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V27 Software Guide Pulpmatic Ultima Eco Uno Incomatic V1.7

12. How to check current

12. How to check current software version DDC Dolphin Ltd will provide a software package called “Monitor”. The software allows the engineer to interrogate the PCB via a windows compatible laptop or desktop PC. One of the primary functions of the DDC Dolphin Ltd Monitor Software is to review the operation of the input and output sensors connected to the PCB. The monitor software also identifies current software versions as well as updating the software to a newer version. You will need • A USB printer lead (Type B) • A laptop running Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with the DDC Dolphin Ltd monitor software installed. Step 1: Step 2: Turn the power off to the machine and remove the PCB housing cover Connect the USB printer cable to the laptop and PCB as indicated in (Fig 1) & (Fig 2) Type B USB (Fig 1) (Fig 2) Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 26 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

Step 3: Turn the power back on to the machine and power up your laptop (Fig 3) Step 4: On the laptop select the DDC Dolphin 22.exe file and double click to open the monitor program as indicated in (Fig 3) This file will be different for each version i.e.: v15, v17 etc. The Monitor program will open: Step 5: Press the scan button as indicated in (Fig 4), this will interrogate the PCB You will be able to see which version of software the machine is currently operating from (Fig 4) 34 The PCB software is universal; the machine type is controlled by the resistor plugged into the PCB The software will indicate the current status of the inputs and outputs of the machine If a warning box appears with “Settings Versions don’t match” Click “OK” to continue as indicated in (Fig 5) (Fig 5) The program will 34 clearly show the current status of the various input and output sensors. This is useful when trying to determine correct operation of these sensors and how they report back within DDC Monitor. Running a test cycle of the machine will clearly show the status of these sensors in real time. Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 27 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

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