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1910 Rivington Pike - 26

1910 Rivington Pike - 26 th of June 1909 Map Key 2 “The joint hill-climbing competition promoted by Lancashire Automobile Club and the Manchester Automobile Club has always proved an interesting and enjoyable function, and that held on Saturday was no exception to the rule. Even the sun condescended to shine during the later stages, and the road surface was all that could be desired. The venue was again on a steep gradient of about one in nine up to one in ten up a part of Rivington Pike, near Horwich, in private grounds lent by the kind permission of Mr W.H. Lever, M.P. and Liverpool Corporation. Fully one hundred cars with their full complement of passengers, made their way to the starting point or near it. As regards the cars themselves, either in the competitions or out of them, one could see all that was latest and best in automobile construction. There was also a fair attendance of the general public, who seemed to follow the proceedings with great interest. Mrs A.E. Riley the famous amateur lady driver, was present with her new two-seater, cream coloured “Belsize” car. Satisfaction was great when it was known she had been successful in winning first prize in her class and doing a fastest time in spite of the car being geared rather high for fast hill climbing.

1910 Some of the Winners An entirely new model 16 hp Humber entered by Mr. J.S. Cordingley, of Haslingden. Driven by his son, Mr J.H. Cordingley, proved successful in class C, doing the fastest time and winning on handicap terms. Mr J Higginson’s “La Buire” did the fastest time of the day, 1 min 1-3/5 seconds, but was unsuccessful on handicap formula, though he had the satisfaction of being the main factor in winning the team race for the Manchester Cup and taking the cup for the fastest time. The distance was one kilometre - 1093 yards – and there were six competitions, five of these being in classes arranged for various classes and powers of cars. Thirty-two entered and twenty-eight competed. The engine rating on formula was in some cases less than nominal. Results: Class A (Cars of not more than 12hp) 1 st F.W. Hobdley 12hp “Sizaire-Naudin” time 2mins 11 2/5 sec (own driver) 2 nd F.W. Hobdley 12hp “Sizaire-Naudin” time 2mins 35 2/5 sec (S Leach driver) 3 rd A. Clemesha 12hp “Sizaire-Naudin” time 2mins 42 2/5 sec (own driver) The Sizaire cars had it all their own way, as they are of a very racy type. Class B (Cars of More than 12 hp but not more than 17 hp) 1 st G.H. Stutchbury 20hp “Vauxhall” time 1min 32 2/5 sec (A.J. Hancock driver) 2 nd G.H. Stutchbury 20hp “Vauxhall” time 1min 32 2/5 sec (own driver) 3 rd J.W. Howarth 12/20hp “Fiat” time 2min 12 1/5 sec (T. Carter driver) The Vauxhall Cars maintained the high reputation they have recently gained. Class C (Cars whose rating was over 17 hp but less than 26 hp) 1 st J.S. Cordingley 16hp “Humber” time 1min 45 1/5 sec (J.H. Cordingley driver) 2 nd L. Cohen 20hp “Lancia” time 2min 5 2/5 sec (G.H. Ward driver) 3 rd P.A.G. Bell 20hp “Bell” time 1min 57 1/5 sec (own driver)

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