Klinische Syndrome mit Dysraphien - ASbH


Klinische Syndrome mit Dysraphien - ASbH

Syndrome mit Spina bifida 1

Anophthalmia-clefting-neural tube defects

Caudal duplication syndrome

Caudal regression

CHILD - limb reduction; ichthyosis

Cleft lip or palate-filiform fusion of eyelids

Cranium bifidum with neural tube defects

Currarino triad - Anal atresia; Sacral anomalies; Presacral mass (ASP)

Czeizel - split hand; urinary anomalies; spina bifida/diaphragm defects

DiGeorge syndrome

Disorganisation-like syndrome

Durkin-Stamm (1978) - sacral teratomas; lower limb abnormalities

Edards Syndrom

Femoral duplication

Fetal cocaine

Quelle: Oxford Medical Database

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