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Teach Youth Players How to build play from the back

This is the first of The Youth Coaching Series E-Books designed for coaches operating at the youth level. This e-book provides coaches of U11and U12 a comprehensive plan in how progressively teach youth players how to build play from the back in the 9v9 game format.

TECHNIQUE Passing and

TECHNIQUE Passing and receiving to keep possession EXERCISES # 10 SESSION PHASE Technique Training AGE GROUP U10-U18 Wall pass combinations around a diamond Duration: 10-15 min Area Size: 30x30 Equipment: Balls. Bibs, cones Players: 12-16 Exercise Objectives Organization This exercise aims at training wall pass combina- Set up field as per illustration tion play Two players on A and C (Red) The technical elements of this exercise need to be demonstrate and corrected The coach can incorporated creation of space to receive the ball One player on B and D (Red) One player per station as supporting players (Blue) Play start at the same time on A and C A makes a wall pass with the supporting player followed by a diagonal pass to B B receives the ball and continues the same sequence Players follow their pass Switch inside players with outside players Coaching Points Quality of passes Returning pass to the player path Player to receive the ball with proper body position

GAME SITUATION Passing and receiving to advance the ball EXERCISES # 1 SESSION PHASE Small Group Situations AGE GROUP U10-U18 3v2+2v1 in waves on two goals Duration: 10-15 min Area Size: 20x30 Equipment: Balls. Bibs, cones Players: 12 Exercise Objectives This game situation exercise is designed to train a block of 3 players in a game situation against 2 opponents, to advance the ball to one of 2 players. It can be 3 center backs trying to advance the ball to 2 central midfielders. It can also be use to train 3 midfielders in keeping the ball against 2 midfielders to advance the ball. Organization 3v2+2v1 in waves Field is divided in 2 half (A and B) Play starts in A where 3 attackers play against 2 defenders and try to get the ball to 2 players in B. After receiving the ball the attackers in B, initiate a 2v1 to score in any of the two goals. After each attack play restarts from A. Rotate players Coaching Points 3 players to keep a triangle shape Players in B to get in a position to freely receive the ball Central player to hold a back position facing the goal Keep safe possession until forward pass is on. 4 and 8 to get in a position to receive the ball away from pressure