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The missing connection

Mental health and diagnosable

issues feature a lot in the

media at the moment. There

is considerable evidence that

mental ill-health has huge

impacts on the economy due

to absenteeism of employees,

lack of motivation, poor timekeeping

and low productivity.

Understanding where our

mental health comes from

has immeasurable impacts.

According to Dare2BU, a

team of four North Devon

women who aim to make

the area the most mentally

healthy place in which to live

and work, a state of wellbeing

offers limitless potential, effective

and efficient work, and

clearer decision making.

They add that even those

who run a small business,

whether it’s a ‘one-man band’

or just one or two employees,

would be remiss to overlook

the greatest untapped

resource available – the innate

mental health, wisdom and

capacity for insight within all

human beings.

How many people suffer?

It is estimated that one in four

people suffer with a mental

health problem, every year.

Do you see people around

you who appear to be OK?

Successful, happy and getting

on with things?

A larger portion of people

who appear to be OK on the

surface are carrying on despite

their inner turmoil. Many

may not be diagnosed with

issues; however, their state of

mind isn’t clear and as a result

their personal lives and work

performance suffer.

Reaping rewards

Dare2BU says we cannot

determine who will struggle

with their mental health, but

we can understand where

A two-day conference at Caddsdown, Bideford on 14 & 15 March

focuses on the missing connection between high performance in the

workplace and understanding mental health. Hosted by Dare2BU, it

aims to make North Devon the most mentally healthy place in which

to live and work

The Dare2BU team: (from left) Lucy, Julie, Bec and Debra

clarity and wellbeing come

from. A clear mind will have

us feeling happier, healthier

and less stressed.

But how do we clear our

minds? Understanding how

our minds work and where

our experience comes from

starts to clear our minds. Life

becomes easier and lighter.

Common sense tells us that

this state of mind supports

problem solving and stronger

team working and helps

produce better results.

Two-day conference

All this will be covered during

Dare2BU’s two-day ‘High

Performance in the Workplace’

conference at Caddsdown

Business Centre, Bideford on

14 & 15 March 2019.

Over the two days,

Dare2BU will share a

simple but profound understanding

that points people

to a healthier state of mind.

Creating a space for all

employees to see their own

wellbeing brings limitless

potential to the workforce.

They will discuss how this

understanding is the solution

to all business problems: staff

engagement, conflict resolution,

making money and

much more. The impact of

looking after staff wellbeing is


Is the mental health and

wellbeing of you and your

employees on your To-Do list?

Perhaps it’s time that it is.

Target audience

This event is aimed at every

business and organisation,

large or small, looking to

increase income, reduce stress

and / or resolve employee

issues. HR managers, directors,

small business owners,

managers, leaders and

employees can benefit from

this event, both in and out of

the workplace.

Dare2BU team and aims

The Dare2BU team all live and

work in North Devon. Each

member – Debra, Lucy, Bec

and Julie – has seen incredible

changes in their own life and

is passionate about sharing

this understanding across

North Devon.

What they will be sharing

during the conference has

been shared with many

top companies around the

globe in America, China and


This has enabled them to

achieve previously unimaginable

results, doubling

business earnings, solving

long-standing and seemingly

unsolvable problems, and

uncovering and avoiding fatal

business flaws.

Dare2BU wants North

Devon businesses to tap into

the understanding of the

mind that they will be sharing

to see for themselves how

they can be more successful

and find the insights needed

to sustain success in a world

that is changing at an everaccelerating


The event

Throughout the two days

there will seminar-style talks,

question and answer sessions,

networking over coffee breaks

and an opportunity to win a

Dare2BU ‘Workplace’ package

worth £2,000+.

All of this will be underpinned

by lots of fun too,

because we have all seen the

benefit of having a lot of fun

and a relaxing time.

■■For more details and to reserve

places at the Dare2BU

High Performance in the

Workplace conference, visit

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