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1911 Saltburn Races - 1

1911 Saltburn Races - 1 st July Map Key 9 Yorkshire Automobile Club’s beach sprint meeting of 1911 was to become famous for the attendance of the ‘Beast of Turin’, the 300 hp F.I.A.T which had been driven by Bordino from Brooklands. It was felt a straight-line event was more suited to this tall machine which managed 116 mph with a 2-mile run up! Excitement was in the air as the car became stuck in the sands and had to be pulled free from the advancing tide by horses. Meanwhile Woods had one of his best day’s competition by gaining a total of five firsts and four seconds with the 20 hp, all of which was unfortunately overshadowed by the great 300hp F.I.A.T. which was of course the centre of attention.

1911 Sutton Park 7 th July Map Key 10 The next event attended by Hubert was organised by Sutton Coalfield AC and proved a disaster. A series of mishaps attended the speed contest, culminating in one so serious that the meeting was abandoned. The road chosen was in a bad state, and complaint was made of the “banking” at a critical point. After several minor accidents one of which it was feared may develop serious results to a Birmingham motor cyclist, a competitor named Swingler. The mishap which closed the fixture occurred to Mr E Genna, when traveling at 60 mph on a powerful Sunbeam car. The machine skidded and turned a complete summersault, causing scalp injuries necessitating eighteen stiches. Mr Genna’s Nose was also smashed Due to the conditions, drivers had been cautious up to this point so no meaningful results were recorded. Cornist Hall Hill 22 nd of July Map Key 11 The Manchester A.C. closed meeting was held at a new venue in the grounds of Cornist Hall, the Flint residence of Mr H.H. Summers, one of the club members. Despite being nearly 60 miles from Manchester there was a fair muster of competitors. The course itself not being so trying as Werneth Low – where a former contest took place on a gradient of about one in five, compared to one in 11 for Cornist Hall, which was soon deemed unsafe. The contest was run under the rules of the RAC In the event Higginson’s vast La Buire took FTD with Wood’s Crossley 20hp close on his heels, followed by Vauxhall, Sunbeam and another Vauxhall. Crossley took Class FTD with wins for both the 20hp and 12/14hp which was driven by privateer; A.E. Barclay at this event.

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