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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 Figure 10. Choosing a Transaction 7.1.1 Changing a Transaction If the user would like to change a transaction, click an option provided from the drop down menu (similar to choose a transaction). A message appears to confirm the change. After clicking confirm, the selected transaction is displayed: Figure 11. Changing a Transaction Type 7.1.2 Choosing a Transaction with Comments Required If the user chooses a Transaction code that requires a comment (ex. sick leave), a red flag appears in the top right corner: Figure 12. Comment on Transaction Flag NOAA Official Use Only 10

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 After the user enters a transaction code and time, a pop up window displays a field for the user to enter a comment. When the user clicks update after the completing the comment, the comment is saved for the Approver and Certifier to view. Figure 13. Comment on Transaction 7.1.3 Adding a New Transaction To enter more than one transaction, user clicks Choose the new transaction from the drop down provided. and a new row appears. Line Reminder An employee may go over 50 lines if they work on several different projects throughout the pay period. Depending on the transaction and accounting codes selected, they may just go over the 50 line total. This scenario is rare but can happen. An employee may also go over the 50 line limit when they accrue lines from working more than 9.3 hours (9.75 or 9 hours, 45 minutes) in a day. WebTA will not import/accept double-digit hourly amounts (10.0, 11.0, 20.0, 24.0...). In these cases, the ShipTA file compilation process will add another line of data with the remaining hourly amount above 9.3 hours. For example, if an employee works 19.2 hours (19 hours, 30 minutes) for a day during the pay period, there will be two separate lines of data both for 9.3 hours in the import file (with the same transaction and accounting code). Additionally, if an employee works 24 hours for a day during the pay period, there will be three separate lines of data; two for 9.3 hours and one for 4.2 hours (4 hours, 30 minutes). 7.1.4 Removing a Transaction To remove a Transaction, the user clicks the . A message appears to confirm the cancellation. After clicking confirm, the transaction is removed. NOAA Official Use Only 11

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