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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:CAFAM CAJA DE COMPENSACIONFAMILIARName of the Director:Carlos Roberto Cortes• Technical assistance in using informationtechnologies, team support forbusiness calculations, accounting andfinancial support, support for tariffsand human resources, purchasing andinventory management, and sales.• Entrepreneurship programme:Empretec, Agrotec, Basic entrepreneurship,business planning support.• Management programme forenterprises operating in the goodsand services sector.• Modular programmes in businessadministration and skills: basicaccounting and inventory management.Year of Inception:2008Staff Members:12Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:1.31632ColombiaEMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011Highlights of 2010/201102CAFAM’s offer to entrepreneursIn 2011, CAFAM supportedentrepreneurs by offering advisoryservices in business managementand a programme of technical andadvisory assistance in innovation forSMEs.The CAFAM Centre implementedprogrammes and workshops in orderto raise awareness for business innovation.In addition, the centre participatesin the process of acquiring and applyingmethodologies and programmesconcerning the management of innovationto support enterprises within theNational Innovation System. The Centrethereby aims to assist SMEs during theimplementation of the system of bestpractices. CAFAM also implementeda financing tool for entrepreneurs andSMEs which allows the consolidation ofprojects and creates scope for growth.ToT for Latin American Trainersin CartagenaHosted by Empretec Colombia-CAFAM, a regional training oftrainers took place at the beginning ofOctober in Cartagena, Colombia.16 instructors attended the trainingcoming from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru,Dominican Republic, Argentina, Panamaand Guatemala, thereby making theexchange in the workshop very fruitful.International master trainers AngelicaBayo and Fernando Ruiz headed the3 day workshop which covered topicsincluding the structure of the 6 dayEmpretec traditional training workshop,Empretec for intrapreneurs, Empretec’snew product, ‘‘Empretec +’’ for microentrepreneurs, and strengthening instructorsinterview selection skills amongothers.5th Global Entrepreneurship MonitorResearch ConferenceColombia hosted in Cartagenathe 5th Global EntrepreneurshipMonitor Research Conference. Alltrainers were able to attend thelaunch of the conference whereUNCTAD presented its work onentrepreneurship policy and CAFAMpresented the Empretec activities inColombia.

03Success StoriesCALZADO OSORIOJair Osorio RojasJair runs an enterprise called “Calzado Osorio” in thefootwear industry. While participating in the EmpretecProgramme, Jair aimed at learning business skills in orderto implement them in his own company. Despite the highquality of his products, Jair lacked self-confidence in offeringthem to customers. Instead of looking for customers, Jairbelieved that customers would have to come to his business.After the Empretec programme, Jair’s entrepreneurialbehaviour changed significantly. Today Jair asserts that hestill believes in this new way of life and that the sales ofshoes have doubled due to the change in his behaviours,Established in 2001ETW taken in 2011notably self-confidence.In addition, after the Empretecprogramme, Jair started to seek new opportunities and tobetter plan business activities. In fact, Jair has planned everystep for the growth of his enterprise, thereby not leaving anybusiness activity to chance.“Empretec changed my way of thinking and made me feeland behave like a real entrepreneur.”FUNDACION PARA LA INNOVACIONJakeline Ferro Rojas and Adolfo Naranjo Parrawww.fpli.orgWhen Jakeline and Adolfo heard of the Empretecprogramme, they were working in a public-privateenterprise and helping entrepreneurs to start technology-basedbusinesses. Yet, they realized that in order to strengthen theentrepreneurial capacities, there was a need for intervention.At this time, Jakeline and Adolfo did not have a clearunderstanding of what that would be until they got to knowEmpretec.“When we participated in the Empretec workshop, our liveschanged,” Jakeline and Adolfo state. In 2005, many yearsafter the Empretec workshop and after two years of preparationthey founded the private organization ‘‘Fundaciónpara la Innovación’’, which offers advisory services andentrepreneurial capacity-building focused on innovation.The team of Fundación para la Innovación consists of fiveEstablished in 2005ETW taken in 1998team members. Two of them work full time on the advisoryand capacity building projects.Jakeline and Adolfo have developed a portfolio of innovativeproducts and services as well as important allianceswhich make their organization one of the leading Colombianorganizations in the area of advisory for innovation. “Webelieve that Empretec was the seed for the benefits whichour country is reaping now,” they affirm.“Empretec spread the entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we areentrepreneurs and run an ambitious enterprise. In doingso, the company benefits from a network of contacts andalliances which have allowed us to grow and offer ourproducts and services in various markets.’’EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 33

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