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FEATURE “From when the

FEATURE “From when the bar first opened, the team went to great lengths to create seasonal cocktail degustation menus using local ingredients. It was quite amazing and the chef had created a seasonal tapas menu to match those cocktails taking guests on a culinary journey,” Brad added. The name Sazerac hails from a rye whiskey originating in New Orleans, where a mixture of the whiskey and bitters became known as the Sazerac, America’s first ever cocktail. Sitting 30 floors above the city, guests can enjoy their very own cocktail in the bar while overlooking the city below and views out over “WHEN WE OPENED, PART OF THE CHALLENGE WAS THAT EVERYONE IN BRISBANE WAS SO FAMILIAR WITH THE SHERATON AND ITS BRAND. BUT THE SHERATON AND THE FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON IN TERMS OF BRAND DIFFERENTIATION ARE VERY DIFFERENT.” QHA REVIEW | 18 Brisbane. Sazerac is one of Brisbane’s highest rooftop bars and has a wonderful vantage point of the whole city. Brad said many patrons who visit the bar might not necessarily be guests of the hotel but Brisbane residents who have relatives in town and want to show off their city. “You can see as far out to the airport and see planes landing, it’s quite peaceful and a beautiful experience especially if you bring someone for high tea on a weekend. So we do get a lot of customers who come up, sit and relax and take in the whole city. “The other thing is if you have young kids or elderly grandparents, the convenience of driving to a rooftop bar like this, having the car valet parked, going straight up an elevator after a long drive and heading up to the bar plays well. Brisbane can get quite hot, and Sazerac is all enclosed and air conditioned so it’s all very pleasant,” Brad said. Not only is the bar air conditioned, it has louvres so it can be opened to create an outdoor-style ambience or it can be closed in the event of wet weather. “We can hold events in the rooftop bar regardless of wet weather which makes it competitive because a lot of the other rooftop bars have no cover if it rains, whereas Sazerac can shut the louvres and it becomes an enclosed bar. In summertime however we can open up the louvres and get full breezes and it almost feels like an outdoor space,” Brad said. Four Points is not just a hotel or bar, it is an experience for the guests to enjoy and indulge.