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IoT and Hospitality

The Robot Will

Serve you now

In the world of tomorrow,

service robots

and automated

assistance systems

will serve us just like

human waiters used to

do. But is the hospitality

industry ready for

the next technological


n By Robert Brunner

Robots used to be stationary

machines; powerful and

usually expensive automation

systems programmed

to do repetitive tasks. For example,

industrial robot arms repeat the

same action over and over again

Service robots

will soon be

standard at any


Robert Brunner,


with the utmost precision. Service

robots, on the other hand, open up

a new field – one of flexible, semiautonomous,

or fully autonomous,

robotics. It is no longer just about

automating certain human tasks. It’s

more about flexible and (partially)

autonomous robots enabling new

and much more complex workflows.

In short, robots are no longer one-trick

ponies that automate a single task.

Thanks to falling component costs,

technological advances, and novel

business models, robotics is finally

leaving the realm of science fiction.

Service robots will soon be commonplace

in hotels, hospitals, restaurants,

warehouses, and retail stores, and

even in our homes, performing staff

services and housekeeping tasks.

The Time Has Come

The hospitality industry is a perfect

example of the emerging worldwide

market. Products are available from

established manufacturers like Savioke

and Omron Adept, as well as

start-ups like Fetch Robotics and Fellow

Robotics in the US, and Robotise

in Germany. In addition, there are humanoid

robots such as Kuri from Mayfield

Robotics in the US and Pepper

from Japan’s SoftBank Robotics (formerly

Aldebaran Robotics, France). All

of these companies are in the process

of developing disruptive technolo-


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