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ACC 6 Enterprise Datasheet

1. In the server Setup

1. In the server Setup tab, click . The Scheduled Archive dialog box is displayed. 2. Select the Enable Scheduled Archive check box. 3. In the Camera(s) to Archive: list, select all the devices to back up. 4. In the Archive Options: area, define the following: • Perform Every: specify the number of days between backups. • Start Time: the time when backup occurs. The time specified is in the server's local time. If you are physically located in a different time zone from the server, remember to consider the time difference if the backups must occur at a specific time. • Coverage: the amount of recorded image data that is backed up. • Starting From: the starting point of the backup. • Delete oldest backups when disk full: select this check box to automatically delete the oldest backups when the backup storage location is full. For example, you want the Scheduled Archive to occur every day at 12 am. You want to back up video from 30 days ago and the backup will span 1 day worth of video — so only the 30th day is backed up to the remote server each night. Your settings would be: 5. Click OK. • Perform Every: 1 • Start Time: 12:00 am • Coverage: 1 • Starting From: 30 The Status area displays when the next backup will be. Each video archive is saved in a subfolder that is named after the archive time range. POS Transactions The Point of Sale (POS) Transaction Engine is a licensed feature that records raw data from POS transaction sources. You can link cameras to specific POS transaction sources, and set up the system to make note of transaction exceptions. Once POS transactions have been set up, you can see live and recorded POS transaction data in the View tab while watching any linked video. To monitor live POS transactions, see Monitoring Live POS Transactions on page 96. To review recorded POS transactions, see Reviewing Recorded POS Transactions on page 99. POS Transactions 46

Adding a POS Transaction Source 1. In the server Setup tab, click . The POS Transactions dialog box is displayed. 2. Click . The POS Transactions Setup wizard is displayed. 3. On the Set Transaction Source Device page, enter the Hostname/IP Address: and the Port: of the POS transaction source device, then click Next. 4. On the Set Transaction Source Data Format page, select a data format, then click Next. To add or edit a data format, click Add or Edit. Alternatively, click Copy From to duplicate then edit the selected data format. For more information about adding a new data format, see Adding a Transaction Source Data Format below. 5. On the Set Transaction Exceptions page, select any exceptions that need be monitored, then click Next. If you do not need to monitor for exceptions, you can skip this page. To add or edit a transaction exception, click Add or Edit. For more information, see Adding a Transaction Exception on page 49. 6. On the Set Transaction Source Device page, select the cameras you want to link to the transaction source. You can also set the amount of time video needs to be recorded before and after each transaction. The default value is 5 seconds. When you are ready to continue, click Next. 7. On the Set Transaction Source Name and Description page, enter a name and description for the transaction source. Select Enable transaction source to start receiving data from the transaction source. 8. Click to save the new transaction source. Adding a Transaction Source Data Format NOTE: POS transaction source data formats are shared across a site. When you add a new POS transaction source, be aware that the transaction source must have a source data format. 1. In the POS Transactions Setup wizard, click when you arrive on the Set Transaction Source Data Format page. The Configure Data Format dialog box is displayed. For information about accessing this dialog box, see Adding a POS Transaction Source above. 2. In the Properties area, define the following: • Name: enter a name for the data format. • Description: enter a description of the data format. • Transaction Start Text: (required) enter the text that identifies the start of each transaction from the Adding a POS Transaction Source 47

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