Inspiring Women Spring 2018


caused by the candles falling from the

Christmas tree. Within a few hours the funeral

was organized and people from all over the

world were trying to catch planes to get there

in time for the funeral.

In the mid-afternoon on Christmas Day, my

mother, brother, sister-in-law, sister-in law’s

father and cousin rushed to the airport in

Cotonou Benin to get on the first plane. They

had tickets, to fly with Air France, but at the

airport they found there were 5 seats left for

an earlier flight. So, they

switched to UTAGE Flight

141. The plane crashed.

On Christmas Day 2003, I

buried 7 members of my

family, and my life would

never be the same again.

The world of fitness and

dance helped me along

with my spiritual journey, to

hold onto the pain and

grieve in a healing way.

Tell us something interesting

about yourself that not

many people know. I love

horseback riding and ice

skating and always wanted

to become a champion in

either field.


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