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Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2018


HAPPENINGS HONG KONG MELODIC MEOWSICAL Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical, CATS, returns to Hong Kong once more. Based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, the show is widely praised for its incredible sets and entertaining characters. The musical first premiered in 1981 in London and then New York, and to date has gone on to enchant more than 81 million people in over 300 cities. From 6 Jan to 4 Feb, the Jellicle Cats will make the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Lyric Theatre their home as they enthral audiences in Hong Kong once more. HORSING AROUND The world’s best show jumping riders will compete against each other at the World Asia Expo arena during the Hong Kong Masters 2018 from 9 to 11 February. Considered one of the top equestrian events in Asia since the 2008 Olympics, the event will not only deliver a sporting spectacle for fans but also strengthen Hong Kong’s position as the equestrian capital of the region. Now in its sixth edition, the Longines Masters of Hong Kong has become an integral part of the region’s social and cultural calendar, combining heartpounding competition by the world’s top show jumping riders and horses with world-class entertainment, fashion, art and gastronomy. SPOTLIGHT Chinese Fine Dining Considered one of Hong Kong’s best Chinese fine dining establishments, Golden Leaf has been continually recognised for its Cantonese cuisine as well as top-notch dim sum for 27 years. Housed within the Conrad hotel, the restaurant has garnered numerous awards over the years and proudly claims a Michelin star under its belt. The décor of the outlet is your stereotypical high-end Chinese restaurant, adorned with lanterns, latticework screens and teak and rosewood furniture. In short, a typical place you’d find businessmen cutting deals as they dig into inventive dishes such as roasted suckling pig, prawns in Chinese wine and baked lobster with ginger. Although priding itself on Cantonese cuisine, the Golden Leaf is perhaps more famously known for its dim sum, a staple tradition in Hong Kong. The selections here are standard with siu mai, dumplings and barbequed meat, taking its place on the menu. Signature dishes include the shallowfried crispy chicken and fresh crab claw, which is served whole and on a bed of fresh steamed egg white. Open daily, 11.30am - 3pm; 6pm - 11pm, Lower Lobby Level, Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, en/golden_leaf ELEVATED HOT POT The hot pot is part and parcel of Hong Kong’s culture. It is a staple offering that is enjoyed by both locals as well as visitors to the city. In fact, the sight of watching friends huddled together over a table with steaming pot of simmering soup, meticulously cooking a variety of ingredients is as common as the city’s notorious traffic jams. But for a true elevated experience, few hot pot establishments can match the prestige and excellent track record Megan’s Kitchen has managed to garner. Its seventh consecutive listing in the Hong Kong Michelin Guide is proof of that. Situated in busy Wan Chai, the outlet has single-handedly elevated the concept of the hot pot with its inventive soups, accompaniments and ingredients. The 16 creative soup bases range from tomato and crab to sea clam, along with a wide choice of premium ingredients. With creations like the rainbow cuttlefish balls and cheesy beef tongue dumplings, Megan’s is the definite place to get your hot pot fix in Hong Kong. Open daily, 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 11.30pm, 5/F Lucky Centre 165-171 Wanchai Road, 104