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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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..... .. P'ge Two.A ~-~-- ----- - --- ---_.+ -------------------------------------- GROSSE POINTE PUBLIC LIBRARY AN EVENING OF ELIZABETHAN MUSIC & LANGUAGE of Court & Country With Graeme Campbell (Stratford ShakespeiJreall Actor) and Ray Fer2urson . (Detroit Sympboll)' Orc~stra Harpsecordist) Presented with Compliments of The Friends of the Grosse Pointe Public Library Tuesday, May 4, 8:30 p.m. ~rles f\' UQ"{Or' r-n 'Vf __ ll...f~ __ " .. ~",1 ~. 1 lunl - ur W 41 U...\;u ..v..... , ',', U.\IITED CO.\fPLl.\IENT,iRY TICKETS ,'fIIA/LABLE AT THE GROSSE POINTE PUBLIC LIBRARY - 10 KERCHEVAL _. sule 9"0. non Illp lole $48 5r-~, 0"" J 2 Jli{:h:/r hlgl", 8H2.8970 SEBAGO '-?y

Thursday I April 29 I 1982 ___ ~._~_?_~_~_EP O__ '_N_T_E__N_E_W_~ ._._. . ..__. _0 By Tom Greenwood Family doctor makes a comeback When the title "General Practitioner" is mentioned to most Americans, the medical image conjured usually involves kindly wise old "Doc" seated in a horse and buggy, winding his way across the prairie at all hours tend. ing to his patients. Ancient, wizen and reliable, "Doc" knew everyone by name and issued no . nonsense cures tor everything from his mysterious black bag. In today's micro-chip world, that image is fading fast. In fact, General Practitioners themselves almost disappeared during the 1950's and 1960's when medical school graduates rushed headlong lnto specialty fields. "Happily, that trend IS being reo versed," said Dr. Lucian F. C~~b!!!nN). ('l\j"f of {hI' ~p.artment of Family Practice at St. John Hospl. tal. "It used to be that if a graduate decided on famlJy practice, he was sort 01 looked upon as a 'dunce' by the rest 01 his classmates. Everyone knew the big bucks were in specialiUltion. "Consequently, a real need grew among patients for a family doctor. From lhls need, general practltioners organiJ.ed the American Academy 01 Family Physicians. Today, about 15 percent of all medical school graduates will become family physicians." The family physician of toda~ is a far cry from the general pracUtioner of yesterday, B ccordlng to Dr. Capobianco. "The academy revlaed sIght5 and .tandards for the physicians," said Dr. Capobianco, an energetic man with a quick smile. "In 1971, the first board. in famlly practice were given, The academy ha. 1llIIlted on continuo ing education for all ita members, and each mu.t accumulate at lealt 160 credit hour. of addltlonal education every three years. When we t1~ or. ,anlled lhere were seven residency Pl'OITamJ. Now there are 390 acrou the U.S." Unlike other medical disclpllnes, 'amily pbyJ1cIBlU are specialists because of what they include rather than what they exclude. Family practice lncludea six broad areas of med1clne: pedJatrics, Internal medicine, psychiatry, sUT,ery, obstetrics and gynecology and community medicine. This educational background and other practice orientations enable the physician to olfer continuing and com. prehenaive care to all patienu and their families, regardless of sex or age. "U 1 have a female patient in here with a lOre throat. Ichtng shoulder and pelvic problems, It UIed to be 1M HARVEY'S Compleat Traveler ~1j5 FISHER RO/\[) GROSSE POJ:- ..:T,E: thing to have her see three different doctors: ear, nOie and throat, ortho- ~d and ob/gyn," said Capobianco. 'Today, the family phyJ6clan can tend to all these problems. We can handle probably 85 percent of the problems that walk through our dool'l," Family physicians have also found a growing need to tend to psychological and socia) problems confronting patients and their families. otten illnesses aIled famlties, and vice versa. "I'U have a patient scheduled for a half hour consultation," said Capobianco. "He'll spend 29 minutes describing aches and pains, this physical problem and that. Then with his hand on the doo~l he'll mention 'Qb by the way, my WIle is leaving me and my son was jusl arrested.' " "There has to be a tremendous impacl on his physical being and on the rest of the family. We sit them back ..lnoo,~ .. ..A tAIll: h'lI true I can often ~~iy-'~-~patient for 15 minutes or a halt hour at a time. But, we make up for it by them more often on a continuing basIs. It's a continuation 01 care. I often Se4! or hear from patients at aU hours of the day. It's part of our philosoph y ." A fascinating part of the family physician care polley is the construction of "genograms," a family treelike skelch of family relationships often coveri~ four generations. Briel descriptions (includJng any physical or mental ailments) of each member are given, and social and psychological relationships between members are described via jagged (denoting strained) or smooth Unes. "ObvI0U51y. this type of sketch can't be drawn for each and every family that comes to .ee us," laid Capobianco. "It'. very time cODlumloa, but we do UJe It for .peclaJ caJeI, One can lee at a glance the rough and .mooth 81pectl of each family. The use of ',enogram.' I. now being taught in medical .choolJ acl'Oll the COWltry." Dr. Capobianco will u.tillze ",enograms," charta and other strategiel this when be .pew on "Fam. lIy ny.mica" before family phy.l. clan. from the V,5., Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Portugal and Spain in San Juan, Puerto Rico. "You know we must mean bualnesa IC we're going to speak on famllr, mediclne In Puerto Rico in August, ' he said ,,1th a smile. "We hope to provi

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