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ACC 6 Enterprise Datasheet

Managing Users and

Managing Users and Groups Across Multiple Sites 15 Best Practices 15 Setting Up a Corporate Hierarchy 16 Ranks 17 Unranked Groups 18 Deleted Ranks 18 Ranked Site Families 18 Managing Servers in a site 19 Adding Servers to Sites 19 Disconnecting a Server from a site 20 Connecting Site Families 20 Disconnecting Site Families 21 Upgrading Servers in a Site 21 Removing an Upgrade Installer 23 Connecting/Disconnecting Cameras and Devices 23 Discovering a Device 23 Connecting a Device to a Server 24 Connecting Cameras to a Video Analytics Appliance 25 Editing the Device Connection to a Server 26 Failover Connections 26 Setting Up a Failover Connection 27 Example 27 Disconnecting a Device from a Server 29 Upgrading Camera Firmware 29 Users and Groups 29 Adding a User 29 Editing and Deleting a User 30 Adding Groups 30 Editing and Deleting a Group 31 Importing Active Directory Groups 31 Alarms 32 Adding a New Alarm 32 Editing and Deleting Alarms 34 External Notifications 35 Setting Up the Email Server 35 Configuring Email Notifications 35 Editing and Deleting an Email Notification 36 Enabling Central Station Monitoring 37 iv

Rules 38 Adding a Rule 38 Editing and Deleting a Rule 39 Backing Up System Settings 39 Restoring System Settings 40 Scheduling Site Events 41 Server Settings 42 Naming a Server 42 Recording Schedule 43 Adding and Editing a Recording Schedule Template 43 Editing and Deleting a Template 44 Setting Up a Weekly Recording Schedule 44 Recording and Bandwidth 44 Scheduled Archive 45 POS Transactions 46 Adding a POS Transaction Source 47 Adding a Transaction Source Data Format 47 Adding a Transaction Exception 49 Editing and Deleting a POS Transaction Source 49 License Plate Recognition 50 Setting Up License Plate Recognition 50 Configuring the Watch List 50 Adding Licenses to the Watch List 51 Deleting a License Plate from the Watch List 51 Exporting a Watch List 51 Importing a Watch List 51 Device Settings 52 General 52 Setting a Device's Identity 52 Configuring PTZ 52 Changing the Camera Operating Priority 53 Enabling or Disabling Video Analytics Display 54 Rebooting a Device 55 Network 55 Image and Display 56 Changing Image and Display Settings 56 Zooming and Focusing the Camera Lens 58 Dewarping a Fisheye Lens 59 v

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