– a meeting with DACH Marketing

Director Matthias Wietstock at the IFA

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latest technology. That is why

we also want to make the most

important innovations available

lower in our range. This model

will feature our P5 picture

processor and it is equipped with

Dolby Vision, a technology that

is more important in the midrange

models than in the highend.

The Performance Series has

a beautiful design with a metal

frame that people are happy to

put in the living room, Android TV

platform and last, but not least,

our signature feature Ambilight

that changes the way you watch

content, whether is a movie or the

news! In short, with this model

Philips wants to offer the best allround

TV without hurting your


What can we expect to see at

IFA this year (without giving too

much away)?

IFA is always the most exciting

time of the year for us… And this

year, even more so. Not only are

we launching our new Philips TV

Flagship models, but we are also

presenting our new Philips Audio

propositions and products. This

year at IFA, we will also see how

the partnerships we announced

last year have evolved: expect

more sound by Bowers & Wilkins

in our TVs, more European Design

with Georg Jensen, more fun

and engaging activations with

Abbey Road Studios and new

unexpected collaborations to be


What would you say are the main

points of differentiation of the

Philips brand today?

From a Philips TV & Audio

perspective, I think there are a

few unique propositions that

make our products so special:

When it comes to Philips TV, I

need to mention Ambilight again

as it has proven to be something

that people who try it, adopt it!

We are also proud of our

European Heritage and our

European Design promise

bringing beautiful products to


We also bring sound to the next

level. Our partnership with

Bowers & Wilkins is just 1 proof

point of this.

And a 4 th one is connectivity. We

understand how important this is

and we are always integrating the

latest smart technologies in our

TVs and Audio products

Matthias Wietstock has been almost 25 years with

the Philips brand, in various international sales and

marketing roles. We asked him why it was important

to have brought sound and vision together under

one umbrella.

We basically now say it’s “Philips

Consumer Electronics” – not

under Royal Philips – but with

the backing of a big Taiwanese

company. We are now also

seeing the first results, being

own-developed products, which

we are bringing to market at IFA.

The OLED is still the flagship

product for the brand…

Exactly. We will have the new

8 series OLED after we won

something like 48 awards

with the predecessor with the

803 and the 903 series. We

are happy to be working with

Bowers and Wilkins on this

model as a premium brand.

They will also help us to become

even more high-end, which is

our ambition. It is interesting to

Matthias Wietstock

Marketing Director for Germany,

Austria, and Switzerland,

Philips TV & Audio

see how we are able to further

improve the quality of an OLED

TV at a price point above €2000.

This shows that both sound and

picture quality are the most

important features in making

a TV better than most of our

competitors. The Ambilight is

still our USP, and it is one of the

most important things we will

include in our communication

for our OLED TVs, but also for

our mid-range products

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