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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:CePEPE - Centre EMPRETEC-BENINName of the Director:Théophile CAPO-CHICHIEmail-address:theocap50@yahoo.frWebsite: of Inception:2000Staff Members:4• Feasibility studies and elaborationof bankable business plans to promoteprojects for the creation ofenterprises and the development ofexisting enterprises.• Entrepreneurial behaviour training.• Training for the establishment andmanagement of enterprises –TRIEmethodology (Find your businessidea); CREE (Establish your business);and ILO’s GERME methodology(Improve your business).• Research on project financingaiming at the establishment anddevelopment of enterprises.• Support, advisory and follow-up forthe projects financed by banks andother financial institutions.• Support in realizing studies andresearch aiming at the promotion ofthe private sector and in particularSMEs.• Assistance in improving thehuman resources management ofenterprises.• Technical assistance for constructioncompanies.Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:112Highlights of 2010/2011Benin02UNCTAD/CePEPE – EmpretecTraining Workshop (ETW)In partnership with the “Centre dePromotion et d’Encadrement desPetites et Moyennes Entreprises-(CePEPE), UNCTAD organized asub-regional Empretec TrainingWorkshop from 3 to 8 October 2011.23 participants from Burkina Faso,Senegal, Togo and Benin coming fromdifferent industry sectors attended theevent. The organization of this 6-dayEmpretec training workshop alsomade it possible for Burkina Faso andTogo participants to better assess thevalue of the Empretec methodologyand its impact on entrepreneurs whoreceive the training. In addition, theworkshop spurred CePEPE BeninCEO, the Maison de l’entreprise duBurkina Faso CEO and ANPGF TogoCEO on to develop this training activityin their countries and to create their ownEMPRETEC centre, thereby laying thethe foundation for an inter-institutionalcollaboration in the West African region.UNCTAD/CePEPE – NetworkingEventThe Networking Event, organized byCePEPE and UNCTAD, took place on 30September 2011 in Cotonou, Beninwith the participation of 31 entrepreneursfrom all around the country. This networkingevent gave Benin entrepreneurs the opportunityto present their experiencesas entrepreneurs in various sectors,thereby developing partnerships withinthe group.CePEPE: Becoming bankableIn cooperation with ECOBANK,CePEPE organized two training sessions in“Becoming bankable” led by theInternational Finance Corporation (IFC)for 41 women entrepreneurs. Thesetraining sessions are part of the trainingprogramme for 400 womenentrepreneurs initiated by ECOBANKand the IFC.24EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoryLES FRUITS TILLOUIbidoun Bertille F. MarcosHaving worked as a research assistant at the University ofAbomey Calavi, Ibidoun, a trained agronomist, decided toput her passion for agriculture into action and establishedLes Fruits Tillou in 2000. Even though Les Fruits Tillou wasoriginally a pilot farm to support training in rural areas, itbecame a registered business in 2004. Motivated by thedesire to change the image of agronomists working onlyin government establishments,Ibidoun aims to work in theagriculture industry by runningher own enterprise.Based on agricultural production,the enterprise developspineapple production, export offresh pineapple, and processingof pineapple juice and variouscocktails.Today, Les Fruits Tillou produces pineapples on 12 acres ofits 28 acres of land. Exports have increased from 2 tonnesper week in 2003 to 45 tonnes per week in 2011. 40per cent of the pineapple production is produced by LesFruits Tillou, yet the remaining 60 per cent come from smallproducers that receive training in management operationsby Les Fruits Tillou.Since 2007, the daily production has gradually increasedEstablished in 2000ETW taken in 2011from 48 to 2000 bottles of juice per day. Staff has increasedfrom 10 seasonal farm workers to a current workforce of47 permanent workers and 40 seasonal farm workers.However, Les Fruits Tillou had to face severalchallenges related to the enterprise’s production, export andinfrastructure. Initially, the business experienced difficultiesin access to finance, therebylacking modern equipment.Lack of government support, forinstance the low level ofstructuring in the sector,constrained the developmentof the business. In addition,competitors from Europe andAsia limit the access to newmarkets.In order to cope with these challenges, Ibidoun attendedthe Empretec workshop in 2011. Today, Les Fruits Tillouaims to increase the capacity for the production of juiceand the export of pineapples. While seeking funding for themodernization of the juice production, the enterprise alsopursues business opportunities in the Maghreb region.“My passion for agriculture and the Empretec workshopwere crucial for coping with my enterprise’s challenges.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 25

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