Inspiring Women Spring 2018


Inspiration from the Editor

I t ’ s a l w a y s

fascinating to me,

when we put the

c a l l o u t f o r

candidates for

Inspiring Women

magazine, what

the response will

be. With a theme

of sports and fitness,

I did wonder if we

would only get a list

of runners.

relationship naturally! But over the years I

have, like many of you, realised that fitness is

an essential part of my life and without it my

life is often harder and will probably be shorter

if I’m honest with myself.

So you can imagine my delight that, amongst

our eleven profiles, we have, as well as various

types of running (and there is nothing at all

wrong with running of course!), seven other

types of sport featured!

Some of the women in this issue have risen to

the top of their chosen fields, others have

been consistent participants at a less extreme

level. But they all have one big thing in

common: they have made sport or fitness a

part of their daily lives.

I’m not a big sports person, never was as a

child either. Sport is something I have to

schedule into my life, it doesn’t just happen.

The couch and I have a very close

So to those of you who read these stories and

think, “Blimey, I couldn’t do that,” I have one

thing to say:

Give it a go, you never know what might


Best wishes, Liz x

Liz MacNiven,

From our Cover Coordinator

The cover photo for this issue is an image of Kirsten Kummert who is a certified yoga teacher

and member of IWC Munich, Germany. The photo was taken in Corsica, France in July 2017, at

sunrise on an empty and quiet beach. Kirsten explains “There were some

challenges in doing this pose. In the early morning the body tends to be

stronger but less flexible. A second challenge was the unstable nature of

the soft sand beneath my feet. But it is great for an early start and opens

me up for the blessings of a new day.”

If you have a photo that you would like to see on a future cover of

Inspiring Women, you can reach me, Marie-Bénédicte Luxem, at There are full details of photo

requirements on page 60 of this magazine.

Please note: we can only accept portrait orientation images.


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