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Teach Youth Players How to build play from the back

This is the first of The Youth Coaching Series E-Books designed for coaches operating at the youth level. This e-book provides coaches of U11and U12 a comprehensive plan in how progressively teach youth players how to build play from the back in the 9v9 game format.


GAME SITUATION Passing and receiving to keep possession EXERCISES # 8 SESSION PHASE Small Group Situations AGE GROUP U11-U18 5v3 Possession Duration: 10-15 min Area Size: 20x15 Equipment: Balls. Bibs, Cones Players: 12 Exercise Objectives This game situation train players in a diamond formation on the field to keep possession with the help of a central player. It can be 3 center backs trying to advance the ball to 1 central midfielder. It can also be use to train a central defender(6) with a wide player(11) 2 midfielders (8-4) and a striker (9) to come out of the back Organization 5v3 Possession Set up a 20x15 grid . 5 players (6-11-9-8-4) try to keep possession against 3 players (9-8-7) Every time the ball goes to the opposite end line(6 or 9) the team in possession scores a goal If the 3 defenders win the ball they can score a goal by dribbling the ball across any sides of the grid Coaching Points Quality and timing of the passes Communication Receiving with the body open towards the target Space awareness Supporting angles, and movements Creating passing lanes

GAME SITUATION Building play from the back in a 2-3-1 EXERCISES # 1 SESSION PHASE Team Tactics AGE GROUP U10-U18 6v3 in zones Duration: 25 min Area Size: 35x40 Equipment: Balls. Bibs, Cones Players: 12 Exercise Objectives Organization This exercise allows players to practice building 6v3 from the back in a 7v7 game structure. Set up in half mini field divided in 2 halves; defenders, 2 wide players Distances are smaller hence allowing a better and 1 midfielder against 3 players defending two wide goals control of the ball. Play starts with the keeper. Defenders and wide players must remain The principles however are the same as the 9v9 in their own half. game format, but less moving parts. Central midfielder can move anywhere. It is important to encourage players on the idea that the keeper is an extra player to be used to keep possession For the defending team only 2 players can occupy half field at the time. If defenders win the ball they can score Progress to 6v4 Coaching Points Keep safe possession Look to move the ball to a less occupied area. Angle and clear lines of support Distances between players NOTE: Coach Methodology of :STOP-DEMO-REHARSAL AND LIVE sequence can be used.