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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:Enterprise Center EthiopiaName of the Director:Solomon Wole DestaEmail-address:solomon.wole@yahoo.comWebsite:www.fundemas.orgYear of Inception:2010• Training: Empretec ETWs,Kaizen, financial management, marketingmanagement, micro-businessidentification, business counseling,intrapreneurship, production controland management, INCOTERMS,export management and training oftrainers courses.• Research: e.g. the role ofprivate sector on women economicempowerment, micro and smallenterprise development constraintsand policies in Ethiopia, applicationof Kaizen methodology in the Ethiopianmetal working and engineeringindustry sector.• Consultancy: institutionalizationof the Kaizen-based performanceimprovement system, strategicbusiness planning, business processre-engineering, productionmanagement and time study.Staff Members:10Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:over 10,000EthiopiaHighlights of 2010/201102Integrating Empretec and KaizenmethodologiesEnterprise Center Ethiopia (ECE) haslaunched the Kaizen programme inthe metal working and engineeringindustry sectors in collaboration withthe Graduate Research Institute forPolicy Studies of Japan. The programmeinvolved classroom lectures, Empretecworkshops and onsite training. Kaizenwas offered to 75 enterprises in thepresence of Ministers and Ambassadorof Japan to Ethiopia. The pilotprogramme, that lasted for 120 days,offered a new opportunity for ECE tocombine Empretec with Kaizen methodology.Encouraged by the successfulinitiative, ECE has decided to include theprogramme as its mainstream activity.Workshop on “Capacity Buildingto Support the Development ofSMEs: SME Network and BusinessLinkages in Africa”ECEorganized an event with 34 SMEson the need to create networks andlinkages among them and to fosterpartnerships. The event laid the groundfor their participation in the workshopon SME network and linkages inAfrica, co-organized by UNCTAD andUNECA.In cooperation with InWent,Fundemas organized a project in orderto strengthen the competitiveness ofSMEs in Central America.E-mentoring platform presentationsession37 Ethiopian entrepreneurs attendedthe presentation session of the ATDFe-mentoring platform, which aims atmatching local entrepreneurs withsenior experts in Switzerland. Potentialmentees learned how to fill in theirprofiles on the website and received acomprehensive presentation of the initiativesupported by UNCTAD.40EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesTSEGAYE BEKELE GENERAL METAL WORKTsegaye BekeleTsegaye values his participation in the Empretec/Kaizentraining programme a lot.Empretec enhanced his potentialentrepreneurial competencies. Asa result, he changed his attitudeof taking ‘‘business as usual’’; andstarted to see every customeras unique and requiring specialattention. The Kaizen methodologyallowed him to practicallyimplement the 10 competencieshe learned in the Empretectraining. He has now a clean and orderly workshop,motivated management staff, and employees.A culture of performance improvement andcustomer handling has been created. The result wasEstablished in 2005ETW taken in 2010fantastic. Waste, which was over 5 per centbefore the application of Empretec/Kaizen, has now been reducedto less than 1 per cent. His business’output has increased bymore than 150 per cent. He plansto relocate the current premisesto a bigger and more conducivelocation in a year’s time.‘‘Since the combination ofEmpretec and Kaizen areimportant for the development of entrepreneurialcompetencies, the two need to go hand in hand. Hope ECE willreach other entrepreneurs with this training products as well’’RICHARD HENTZ AND FAMILY PLCRita AltayeThe company run by Rita specializes in fabrication of spareparts for vehicles and has beenoperational for over 50 years.It is now managed by a thirdgeneration manager. The company,started by a foreigner, prided itselffor efficiency and quality, serving aniche market. Within a day of theEmpretec workshop, she realizedthat a lot needed to be done to bean entrepreneurial manager. Usingthe competencies and productionmanagement skills acquired from the Empretec and KaizenEstablished in 1961ETW taken in 2010methodology, the company has doubled its sales and plansto expand its services to a largermarket.“The Empretec and Kaizenmethodology shatters the myththat business is a matter of experienceand technical know-how.It is a function of the practicalapplication of entrepreneurialcompetencies and performanceimprovement endeavours thatmatters for business growth and excellence.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 41

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