLONIAL ROAD ~~~rd~tle ~~;li: rooms. Old World charm, now $212,000. I I GROSSE POINTE SHC'RES ances, scaped, tastefully adjacent I and. to Part. 884-2647 I A LOVELY HOME ON WHATHAS LONG BEEN CALLED ridge Creek Golf Course. ------------------- . -.~_ ONE OF CUSTOM THE POINTE'S MOST DESIRABLE BUILT IN 1957,FOUR BEDROOMS. STREETS 21';>BATHS &!veral styles to from. Located at Estates, Garfield choose SChultz at 19 • Spacious GROSSE POINTE WOODS hOme for sale - 542 Briarcliff. Featuring LARGE KITCHEN FAMilY ROOM WITH WET BAR TWO FIREPLACES FINISHED BASEMENT 10' x 20' SCREENED PORCHOVERLOOKS WILLIAMSBURG GARDEN SHOWN Mile. Open 7 days, 141k% large family room with DEN.OFFICE. FIRST BY APPOINTMENT a~~mable 30 year fbe rate, FLOOR LAUNDRY, 5 bedrooms. Many, man)' mortgall~ available. 286- extras • 2330. CAN A D A - Lake Huro n ; frontage. Enjoy the peac e ; and quiet, just 90 minute s ; from Grosse Pointe. 3 bed TAX SHELTER AND MONEY MAKER Four family ineome, separ. : room year ; Completely around hOlne ' fur n ish e d. I ate utilities. South ferson. Ask for of Jef. ; Beautiful setting. 881.2811 DUTCH OR NINA : or 519-869-4325. 884-6204 BEST BUY in lower Mich. BRICK HOUSE-3 story Co. ;,:Executive R e t rea 1. 4() I lonial, finished basement, : a.cres, ¥.l mi. on lake and 3 bedrooms, dining room. . stream. Log lodge sleeps living room kitchen some : 12. Log gar age, year furniture. oft e as 0 r: a b 1e . around hot water heat. price. 885.1158. Call 7 p.m .. laeal for skiing and sum. 9 p.m. mer sports. OFF 1.75 betw. Grayling and Gay lor d. 3 BEDROOM bungalow well }!argain at $135,000. 882. insulated, new carpet.' $24,' ....9 900. Land Contract terms. 3".. . $5,000 down. 885-2415. oW THE ST. CLAIR RIVER. ,5 bedrooms, 3 car garage, :boat hoist and guest well, ..$teel seawall and dock, :~ear private school. By :owner. Apointment only. ~~O,OOO. 4634573. Mlchlgan beach. $89,900- $229,000. Buy or rent. Call Sally Neal, Real Estate One. (616) 947.2000 or (6111) 334.3118. LINCOLN TOWNSHIP acres, rolUng farm 15 miles from Reed - 20 land, City. MAKE OFFER ASSUME 71f, % MORTGAGE ISAS~~N~O~~:mcg~l:~i FOR RENT - GT Motor Good home I1te. Excellent Homes, new 25 foot, Class deer huntin" anowmobil. A. 885-3495. in" crO$s country sldln,. Available on Land Con- APACHE, 1977 Mesa. Sleeps lract. CaU Baker, 822-3304 6. Range, refrigerator, ex- after 5 or Sue Glaty, 1. cellent condition, extra., 818-796-6329. $1,700. 882.1405, HARSEN'S ISLAND - Pro. fessionally decorated )'ear 12-SUIUR .... H round bome on deep water ACREAGE canal. Maintenance free, 2 bedrooms, $S,900. Call Jim - . OUTSTANDING Tbiapen, 748-3010. ~" HOME SITES ", North Rochester WEST BRANCH - 3 bed. Ve,r;y~large, lake., .treams , room chalet, year round .. hills, woo

- -, i ~~~ -baths Coionilll, fam.! T....O FA~IILY brICk Income. I ern kite hen, broakfast !'3A-LOTS IOns, Jnc. J-!lVu.0i3-ii;)v5. . 2ui-i\ifRIG£RATION I nician Flexible hours. Rea. IMPROVEMENT. - Ily room. Land Contract Land Contract or assum. room fireplace 'Study al. FOR SALE AND AIR sonable'rates. 881.8276 or I ) . terms. I abl.e mortgage. G r 0 sse cove,' eedar ~loset. All ----------- 8825847 - ST. CLAIR SHORES I POinte Park. Century.21 terms negotiable. Land t6-PETS CONDITIONING' . ALUMINUM or vinyl lid!;;;'; OLD 8 MILE ROAD _ Mint I' Town and Country. 228- Contract available. $71,250. GROSSE POINTE SHORES FOR SALE REPAIR PIANO TUNER _ EX""ri.! trim, aluminum iulte~ •• 3 "-d IlLb th b' k 9700 Colonial Road-l00 ft front. -----------1---------__ . .... storm doors, storm Wtn---, ...., room, • a s TIC' GROSSE POINTE WOODS L d C t t t I enced.,. registered, tuner. dows, replacement pr'- .:, ranch, double natural fire- ;;;;-;"-';--S-TA--N--};-O-P- E"---'-3- 'bed. , 2071 OXFORD age, an on rac erms. OLD ENGLISH Sheepdog AA RELIANCE Refrigera. thAI I i I ~.t •. ~ • Palms-Queens, 886.4444. I ~ ~Iclan. so a c ass ca windows, awnings, porcl]. place, I~rge rooms. family I room brick ranch Breeze. lIst offering on lhis brick uppies, A.KC. registered, tion. We service all makes I pla~lst. Call Ms. Kelly enclosures, All maler~l~ room, {! floor laundry 1 way to ga'rage. A~sumabte I ranch. f'orma~ dining, large LOOKOUrOVE-R-G~s~; champion pedigree. Inquire I and models. Prompt, reli. i Smith 342-tl194. best quality, lowest prices.r~m, lllllshed basement 121' t" 885.3956 I kitchen, Florida room, fm. Pointe from Merriweather after 6 p.m. 534-5736. able service, 778-7331. 1 d d' d Y_ WIth natural fireplace. __ .. ~~ .:..__ .. ished basement, attached hill. 75x169. 882.1400_ -- ---- ---~- ------- --- 1-----------112-,-B---S-E-W-IU-G----- License an Insure, ,..•. '; WILCOX REALTORS APARTME:-lTS, 2 buildings, I garage. ---- ---~-- .. ----- LOVELY m u I t i color. tiger ~ business 2S years. Call 371- 884 3550 22 units, 15 Mile/I.94. Sep. CHAMBERLAIN 771.8900 I ESTATE LOT 10, the Farms, kittens, free to good home, I20E-INSULATION MACHINE! ~~~~i~~,yti~e. Phil's HOJn1l - I arate utilities per unit. ------------- lOO,x210. R. S!lre and As- 881.1780. ----------1 _ I Good investment for con. FARMS - Bungalow Under! soclates. 776.7260 or 8U ANIMAL-}I-OSPITAr:.2~el. INSULATION I COMPLETE TUNE-UP $3.95, M. U. SCHUSTER CO:... ; ~ dominium sales, $499.000. $70,000 - Assumab~e or 7276. low abandoned cats in need D EA D L I N E I BLOWN IN All makes, all ages. All "THE HOUSE MECHANIC" 779.9719. Land Contract, new itch. ------------------- o( (amilies. Wouldn't you FLAME FURNACE parts stocked. 885.7437. E REPAIRS ____ - ------- en, 3 bedrom, 2 bath, good IGROSSE POINTE PARK- HOM FOR OPEN SUNDAY 2.5. 21721 room size, 885-5944. I Si2e 105x85 , corner of Cad. like to adopt an orange) SINCE 1949 • Carpentry Chalon, near Mack. Cus. -.-----------1 ieux and Jefferson. 886. male neutered and declaw. 0 interest financing available. 21C-ELECTRICAL • Paint~ng CANCELLATIONS tom ranch, (or mal dining CO~DO - Harper Woods - 3598, ed or a male Tiger neu'l Free estimates. Fully H. SERVICE • Minor Plumbing room enclosed Florida One bedroom, 11% Land, ----------- tered and declawed. Both censed and insured. ---------- • Minor Electrical AND CHANGES room: All terms. Contract available. Sunday BRIGHTON-Pri":i~.% acre, f:iendly with nice disposi., 527-1700 CROSS ELECTRIC CRAFTED MONDA Y _ 4 P.M. Schweitzer Real Estate, Ine 1.5 p.m. 881-8361, 731.2439. underground utilities, pav- tlons. Please help them I • Kitchens 886-5800 ed roads, creek at rear, find security. 882.8660. ,----------- RESIDENTIAL • Rec Rooms ----------1 .. 5106 NOTTINGHAM $26,000.885.9034. 1--------------- 20F-WASHER AND COMMERCIAL • Bathrooms W. IDA LANE, Woods - ST, CLAIR SHORES. 3 bed. Two family lIat. Excellent -- .-- WANTED: SOMEONE TO I DRYER REPAIR INDUSTRIAL • Additions Spadous 2 bedroom brick room ranch, remodeled kit. cash flow. $550 current HARBOR SPRINGS: Birch,! BOA R D CAT WHEN 1 • Porch Conversions _ ; ~ ranch. Formal din in g chen, dishwasher, living rent. Tenants pay utilities. wood F~rms Esta~e_ Choice OWNERS TRAVEL OR TO 852-2794 296-7691 REMODELING room. ~m~nt with Is\'. room. gas fireplace, den, 2 Lower 2 bedrooms. natural ~atrge dVlewlflotl'il l1hsebecur. ADOPT IT ON A PERMA. i LET GEORGE DO IT ----------- MODERNIZATlO:-I _ .. Lo\'ely comer lot, garage car attached garage, central fireplace, Florida room. I y. an go c u bmem r. NENT BASIS. 4.year.old lWasher, dryer, dishwasher i ELECTRICA,L WORK by Ii. ALL WORK PERSONALLY with door opener, Land air, gre)' brick with black U?~r, 1 bedroom. formal ship. By O.....ner. (616) 949. cat, gentle, loving nature. 1 and ranges repaired. All l censed eontr~ctor. L.lw PERFORMED Contract terms. trim. Excellent school dis. din In g room, excellent 4373. Spa)' e d, de-clawed, alii makes. NO S E R V ICE I rates, free estimates. 881. MIKE SCHUSTER 882--4325 trict. Call 776-8729 for ap. floor plan. Plaster and 1----------- shots. Pet has never been I C H A R G E if repaired. 9751, FREE eSTIMATES HANDLOS 882-7300 I pointment. painted ~asement, 2 car 14-REAL ESTATE lout of our house except I Guaranteed parts and '6er. I. ----- ---- I LICENSED AND INSUREti ' ___________ I ---------------- garage With l~ked st~r. WANTED.' for trips to vet. Person vice. Specializing in GE, E~CTRICAL I ---------- FIRST OFFERING 19766 fDSHIRE I age area: 8Ppll.a~ces 10.1 , who boards'or adopts! Kenmore and Whirlpool CONTRACTOR - I GRAZIO Spacious 4 bedroom, 2l.

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