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Company News

Framatome Completes

Purchase of Schneider

Electric’s Instrumentation and

Control Nuclear Business

(framatome) Framatome announced

that it completed its purchase of

Schneider Electric’s nuclear instrumentation

and control offering. With

this transaction, Framatome adds to

its engineering expertise and expands

its instrumentation and control (I&C)


I&C systems are the central nervous

system of a nuclear power plant,

allowing operators to control reactor

operations. Modernizations, upgrades

and ongoing support are vital to manage

economic, long-term operation of

nuclear power plants, which provide

reliable, low-carbon electricity.

“With the integration of Schneider

Electric’s nuclear instrumentation

and control offering, we offer truly

added value to our customers with

a global technical expertise and

market know-how on I&C solutions

for the nuclear market,” said Bernard

Fontana, Chairman of the Managing

Board and Chief Executive Officer of

Framatome. “We welcome our new

colleagues to Framatome’s worldwide

team of I&C engineers and experts.”

This acquisition adds the nuclearqualified

version of Tricon and the

SPEC 200 platform to Framatome’s

nuclear safety I&C offerings, which

include the TELEPERM XS digital

platform, and non-computerized

analog solutions and instrumentation

for nuclear power plants.

This broadens the base of plants

worldwide for which Framatome

serves as the original equipment manufacturer

for safety I&C systems. It also

expands Framatome’s project and

engineering capacities for non-safety

I&C systems in the nuclear energy

market, relying on Schneider Electric’s

commercial TRICON and Foxboro


Framatome also becomes the exclusive

service provider to the nuclear energy

market for the SPEC 200, nuclearqualified

Tricon and Foxboro systems.

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Framatome Continues

Ramping up Production

at Its Le Creusot Site

(framatome) On January 25, 2018,

Framatome received the green light

from the French Nuclear Safety

Authority (ASN) and EDF to resume

manufacture of forgings for the

French nuclear fleet at its Le Creusot

site. This decision allows the plant to

continue ramping up its production

with a target of 80 ingots per year.

The authorization is an outcome of

the improvement plan launched at the

beginning of 2016 on the site following

a series of quality audits. With the completion

of all the actions necessary for

the resumption of production for the

French nuclear fleet and overall progress

of 90% to date, the plan will be

fully closed out in the first half of 2018.

The actions will then be incor porated

into the site’s continuous improvement

processes. Customers in France and

abroad, as well as all the safety

authorities concerned, have been kept

regularly informed of the actions

undertaken. Numerous reviews and

inspections have been conducted in order

to observe the progress of the plan

and integrate stakeholders’ feedback.

David Emond, Senior Executive

Vice President of Framatome’s Component

Manufacturing Business Unit,

comments: “The authorization to

resume manufacture of forgings for

the French nuclear fleet is a very

good news for the site that confirms

the successful execution of its improvement

plan. The 230 employees

at the Le Creusot site are engaged

in its deployment on a day to day basis

so that we can supply our customers

with equipment meeting the most

stringent safety and quality requirements

within agreed deadlines. I

want to thank them for the substantial

work they have accomplished on

the site over the last two years.”

Maintaining and developing the

skills of the Le Creusot plant teams

is a key element of the site’s improvement

plan, with a particular focus

on strengthening the nuclear safety


Framatome already invested

7.5 million euros at the site in 2017

to make the Le Creusot site a center

of excellence for the manufacture

of forgings for the nuclear industry,

and will pursue this effort in 2018.

Major milestone reached

in review of manufacturing


Moreover, a major milestone has

been reached in the review of legacy

manufacturing records at the Le

Creusot site. The first stage in the

inspection process which is being

applied to all records relating to

forgings produced for the nuclear

industry, a key stage consisting in

identifying findings, is now complete.

The analysis of these findings and the

processing of deviations will continue

until the end of 2018, in coordination

with customers and safety authorities.

Of the 6,000 records identified

during the initial survey, 3,854 correspond

to forgings installed on nuclear


At Framatome’s Jeumont and

Saint-Marcel sites, the audit has been

finalized since the summer of 2017 and

no deviation impacting the safety of

components has been brought to light.

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JNFL and MHI Become

Shareholders of

Orano 2017 Revenue

(orano) The Orano Board of Directors

noted the completion of the capital

increase reserved for Japan Nuclear

Fuel Limited (JNFL) and Mitsubishi

Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) for

a total of €500 million.

Pursuant to the initial agreements

signed with JNFL and MHI in

March 2017, the funds corresponding

to their total investment in Orano

had been placed in trust on July 26,

at the same time as the completion

of the capital increase reserved for

French State 2. These funds were

released and used for the subscription

of JNFL and MHI to Orano’s second

capital increase.

This transaction follows the

completion on December 31, 2017 of

the sale of the majority control of

Framatome (formerly New NP) by

AREVA SA to EDF as well as the

fulfillment of the regulatory closing

conditions related to the addition of

an equity stake in Orano of both Japanese


Orano’s capital is now held by the

French State (45.2%), the CEA

(4.8%)3, AREVA SA (40%), JNFL

(5%) and MHI (5%).

This transaction is the last major

step in the restructuring of the French

nuclear industry, undertaken in 2015,

and marks the end of the constitution

phase of the Orano group. With a

strengthened financial structure and

sound strategic partnerships, Orano

now has the means to grow and reach

its goal of being a leading player in the

production and recycling of nuclear

materials, in waste management and


Appointment of a new

independent director

After completion of Orano’s second

capital increase, the Orano General

Meeting, also held on February 26,

2018, appointed Patrick Pelata as

independent director.

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