Inspiring Women Spring 2018


Inspiration from The Netherlands


American Women’s Club of The Hague,


From: Kenya

Lives: The Hague, Netherlands

I am of Indian decent born in Kenya and

educated in the United Kingdom. In 1984 I got

married and moved from the UK to Canada

and from there on to the US, India, China,

Belgium, three other states of the US and now

I’m here in the Netherlands.

Professionally I am an accountant, my work with

GE has given me opportunities to work in the UK,

Canada and the US. Upon our return to the US

in 2005 I started working independently as an

accountant as well as a relocation specialist.

Throughout my high school years I played

netball (similar to basketball, smaller court,

slightly different rules and no dribbling of the

ball), and rounders (similar to softball). Once I started studying in the UK, I took up squash and

reached a level that allowed me to compete at county level. I continued to play intermittently

after I got married and moved to Canada. Due to

injuries, I was forced to give up squash, eventually

finding enjoyment in badminton.

Early in 2015 I was introduced to Pickleball (PB) by a

fellow badminton player in Minneapolis who was also

playing PB. Despite hearing about it I had no interest.

But soon the numbers of badminton players were

decreasing and we were losing our courts to PB

players. So I turned to the gym as my new form of

regular exercise.

May 2015 came around and I decided to finally give

PB a try. That summer I must have played every day,

looking for various locations to play all over the city

and playing in various teams. Interestingly enough, I

learnt one could play 3-4 times a day as there were so

many locations where PB was being played!

It dawned on me, instead of traveling to Amsterdam to

play PB, why not bring PB to The Hague. I knew this

would be a challenge but it would be rewarding to

introduce my passion to a city new to me.

With some of The Hague team at the Dutch

National Tournament


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