1 year ago

HLF Review 2016

Aastha Ketan Mehta

Aastha Ketan Mehta B.Eng. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems Germany Indian What is the focus of your research? Have you noticed that when you search for something on Google or Bing, the search results include not only public data, but also your private data, such as your emails or flight information? What if the search engine accidentally shared your private data with somebody else? Web services such as search engines, and social networks are very complex, and often suffer from such data leaks. My recent work enables web service providers to protect confidentiality of the data used in the services. The confidentiality “policies” may come from the clients (end-users of the services), the providers themselves, or the local jurisdiction. I have been designing various “policy compliance” systems, which provide a framework to specify such policies concisely, and a mechanism to enforce them systematically and efficiently. Why did you become a computer scientist? Computer science has been a very popular field in the recent years. I was interested in mathematics and engineering, and decided to try out computer science. I do not regret my choice! Why did you apply for the HLF? I have heard a lot about the HLF from some of my colleagues who attended the Forum earlier. The HLF provides an excellent platform to meet with eminent computer scientists and mathematicians, and socialize over a broad range of research topics. I want to attend the HLF to hear about the exciting research being carried out in different areas, and understand how the different areas interact and influence each other. 52