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q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

A p r i l 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

The Reef House<br />


FEATURE:<br />






Bernie visiting Hughie’s Wine Bar at the Mossman Hotel with owner Paul McMahon<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REALISES<br />







CHANGES...<br />

I never fully understood the double-edged toast of ‘may you live in interesting times’.<br />

However, I believe that members of the <strong>QHA</strong> are well on the way to understanding both<br />

sides of this blessing. Firstly, we are in a time of huge change in our industry. It is exciting<br />

to see new technology, emerging brands and evolving business models sprouting up<br />

around us at every turn. No two days are the same and challenges come at our industry<br />

from many different turns, some old and some new. The second side of the blessing<br />

is the curse of never being able to rely on certain conditions. With change comes both<br />

opportunity and risk, which keeps life interesting.<br />

Readers may now be asking, “Where is he going with all of this?”<br />

Very simply, the <strong>QHA</strong> realises we have some uncertain days ahead and we want to<br />

assure members we are aware these changes have very real consequences for members<br />

and their staff. Whether it is Industrial Relations changes from the Federal Government,<br />

proposed cashless technology or the costs of energy and insurance, the <strong>QHA</strong> is working<br />

with members towards possible solutions.<br />

The members that thrive in these times will create stronger businesses with a broad<br />

customer base. It will, however, not be easy and I would once again offer the assistance<br />

of your team at the <strong>QHA</strong>. If you have a question, reach out to us. Attend training sessions<br />

and member meetings and your problem can be shared or solved with your colleagues<br />

and suppliers around you.<br />

We have a whole host of events coming up across the state that will give me and the team<br />

an opportunity to spend time hearing what is truly affecting your businesses – from Cairns<br />

to Coolangatta (and out west too, of course!). While we may not always be able to get the<br />

answer immediately, getting a solution will always be ‘interesting’!<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> CHIEF EXECUTIVE/EDITOR<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 3

FEATURE:<br />


q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

A p r i l 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />





o u r c o v e r :<br />

The Reef Hotel,<br />

Palm Cove<br />

The Reef House<br />




A p r i l 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

<strong>QHA</strong><br />

Level 14, 270 Adelaide Street<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4000<br />

GPO Box 343<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4001<br />

Phone: 07 3221 6999<br />

1800 177 594<br />

Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />

Email: info@qha.org.au<br />

Office Hours<br />

8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday<br />

President<br />

Mr Richard Deery<br />

Senior Vice President<br />

Mr Matthew Coorey<br />

Vice Presidents<br />

Mr Brad Fitzgibbons<br />

Ms Mel Tait<br />

Mr Sam Ingham-Myers<br />

Secretary/Treasurer<br />

Ms Rachel Johnson<br />

6 NEWS<br />

20 FEATURE<br />


34 INSIGHTS<br />





62 TOP DROP<br />



Chief Executive and Editor<br />

Mr Bernie Hogan<br />

www.qha.org.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 4<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW is published by the Queensland<br />

Hotels Association ABN 54 878 166 941.<br />

All information is correct at time of going to press.<br />

The publishers cannot accept responsibility for<br />

errors in articles or advertisements, or unsolicited<br />

manuscripts, photographs or illustrations.<br />

The opinions and words of the authors do not<br />

necessarily represent those of the publisher. All<br />

rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole is<br />

strictly prohibited without prior permission.<br />


For all editorial and advertising queries:<br />

Simon Cross 0413 698 630<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> Deputy Chief<br />

Executive<br />

A hospitality industry<br />

professional with over<br />

30 years’ experience<br />

in liquor, gaming and<br />

operations. Damian<br />

has a strong focus<br />

on compliance and<br />

legislation.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Training Manager<br />

An experienced VET<br />

sector professional,<br />

Therese manages<br />

the <strong>QHA</strong> Training<br />

department and is<br />

responsible for the<br />

development and<br />

delivery of quality training<br />

for <strong>QHA</strong> members and<br />

other hospitality venues.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Membership<br />

Officer<br />

Paul is the face of the<br />

Association to many<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> members as he<br />

travels the length and<br />

breadth of the state<br />

visiting, advising and<br />

assisting publicans.<br />


Managing Partner,<br />

Mullins<br />

With over 30 years’<br />

experience in property,<br />

liquor and gaming law,<br />

Curt is recognised<br />

as a leader in this<br />

field. He advises pub,<br />

club, nightclub,<br />

restaurant, resort and<br />

accommodation venue<br />

owners and operators.<br />



Attorney-General and<br />

Minister for Justice<br />

Shannon Fentiman<br />

is the Labor member<br />

for Waterford in the<br />

Queensland Legislative<br />

Assembly. She is also<br />

the Minister for Women<br />

and the Minister for the<br />

Prevention of Domestic<br />

and Family Violence.<br />


Commissioner for<br />

Office of Liquor and<br />

Gaming Regulation<br />

Queensland<br />

Victoria is responsible<br />

for the regulatory policy<br />

and strategic direction<br />

of product safety,<br />

licensing, compliance<br />

and enforcement<br />

activitiestoprotect market<br />

integrity and keep<br />

Queenslanders safe.<br />


Hostplus, Group<br />

Executive, Member<br />

Experience<br />

Paul provides key-executive<br />

strategic leadership,<br />

development, and<br />

management of Hostplus’<br />

Member Experience<br />

division, responsible<br />

for the achievement of<br />

high-quality membercentric<br />

experiences and<br />

outcomes for Hostplus’<br />

members, employers and<br />

stakeholders.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Accommodation<br />

Division Manager<br />

As a professional advocate<br />

for the accommodation<br />

sector of the hotel<br />

industry, Judy advises and<br />

represents members on<br />

matters including tourism<br />

legislation, marketing<br />

strategy, risk management<br />

and airline regulation.<br />



Employment<br />

Relations Advisor<br />

Isabella understands<br />

the complexities HR<br />

personnel and employers<br />

often face in managing<br />

the workplace.<br />

Isabella has business<br />

qualifications and is<br />

currently completing a<br />

Graduate Certificate in<br />

Employment Relations.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 5

NEWS<br />






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 6

NEWS<br />

Tom has left the Association in very good health and in<br />

the experienced leadership of Richard Deery who has<br />

been the Senior Vice-President for almost a decade.<br />

Following in the footsteps of his father, Richard<br />

McGuire, Tom provided a great service to the<br />

hospitality industry not only in Queensland but also<br />

as part of the Australian Hotels Association where, for<br />

many years, Tom Served as National AHA President.<br />

He was always focused on building an association<br />

which gives every hotelier, no matter the size, a voice<br />

in our industry.<br />

It was in his role as a trusted confidante of political<br />

power-brokers and shrewd advocate for the industry<br />

where Tom’s mantra of ‘extending the hand of<br />

friendship’ was most evident. Over the years Tom<br />

has worked tirelessly to establish a strong, cohesive<br />

and influential association in both Queensland and<br />

Australia, and in 2019, was awarded with a Medal<br />

of the Order for Australia for his services to the hotel<br />

industry.<br />

Tom’s lateral thinking, great relationships with all<br />

sides of politics and willingness to treat everyone with<br />

respect and dignity, no matter their standing, has seen<br />

him go down as one of the <strong>QHA</strong>’s most respected<br />

leaders. Above all, Tom set the example of how the<br />

hospitality industry in Queensland is so often the heart<br />

of their communities.<br />

The departure of Tom and the appointment of Richard<br />

was officially announced at the most recent Board<br />

Meeting of representatives from across Queensland.<br />

Richard Deery, whose family has called the awardwinning<br />

Story Bridge Hotel in Kangaroo Point home for<br />

more than 50 years is excited to be taking on the role<br />

of representing this vibrant industry that is critical to<br />

the growth of the state.<br />

During his tenure at the Story Bridge Hotel, Richard<br />

has witnessed decades of change in the Queensland<br />

hotel industry and understands how to strengthen<br />

businesses and constantly adapt to the needs of his<br />

community and patrons.<br />

Richard sees so many opportunities in the years<br />

ahead such as increasing employment and career<br />

development opportunities as Queenslanders forge a<br />

career in the hospitality industry. Richard’s passion for<br />

the industry is his commitment to raising awareness for<br />

all of the positive aspects of the industry that should<br />

be enjoyed as much by employees as the patrons.<br />

Richard said he had nothing but high admiration for<br />

Tom’s accomplishments.<br />

“He’s been a very good captain of the ship for many<br />

years and has always provided good wisdom and<br />

guidance with a bit of humour along the way. You<br />

really need that in this trade. It’s a serious industry,<br />

but we have got to remember to keep this industry<br />

fun and exciting and not get caught up with all of the<br />

heaviness.<br />

“Tom’s are big shoes to fill. I think he’s been a great<br />

President and has been well connected to all parties,<br />

affiliate businesses, suppliers and the entire network<br />

across the industry. He is held in great regard and has<br />

kept everyone up front and at arm’s length.<br />

“With that said, I thank the members for having<br />

confidence in me taking it on. We will keep delivering<br />

a good result, keep our association in the forefront<br />

and keep our members up to date. Every area in<br />

Queensland has different needs, but we are all in the<br />

same boat and affected by the same state laws. We<br />

will listen and understand the needs and wants of all<br />

and do the best to look after the majority of members,”<br />

he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Chief Executive Bernie Hogan was glowing in his<br />

praise of both men, and said he has no doubt under<br />

Richard’s leadership that the <strong>QHA</strong> will continue to go<br />

from strength to strength and represent every member<br />

to the best of their ability.<br />

“While it is a momentous occasion when a giant of<br />

our industry steps down as President of the <strong>QHA</strong>, the<br />

association is incredibly fortunate to have a leader the<br />

calibre of Richard Deery waiting in the wings to take<br />

over the reins and continue our representation of this<br />

wonderful industry in Queensland,” he said.<br />

With this, we give many congratulations to Richard,<br />

and a hearty farewell and best wishes to Tom.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 7

NEWS<br />

Reef Magic<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 8<br />

Launched on 3 February, the dedicated hub on<br />

the Tropical North Queensland destination website<br />

allows travellers to easily find interactive conservation<br />

projects, immersive cultural experiences and<br />

eco-certified tourism operators.<br />

The Sustainable Travel Hub was created by Tourism<br />

Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) to help travellers<br />

understand the value of the region, environment and<br />

community through various resources that highlight the<br />

importance of travelling for the greater good.<br />

The hub is the result of holidaymakers being made<br />

increasingly more aware about the impact of climate<br />

change, meaning they are travelling more thoughtfully<br />

and with more intent.<br />

As a region surrounded by unique wildlife, vast<br />

wildernesses and several natural wonders,<br />

Queensland’s nature-based tourism experiences are<br />

just about unavoidable, making sustainably conscious<br />

projects highly relevant to the state’s tourism industry.<br />

TTNQ CEO, Mark Olsen, said the hub enables people<br />

to travel with greater purpose in the only destination<br />

where two natural World Heritage areas meet.<br />

“Sustainability has been a way of life for Tropical<br />

North Queensland’s tourism operators who deliver<br />

the most eco-certified experiences in Australia and<br />

have achieved a number of milestones including the<br />

Douglas Shire becoming the world’s first Eco-Certified<br />


NEWS<br />

Mossman Gorge Centre<br />

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway<br />

“Many of our operators are well advanced on this<br />

journey. Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, for example,<br />

was the first tourism operator in the world to achieve<br />

EarthCheck Master Certification and is one of less than<br />

10 EarthCheck Masters on the planet.<br />

“Others such as Experience Co’s Reef Unlimited<br />

and GBR Biology have pioneered the addition of<br />

Indigenous culture into a Great Barrier Reef experience<br />

by working with local Traditional Owners to include<br />

their knowledge in cultural presentations and reef<br />

stewardship activities,” he said.<br />

If anywhere warrants more sustainably and culturally<br />

conscious travel, its Queensland’s precious tropical<br />

north, with land shaped over generations, deeply<br />

intertwined with ancient cultures and littered with<br />

unique flora and fauna.<br />

Mark said there is also a growing consumer interest<br />

for tourism to be more restorative, reconciliatory and<br />

ultimately regenerative.<br />

“Tourism Tropical North Queensland’s promise for<br />

greater good is about continually improving as an<br />

industry and as a region. Sustainability is not just about<br />

the environment and the journey towards Net Zero, it is<br />

also about giving back to our community.<br />

Coral Nurture Program<br />

“We are bringing the tourism industry onboard with<br />

the Pathway to Sustainable Tourism Toolkit to help<br />

our operators adopt sustainable business practices,<br />

measure their footprint and plan their journey forward<br />

for the greater good.<br />

“The toolkit outlines certification programs, community<br />

initiatives to partner with including Rainforest Rescue<br />

and Green Caffeen and discusses Tourism Tropical<br />

North Queensland’s sustainability journey which<br />

includes working with Reforest to offset events.”<br />

To explore the Tropical North Queensland Sustainable<br />

Travel Hub and learn more, visit cairnsgreatbarrierreef.<br />

com/sustainable-travel.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 9

NEWS<br />

Chris Bate (Built), Louise Cooper (Coopers),<br />

Dr Tim Cooper (Coopers), Tony Zappia (Studio Nine Architects)<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 10<br />

Australia’s largest independent family-owned<br />

brewery has started construction on a world-class<br />

visitor centre, microbrewery and whisky distillery in<br />

Recency Park. Since plans were announced for the<br />

development in <strong>April</strong> last year, there has been an<br />

overwhelmingly positive response from locals and the<br />

many fans of the iconic brewery.<br />

Coopers Brewery Managing Director, Dr Tim Cooper,<br />

said they look forward to working with one of<br />

Australia’s largest private construction groups, Built,<br />

and all their project partners to deliver a highly unique<br />

and immersive facility.<br />

“This is an exciting expansion for Coopers, and<br />

represents a significant investment for the company,<br />

with an emphasis on maximising Australian input<br />

throughout the process.<br />

“As a proud Australian company, we hope to create<br />

a welcoming experience for local, national and<br />

international visitors while positioning our brewery for<br />

the future,” he said.<br />

The contemporary architecture seen in the artist<br />

impressions of the project have been inspired by<br />

Cooper’s iconic round label. The development is<br />

a two-storey high curved structure with a sloping<br />

amphitheatre that showcases the brewery’s sprawling<br />

grounds.<br />

Recency Park is a valued location for the sixthgeneration<br />

family company after the brewery was<br />

moved there in 2001 – 139 years after Coopers<br />

Brewery was founded in 1862.<br />

The construction officially begun on 16 December<br />

2021 and is estimated to be completed by May 2024.<br />

Tim said the commencement of the project marks a<br />

major milestone for the company, and they are excited<br />

to see their vision start to become a reality.<br />

“The feedback we’ve received from Coopers fans near<br />

and far is gratifying and their vote of confidence in this<br />

major investment is much appreciated,” he said.

NEWS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 12<br />


OF CRAFT<br />







Now in its 15th year, the people’s choice poll was<br />

more hyped then ever in 2023. With a new record of<br />

60,000 Aussies registering to vote on an astounding<br />

2,140 unique craft beers from 311 breweries, it is no<br />

surprise the GABS Hottest 100 is now considered<br />

one of the biggest polls of its type in the world.<br />

The excitement around this year’s countdown<br />

revealed what can only be described as a craft beer<br />

fandom continuing to emerge in Australia. Parties<br />

were thrown and effectively sold out at multiple<br />

venues across the country as people watched the<br />

livestreamed results and exposed to the best and<br />

bubbliest craft beers entering the market.

NEWS<br />

On 30 January, the gold, silver and bronze winners were<br />

revealed to be:<br />

1. Mountain Culture’s Status Quo Pale Ale, New<br />

South Wales – perfectly sessionable and ‘more<br />

tropical than a Hawaiian ukulele orchestra’, the juicy<br />

New England Pale Ale indeed melds right into the<br />

status quo of Australia’s favourite flavours.<br />

2. Balter Brewing’s Balta XPA, QLD – a returning<br />

two-time champion, the pale ale has tropical and<br />

floral aromantics and a punchy fruit flavour, resulting<br />

in a fully-hopped beer that is still easy to drink.<br />

3. BentSpoke Brewing Co’s Crankshaft, ACT –<br />

another returning two-time champion, the full and<br />

flavourful American IPA has hints of citrus and pine<br />

which are balanced out by caramel malts, making it<br />

very moreish.<br />

More information and the entire list of GABS Hottest 100<br />

Aussie Craft Beers of 2022 can be found on the GABS<br />

website. Congratulations to every brewery that made<br />

the list and to each of the creative, colourful concoctions<br />

that were amazing enough to be an official Aussie<br />

favourite. gabshottest100.com<br />

In Australia’s iconic and ever-evolving beer<br />

culture, there has been a noticeable shift<br />

towards more creative and easier drinking<br />

styles such as craft. Many specialised and<br />

independent craft brewers have popped up<br />

around the country with a myriad of unique<br />

flavour combinations and colourful cans<br />

that are perfect for stacking in the esky and<br />

enjoying by the beachside.<br />

Celebrations such as the GABS Hottest<br />

100 Craft Beer people’s choice poll and the<br />

upcoming GABS Craft Beer Festival on 10<br />

June help shape the future of craft and bring<br />

a whole lot of personality and entertainment to<br />

the modern Australian beer industry.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 13

NEWS<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 14<br />

On Thursday 2 March, one of the Sunshine Coast’s<br />

most anticipated venues opened its doors to over four<br />

thousand patrons who flocked to book a table at the<br />

thriving new venue.<br />

Just a short way from the Sunshine Coast’s glorious<br />

beaches, The Doonan is a garden-themed paradise,<br />

with indoor and outdoor dining, beer gardens, bars,<br />

a pizzeria, an ice creamery, a cellar door and multiple<br />

function spaces.<br />

Possibly The Doonan’s biggest talking point is its<br />

picturesque architecture and landscape – with plants,<br />

exposed brick, olive trees, and hanging lights adorning<br />

every nook and cranny of the venue, making it feel<br />

more like a boutique plant nursery.<br />

Responsible for the Eaton’s Hill Hotel and the<br />

Sandstone Point Hotel, the Comiskey Group acquired<br />

the two-hectare site in the Noosa Valley all the way<br />

back in 2006 with plans to develop the property and<br />

the pre-existing building. The group partnered with<br />

long-time friends, hospitality veterans and Noosa<br />

locals, Josh Jones and Neville Allen, to introduce the<br />

lavish venue to Queensland.<br />

Director of the company, Rob Comiskey, said they saw<br />

great opportunity when the land in Doonan came up<br />

for sale.<br />

“The property is just an eight-minute drive from the<br />

country town of Eumundi, making it an easy escape<br />

for locals and tourists alike! I am pleased to announce<br />

that after 17 years of ownership, the community have<br />

a new venue to enjoy.<br />

“It’s been a long road and our team has worked<br />

extremely hard to get The Doonan off the ground, but<br />

it has been well worth it. We are so looking forward to<br />

welcoming visitors, it really is a unique venue, and we<br />

are so proud of how it has turned out,” he said.<br />

On Sunday 26 February, The Doonan hosted a private<br />

opening party. Director Josh Jones said he believes<br />

the function was a great test run for staff and is<br />

confident the team are ready to serve the community.<br />

“It was fantastic to be able to celebrate the completion<br />

of The Doonan with friends, family, staff and<br />

associates. The private opening party was a great<br />

opportunity for our new staff to ease into their roles – it<br />

was really nice to see them all in action!<br />

“A big well done to our team who perfectly<br />

demonstrated the hospitality, talent and warmth within<br />

this community. We are well-equipped to bring this<br />

new, exciting venue to life, we are so looking forward<br />

to seeing what the future holds for The Doonan,” he<br />



Steinar Knutsen, Co-founder<br />

and Chief Executive Officer of MasterKeg<br />





<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 16<br />

Currently being developed in Norway, the latest concept in<br />

keg technology is allowing brewers, winemakers and baristas<br />

a chance to give their product the home it deserves.<br />

The idea is a plastic, collapsible and reusable keg that aims to<br />

be priced about the same as a one-way keg – eliminating the<br />

huge investment needed for heavy reusable steel kegs while<br />

reducing the monumental waste and negative environmental<br />

impact that plastic one-way kegs create.<br />

Chief sales officer of MasterKeg, Fabian T. Knutsen, said the<br />

idea addresses the problem of both steel and plastic one-way<br />

kegs taking up a lot of space in warehouses, breweries and<br />

shipping.<br />

“When shipping empty kegs you are basically shipping<br />

80% air – space that could’ve been used for other things,<br />

increasing efficiency and decreasing the environmental<br />

impact.<br />

Fabian T. Knutsen, Co-founder<br />

and Chief Sales Officer of MasterKeg



“When collapsed, our keg is 52% the size of a<br />

normal keg. This means we can comfortably ship<br />

and store up to 70% more kegs in the same space,”<br />

he said.<br />

The idea was founded after CEO and Co-founder of<br />

MasterKeg, Steinar Knutsen, experienced decades<br />

in the hospitality and brewery industry and realised<br />

the struggles brewers face such as the cost of<br />

resources and equipment. Fabian said it was then<br />

that Steiner presented a solution.<br />







Self Exclusion Management for<br />

Queensland Hotels and Venues<br />

Locally Developed, Delivered and<br />

Supported. Imagus is proven and<br />

trusted by more venues than any other<br />

self exclusion management system.<br />

“We immediately started drawing and thinking about<br />

ways to improve keg selections. That is when we<br />

drew inspiration from other packaging industries like<br />

milk cartoons. We realised they don’t get sent to the<br />

production line in full size, instead, they arrive in a<br />

compact state.<br />

“That is when we came up with the design for<br />

MasterKeg – a collapsible, reusable recyclable<br />

plastic keg that could be used almost as many<br />

times as a steel keg,” he said.<br />

The technology was designed with key<br />

considerations given to restaurants, bars and hotels.<br />

Not only does it have wheels, but it also takes up<br />

way less space and frees up valuable storage.<br />

Due to the double-beg design, the contents also<br />

maintains its quality until the very last drop is<br />

tapped.<br />

Fabian said they are working towards the future<br />

of kegs and believe in long and prosperous<br />

relationships between their partners while creating a<br />

much more stable environment for everyone.<br />

“We believe that kegs are nothing more than<br />

packaging for your product and should be treated<br />

as such. This has given us many opportunities<br />

to make adjustments and implement cost saving<br />

features that have never been seen before.<br />

“MasterKeg is in development and the design has<br />

not been completed just yet. There might be minor<br />

changes or improvements before launch and we will<br />

keep everyone updated on our progress,” he said.<br />

Developed with industry for venues in<br />

Queensland – secure, low cost, easy.<br />

• Fully automated<br />

and accurate<br />

• Automatic<br />

detection of self<br />

excluded patrons<br />

• Real-time alerts<br />

for staff<br />

• Reporting tools<br />

for compliance<br />

Make responsible gaming simple and<br />

accurate today.<br />

With hundreds of happy customers,<br />

we’d love to speak with you about how<br />

we can help in your venue.<br />

Contact Simon or Jim:<br />

Email: info@vixvizion.com<br />

1800 861 007<br />


NEWS<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 18<br />

<strong>Digital</strong> Retail are TAB venues with a difference. Unlike a<br />

traditional TAB set-up, you won’t find any cash betting<br />

facilities here. What you will find is a hugely beneficial<br />

contemporary wagering offering unlike anything else<br />

available in the market.<br />

What does <strong>Digital</strong> Retail offer?<br />

• a lower cost streamlined TAB fit-out<br />

• a first-class digital offering via Venue Mode on the<br />

TAB App; unlocking exclusive products and offers<br />

to customers within the venue boundary<br />

• cashless betting means simplified compliance and<br />

control requirements<br />

• a real-time, personalised CRM platform that<br />

activates customers upon entry of a venue<br />

• SKY Racing vision with over 145,000 races shown<br />

annually<br />

• an optional 3x SKY Sports channels with exclusive<br />

NBA, NFL and MLB live vision<br />

• access to MyTAB, TAB’s online portal to support<br />

our operators day-to-day<br />

• ability to create customised promotions for your<br />

customers via the TABify platform<br />

How does <strong>Digital</strong> Retail work?<br />

Each venue will have a designated <strong>Digital</strong> Wagering<br />

Area that encompasses the physical look and feel<br />

of a TAB retail setting. Using geofencing technology,<br />

TAB digital account customers will have access to<br />

Venue Mode benefits once they step through the door<br />

of a <strong>Digital</strong> Retail venue. There’s an array of design<br />

configurations available to choose from, allowing<br />

venues to select the best set up for their venue. TAB<br />

will also provide staff training in accordance with<br />

operating procedures and manuals.<br />

Keeping costs low<br />

<strong>Digital</strong> Retail is keeping costs low, while still offering a<br />

contemporary physical TAB presence. Having digital<br />

advertising screens and live sport and racing vision on<br />

display from open ‘til close not only provides strong<br />

entertainment value, but also works to attract new<br />

customers. TAB has also announced and implemented<br />

a move to ‘zero SKY fees’ with a full rebate for venues<br />

in Queensland. Thanks to TAB’s strong relationships<br />

with Queensland industry bodies, we’re making it<br />

easier and cheaper for you to showcase the best in<br />

racing and sport vision at your venue!*<br />

<strong>Digital</strong> Retail venues can also expect to receive <strong>Digital</strong><br />

Commissions. <strong>Digital</strong> Commissions are earned when a<br />

verified TAB digital account customer places a bet in a<br />

TAB venue. <strong>Digital</strong> Commissions are paid to venues in<br />

three instances**:<br />

• acquisition payment – a one-off payment for any<br />

new fully verified customer acquired in your venue<br />

• in-venue commissions – paid on bets placed via the<br />

TAB App while a customer is in your venue<br />

• out of venue commissions – paid on bets placed on<br />

a customer acquired in your venue whilst they are<br />

outside a TAB venue via the TAB App<br />

Punters are positive<br />

With over 100 TAB <strong>Digital</strong> Retail sites live as of<br />

February 2023, we collected some feedback from<br />

the punters already enjoying the next-generation TAB<br />

offering. Of those surveyed, 69% indicated that they<br />

only bet on the TAB App when visiting their local TAB<br />

<strong>Digital</strong> Retail venue. 74% of that same group agreed<br />

that <strong>Digital</strong> Retail made it more appealing to bet with<br />

TAB over other online bookmakers. Punters also gave<br />

a strong 4 out of 5-star rating to TAB <strong>Digital</strong> Retail<br />

based on the live sport and racing vision on offer, the<br />

overall betting experience, the ease of using Venue<br />

Mode and the atmosphere TAB <strong>Digital</strong> Retail created<br />

inside the venue.^<br />

Interested in learning more?<br />

Visit TABFORVENUES.com.au and register your<br />

interest, or contact your TAB Wagering Sales Executive<br />

to learn more.<br />

Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and<br />

confidential support, call 1800 858 858 or visit<br />

gamblinghelponline.org.au.<br />

*An eligibility criteria applies to access the full SKY fee rebate. To see whether your venue<br />

qualifies, please contact us. SKY fee rebate cannot be applied to SKY Sport subscription fees.<br />

**New accounts must be fully ID verified in line with the <strong>Digital</strong> Commission Rules for venues to receive out-of-venue commission.<br />

^TAB <strong>Digital</strong> Retail survey December 2022.<br />

Subject to Regulatory Approval.


remarkable<br />


TO BE<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 20





Thriving in their own luxurious corner of<br />

Palm Cove, The Reef House provides rest,<br />

relaxation and rejuvenation like no other.<br />

Right across from the Great Barrier Reef, the<br />

boutique hotel in Cairns takes pride in being<br />

an adult-only venue where people come<br />

away feeling better physically and mentally.<br />

The Reef House is owned by two private<br />

Aussie entrepreneurs, Malcolm Bean and<br />

David Horbelt, who also own two boutique<br />

venues in South Australia – Sequoia and Mt<br />

Lofty House.<br />

Over the past 14 years, the pair have<br />

focused on hand-crafting a unique business<br />

model that demonstrates what it means to<br />

be truly hospitable and provide a luxurious<br />

experience that keeps customers coming<br />

back.<br />

Director and Co-Founder of The Reef House,<br />

Malcolm Bean, said they have always run<br />

The Reef House like a family business with a<br />

focus on remarkability.<br />

“It’s customary for people to visit North<br />

Queensland at least once to see the reef and<br />

the rainforest, which is wonderful. But we<br />

want to have customers coming back every<br />

year – so we shifted our brand into being a<br />

destination rather than a hotel.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 21<br />

words: Amber O’Dell<br />

photos: The Reef House


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 22<br />

“We have built a business model around rest,<br />

relaxation and rejuvenation, and that’s changed<br />

everything we do, because we now measure our<br />

success on how our guests feel.<br />

“I’ve been in the hotel industry for 35 years and<br />

you know what the old saying is – satisfaction is<br />

worthless, loyalty is priceless. So we have really<br />

moved into valuing loyalty and building this very<br />

unique proposition,” he said.<br />

Service and comradery have been imbedded in<br />

The Reef House’s history since the building was<br />

constructed 65 years ago by a Cairns bookmaker<br />

who lived there with his family. According to an<br />

article in 1972, a swimming pool business owner<br />

was allegedly heavily indebted to the bookmaker,<br />

so he managed to repay him by building the ‘best<br />

swimming pool in North Queensland’, which is<br />

the pool that remains at the hotel to this day.<br />

In 1970, the house was purchased by a<br />

syndicate and opened as a restaurant with<br />

limited accommodation, and in 1972, Brigadier<br />

The Honourable David Thomson MC acquired<br />

the property and operated The Reef House as a<br />

private residence where visitors were treated as<br />

personal guests.<br />

Malcolm said many of the traditions still practiced<br />

at The Reef House have been carried on from<br />

Brigadier Thompson and his wife.<br />

“Back in the day the Brigadier would host drinks<br />

and make punch for all of the houseguests to<br />

bring everyone together, so we still do that to this<br />

day. It’s usually hosted by the general manager<br />

and Norm.<br />

“Norm worked here for over 20 years as a night<br />

manager. Despite retiring, he thankfully keeps<br />

returning and comes in three or four days a<br />

week to serve punch. He loves to connect and<br />

share local knowledge with guests and he’s a<br />

wonderful guy.<br />

“One of the other things we still operate in<br />

honour of Brigadier Thompson is the Brigadier’s<br />

Honesty Bar. It’s a fully stocked bar that runs<br />

on a trust system. People write down what they<br />

consume, and we just charge it to their account.<br />

There’s everything they need to make their own<br />

cocktail, and it’s just lovely,” he said











<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 24


The owners have certainly created a very unique<br />

accommodation environment with an emphasis<br />

on unbelievable service and remarkability above<br />

all else. Their strategy also seems to be working,<br />

with their return customers increasing by 200%<br />

over the past year.<br />

Malcolm said they tend to spend less money on<br />

marketing and more money on service, because<br />

if everyone who stayed at The Reef House came<br />

back, their marketing would be taken care of.<br />

“Our business is all about service, relationships,<br />

memories and experiences. We are only a little<br />

65-room boutique hotel, but we’ve got all of these<br />

full-time roles like the luxury concierge.<br />

“We’ve been able to achieve a lot of clarity about<br />

what our brand represents in this whole pursuit<br />

of remarkability, and I love it because I think that<br />

is a really hard thing to achieve in today’s world,<br />

because if you’re a participant and observer of<br />

the hotel industry, you’ll know there’s never been<br />

more hotels in Australia.<br />

“Australia is also one of the most expensive<br />

employment markets on Earth. So that’s why we<br />

had to be really clear about our goal and vision.<br />

We probably spend maybe $700,000 a year more<br />

on wages than we used to, which is a very scary<br />

investment in some ways. It’s been a real journey<br />

for us, but I don’t have any regrets – I’m very<br />

happy with it,” he said.<br />

Malcolm wasn’t kidding when he said they run a<br />

service-based business. The Reef House provides<br />

over 20 signature inclusions for its houseguests,<br />

including yoga on the beach, stretch and breathe<br />

classes, aqua aerobics, cocktail and wine making<br />

classes, complimentary sorbet and cold towels<br />

by the pool and even a full-time pool butler.<br />

It’s because of their attentive, luxurious services<br />

that the hotel was voted among Australia’s Top<br />

Ten Trip Advisor Rated Hotels for 2022 in addition<br />

to earning gold in Best 5 Star Accommodation in<br />

the 2022 Queensland Tourism Awards.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 25


Despite providing services for their guests mental<br />

and physical health, Malcolm said The Reef House is<br />

not trying to be a health retreat, but rather a paradise<br />

for houseguests where people can walk away feeling<br />

a whole lot better than when they arrived.<br />

“I’m really proud about the awards, especially<br />

because we’ve got a 50-year-old building and<br />

David and I spent lots of money trying to refurbish<br />

it. But really, what all of the recognition is about<br />

is our people, culture, service and how we make<br />

customers feel.<br />

“To provide unique, complimentary services you<br />

certainly need a little bit of financial and emotional<br />

courage, because it’s no small amount of money.<br />

Every time we innovate forward, we’re putting the<br />

cart before the horse, which can be scary because<br />

we’re incurring all of the cost before we even know<br />

if it’s going to resonate with the market. You’ve just<br />

got to have a little courage,” he said<br />

Nestled in a seaside pedestrian village and adjacent<br />

to the Great Barrier Reef, the hotel certainly has its<br />

location going for it. To further connect its guests<br />

to the culture and environment of Palm Cove, The<br />

Reef House hires guest speakers including a local<br />

Aboriginal Storyteller who tells the Dreamtime stories<br />

of their tribe as well as an accredited reef instructor<br />

to update guests on the happenings of the reef.<br />

Along with their experiences at The Reef House,<br />

Malcolm said he has also found it just as important<br />

to manifest a brand experience before customers<br />

arrive and after they leave.<br />

“One of the gifts we provide when customers check<br />

out is a recipe book with some of the food that<br />

they’ve eaten and some of the cocktails that they<br />

would have made in the cocktail classes. That way, if<br />

they want to have another crack at home, they can.<br />

“In <strong>April</strong> we are launching our walk-in wine room,<br />

and also releasing a book that some sleep scientists<br />

and I have been working on for the past ten months<br />

called Sleep Easy. It’s about 58 pages of scientific<br />

study on how to get the most restful sleep, because<br />

we’ve built our brand around rest and rejuvenation.


“We’ve also put together podcasts that accompany<br />

the book, so, when a customer is starting with us,<br />

they can follow the book and listen to the podcast,<br />

and they get that luxury of feeling fantastic every<br />

day even after they leave,” he said.<br />

Above all else, Malcolm and David understand<br />

that attentive customer service is what makes<br />

people come back again and again – and is what<br />

elevates a hotel like The Reef House into a boutique<br />

destination full of memorable experiences.<br />

“I remember talking to David when we were trying<br />

to reimagine a future for The Reef House, and we<br />

really adopted the word of remarkability. It’s a word<br />

we use throughout our little group of three boutique<br />

properties.<br />

“Doing what we do is really satisfying for myself and<br />

the team. When you arrive, there’s a complimentary<br />

drink of the day, cold towels to refresh, and then a<br />

tour of property before we take you to your room.<br />

That’s traditional and wonderful hospitality, and it<br />

gives me lots of confidence to talk about, because I<br />

know we’re delivering remarkability, and we’re really<br />

proud of it,” Malcolm said.


The Honourable Shannon Fentiman MP<br />


Running a hospitality business or working in the<br />

industry is challenging at the best of times, and since<br />

the pandemic I know business owners and employees<br />

have been faced with staff shortages and the rising<br />

cost of living.<br />

World Day for Health and Safety at Work on 28 <strong>April</strong><br />

provides a timely opportunity to check in on how you<br />

and your employees are feeling.<br />

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to any red<br />

flags that indicate your mental health, or the health<br />

of your staff and colleagues, needs to be prioritised.<br />

These may include:<br />

• having trouble concentrating<br />

• not working to the usual standard<br />

• withdrawing from colleagues<br />

• being absent from work.<br />

I also encourage you to think about how other external<br />

factors such as domestic and family violence (DFV) can<br />

impact your employees.<br />

DFV is a workplace health and safety issue – we know<br />

95 per cent of victims who were stalked by a violent<br />

partner experienced that harassment at work.<br />

And between a quarter and half of women subjected<br />

to domestic violence reported having lost a job at least<br />

in part because of that violence.<br />

No one should ever have to choose between their job<br />

and their safety, and I would like to remind businesses<br />

of the new Australia-wide paid DFV leave.<br />

Employees of non-small business employers can<br />

now access 10 days of paid DFV leave in a 12-month<br />

period and employees of small businesses can access<br />

the leave from 1 August 2023.<br />

Tackling domestic and family violence is everybody’s<br />

responsibility and I urge all members to look at how<br />

you can ensure your venues are safe and supportive<br />

for staff and patrons.<br />

Access the WorkSafe Queensland’s toolkit online<br />

which provides practical tools and resources that<br />

you can use to create and maintain a mentally health<br />

workplace.<br />

Learn more about the new paid DFV leave on the Fair<br />

Work Ombudsman’s website.<br />

If you or someone you know need help, phone:<br />

• Lifeline - 13 11 14<br />

• Beyondblue - 1300 224 636<br />

If you or someone you know is experiencing DFV, help<br />

is available:<br />

• 1800Respect – 1800 737 732<br />

• DVConnect Womensline – 1800 811 811<br />

• DVConnect Mensline – 1800 600 636<br />

If you need immediate assistance, phone Triple Zero<br />

(000).<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 28

toowoomba<br />


26 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Toowoomba Turf Club<br />


OLGR<br />

with Victoria Thomson<br />


During inspections, the Office of Liquor and Gaming<br />

Regulation’s (OLGR) compliance officers can<br />

encounter employees with invalid responsible service<br />

of alcohol (RSA) certificates.<br />

An RSA certificate from an approved training course<br />

is mandatory for certain employees involved in<br />

Queensland’s liquor industry including bartenders,<br />

glass collectors, floor hosts, room service staff and<br />

crowd controllers.<br />

Unfortunately, some people unknowingly obtain RSA<br />

certification through unaccredited online training<br />

providers whose courses are not regulated.<br />

As a competency within a national training package,<br />

the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course<br />

may only be delivered by a registered training<br />

organisation (RTO). A Statement of Attainment issued<br />

on completion is required to become certified in<br />

Queensland.<br />

Ensuring your employees have completed the correct<br />

RSA certification is the responsibility of the licensee.<br />

There are some simple steps you can take to make<br />

sure your employees have the right qualification.<br />

Firstly, ensure your employees provide a Statement<br />

of Attainment for the Provide Responsible Service of<br />

Alcohol course. As it is a nationally recognised course,<br />

RSA Statement of Attainment certificates that are<br />

issued in other Australian states for this qualification<br />

are also valid in Queensland.<br />

Some online courses will provide a Statement of<br />

Attendance. A Statement of Attendance does not<br />

meet Queensland’s requirements. There is a significant<br />

risk that critical RSA issues are not covered by the<br />

unaccredited training providers which can expose your<br />

venue and patrons to the risk of poor or unsafe RSA<br />

practices.<br />

You should also confirm the training was provided by<br />

an RTO and that it has an acceptable course code.<br />

The certificate should list the RTO’s number and the<br />

course code. RTOs and course codes listed on RSA<br />

certificates can be checked at training.gov.au.<br />

If an employee has a formal qualification such as a<br />

Certificate II in Hospitality, the course code will be<br />

attached to their certificate and appear alongside other<br />

units of competency for their qualification.<br />

Current acceptable course codes are SITHFAB021,<br />

SITHFAB002, SITHFAB009A and THHBFB09B.<br />

Most RSA certificates can be verified by the RTO that<br />

issued the certificate. This can usually be done on the<br />

RTO’s website or over the phone.<br />

Learn more about Queensland’s RSA training<br />

requirements on the Business Queensland website.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 30

I<br />

Thank you<br />


We thank our clients, partners and industry colleagues for visiting our stand at the AHG<br />

Expo. We deeply appreciate your interest and support and hope you gained something<br />

positive from the experience.<br />











GAMING<br />



FOCUSED &<br />


DRIVEN<br />

E<br />

T H<br />

E<br />

P O W<br />

w w w<br />

R<br />

. o d y<br />

s<br />

O<br />

F<br />

P<br />

A<br />

20+<br />

s e y g a m<br />

R<br />

T N<br />

YEARS<br />

i n g<br />

E<br />

R<br />

S H<br />

. c o m<br />

P<br />

For more information about our products and services, please contact your local Client Executive,<br />

email: sales@odysseygaming.com or call our office on (07) 3087 3300.








<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 32<br />

The brave souls that did, however, were husband<br />

and wife Noel and Jane Jesberg, who took a chance<br />

and managed to prevail with the rustic yet elegant<br />

country pub, The Rix Hotel. The venue has since<br />

been praised for its mouth-watering steaks, stylish<br />

and relaxed atmosphere and award-winning bar built<br />

atop of a 148-year-old cellar.<br />

Jane said from the outset, they believed there was a<br />

level of sophistication that is often underestimated in<br />

country towns that they wanted to introduce to the<br />

people of Charters Towers.<br />

“We wanted to offer good pub food – something a<br />

little bit fancy and something that people were drawn<br />

to in the city, but on a level that was price compatible<br />

with the other businesses here. Of course, we knew<br />

we couldn’t price ourselves out of the game.<br />

“I think, too, we also wanted to just encompass<br />

those old-fashioned hospitality manners and all<br />

those things that are still very important in regional<br />

communities. We wanted to hold on to that heritage.<br />

“We were nervous about doing a steakhouse,<br />

because no one believed it was possible to do it in<br />

the heart of cattle country. What we did was we met<br />

with a lot of graziers and canvassed their support, so<br />

I think we had solid advice from our locals, and we<br />

went forward that way,” she said.<br />

130kms west of Townsville, Charters Towers is a<br />

country town of rolling green hills and cattle with a<br />

history of gold mining. The Jesberg family have been<br />

in the town for generations as pub owners, with Noel<br />

and his brother carrying on the family’s legacy as<br />

third generation publicans operating the White Horse<br />

Tavern and The Rix Hotel respectively.


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 33



Like the bustling country town, The Rix has got<br />

something for everyone, including their award-winning<br />

Beast & Barrel restaurant and The Cellar Bar, as well<br />

as their gaming room and The Back Bar, which acts as<br />

a meeting point for the locals and a thriving little area<br />

for those looking to have a relaxing drink.<br />

What makes a visit to The Rix truly memorable is its<br />

exploration of creative new avenues not usually seen<br />

in a regular steakhouse, such as its unique countrychic<br />

décor. Jane said it took them close to six years to<br />

completely renovate the place into the stand-out venue<br />

it is today.<br />

“The place we bought was very run down. I think it<br />

was closed for 18 months beforehand. We actually<br />

walked in and there was still drinks on the table – like<br />

they just walked out mid-service.<br />

“We wanted to make use of the old brickwork that<br />

we knew existed in there. Noel did a lot of the work<br />

himself and stripped the walls back. In a small<br />

community, people are very conscious about if<br />

someone can overhear them while having a private<br />

conversation, so we also gave a lot of thought to<br />

having segregated areas and a mix of high and<br />

low tables.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 35


“We finally had the restaurant fully renovated in<br />

2020. We did a soft opening for some women in<br />

mining on the Friday night and were like ‘Woohoo!<br />

We’re up and running!’ and then Sunday, when<br />

Covid hit, we were closed,” she said.<br />

The complications of Covid certainly didn’t stop<br />

the power couple and their hopeful little pub. Last<br />

year, Noel and Jane carved a name for themselves<br />

into the industry when The Rix took out Best<br />

Regional Hotel Bar while its restaurant, The Beast<br />

& Barrel, picked up Best Regional Restaurant at<br />

the 2022 <strong>QHA</strong> Awards for Excellence.<br />

Now, the Jesbergs of The Rix are continuing to<br />

introduce new things to the town while working<br />

with local businesses. Noel said one of their new<br />

avenues they are busy exploring is dry-aged meat.<br />

“No one is doing it in this region I think. We are<br />

going to try and do our own spin on it and just<br />

bring something different to a rural town. We’re<br />

definitely trying to keep everything local with a<br />

marvellous butcher.<br />

“We are known as the best now, and it’s good. It’s<br />

something we tried hard to be and it’s something<br />

we pride ourselves on, I suppose. It’s a huge<br />

honour, especially in the bush – it’s great to be<br />

known as the best steakhouse in town,” he said.<br />

The Rix Hotel’s success is a real testament to<br />

the couple’s effort in creating a modern country<br />

pub that appeals to locals, tourists and even the<br />

pickiest of graziers from Charters Towers.<br />

“We absolutely love collaborating with local<br />

farmers, trying to source different things and<br />

bringing new things to the town – it is exciting.<br />

“We always want to just introduce something a<br />

little new, because it’s important to keep fresh. In<br />

business, you need to keep reinventing yourself to<br />

some degree,” Jane said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 36<br />

Listen to the complete interview and more<br />

on the Here’s Cheers podcast available at<br />

qha.org.au or your normal podcast apps:<br />

itunes<br />

spotify<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 37


with Therese Kelly<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 40<br />

With an increase in “phoney” RSA certificates being<br />

presented to venues, I thought it the perfect time<br />

to ensure our readers are aware of what defines a<br />

nationally accredited unit of competency.<br />

Any individual who is involved with the sale, supply or<br />

service of alcohol in licensed premises is required by<br />

law in Australia to hold a valid RSA certificate.<br />

If you want to work and serve alcohol in a licenced<br />

venue in Queensland, you must have a valid RSA<br />

QLD certificate. The following people must complete<br />

RSA training within 30 days of starting employment<br />

and maintain a current RSA training course certificate<br />

during their employment:<br />

• bartenders<br />

• glass collectors<br />

• floor staff<br />

• room service staff<br />

NOTE: It does not include people that are trained in RMLV,<br />

such as approved managers.<br />

The required certification in Queensland is a Statement<br />

of Attainment, issued on completion of the national<br />

training package competency, Provide Responsible<br />

Service of Alcohol. As a competency within a national<br />

training package, the Provide Responsible Service of<br />

Alcohol course may only be delivered by a registered<br />

training organisation (RTO).<br />

There are a few things you should know about<br />

choosing a suitable course. Firstly, there are two types<br />

of courses offered, accredited and non-accredited.<br />

Vocational education and training (VET) accredited<br />

courses have the following features<br />

Meets AQF standards<br />

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the<br />

national standard for training and education in<br />

Australia. It began in 1995 to create a baseline of<br />

quality that governs any qualification earned in the<br />

country related to schools, training programmes,<br />

higher education etc. and will contain a code that can<br />

be found on the National Register. This is one way<br />

you can be sure that it the required certification, e.g.<br />

SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality. VET courses<br />

have been developed by industry consultation and<br />

are accredited courses that reassure employers your<br />

skillset matches those required by industry. Accredited<br />

courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of<br />

industry ensuring all the relative laws and regulations<br />

are incorporated.<br />

What’s the difference between a non-accredited<br />

and accredited course?<br />

Courses that are non-accredited may still be useful for<br />

increasing your knowledge and skills, but they won’t<br />

help you receive an accreditation. A VET accredited<br />

course has been assessed by ASQA as compliant<br />

with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses and<br />

the AQF Courses that don’t have the VET designation<br />

and that haven’t been approved by ASQA are not<br />

accredited.<br />

How do you know if a training course is<br />

accredited?<br />

One of the best ways to see whether the course is<br />

accredited is to check the Australian Government’s<br />

website, training.gov.au. You can search for the<br />

course, then check the training provider you are<br />

researching is approved to offer the course.<br />

Who can deliver an accredited course and what<br />

does RTO mean?<br />

An RTO is a provider registered by ASQA to deliver<br />

recognised VET training and qualifications. Registration<br />

with ASQA confirms that the provider is capable of<br />

meeting government standards and is permitted to<br />

issue nationally recognised qualifications or units of<br />

competency. There are two ways you can identify an<br />

RTO. Look out for the Nationally Recognised Training<br />

logo (pictured below) and an RTO provider number<br />

(<strong>QHA</strong> RTO # 30826). An RTO number must be<br />

displayed on an RTO’s advertising materials including<br />

their website. Once you have the RTO number, search<br />

training.gov.au to ensure the organisation’s registration<br />

is current and they are approved to deliver the course<br />

you are interested in.



Hostplus was proud to receive three accolades in<br />

Money magazine’s ‘Best of the Best’ awards for 2023.<br />

Our Socially Responsible Investment – Balanced<br />

options for our super and retirement products were<br />

named the ‘Best Diversified ESG Super Product’<br />

and ‘Best Diversified ESG Pension Product’, and<br />

our Balanced (MySuper) option was named the<br />

‘Best MySuper Single Strategy Product’. This award<br />

recognises our Balanced option for its leading longterm<br />

performance, with the option continuing to rank<br />

#1 over 10 and 20 years, according to SuperRatings. 1<br />

While our key measure of success is what we deliver<br />

to our members, it’s nice to receive recognition from<br />

third parties like Money magazine. Awards like this<br />

help validate our continued focus on providing better<br />

retirement outcomes for members.<br />

End-of-year performance in 2022<br />

Financial markets across the world endured a rocky<br />

2022. One dominant factor drove the negative returns:<br />

inflation.<br />

In these challenging market conditions, the median<br />

return for 50 balanced options in Australia was -4.76%<br />

for the year. Hostplus’ MySuper Balanced option<br />

delivered a 12-month return of -2.48%. Our Pension<br />

Balanced option delivered -2.76%. 2<br />

It may be worrying for members to see their super<br />

balances going down over the short term. But it’s<br />

important to remember that it’s the long-term returns<br />

that really count.<br />

As mentioned, Hostplus members in our MySuper<br />

option are in the number-one performing balanced<br />

option over 20 years, according to SuperRatings.<br />

Across that time, it’s returned 8.11%.<br />

That 20-year period includes occasional stretches<br />

of negative returns. It’s a normal, expected part of<br />

investing in assets like shares.<br />

At Hostplus, we have a proven, diversified investment<br />

strategy. We invest not just in shares and bonds,<br />

but in a wide range of unlisted assets. These include<br />

property, infrastructure, private equity and alternatives.<br />

That diversification spreads your money across many<br />

different types of investments. It aims to smooth out<br />

the ups and downs of the markets.<br />

Advice for those who need it<br />

For members who would like help understanding<br />

how their super is performing, contact us today. We<br />

now offer greater flexibility in our financial advice<br />

services. Our friendly and professional advice support<br />

officers are licensed to provide general advice at no<br />

additional cost. This means members can get general<br />

superannuation information faster. The team can<br />

be reached through our dedicated Hostplus Advice<br />

number – 1300 303 188.<br />

If members are looking for personal advice about<br />

their Hostplus account relating to contributions,<br />

investments or insurance, these services are provided<br />

at no additional cost (and included as part of the<br />

membership fee). For more comprehensive personal<br />

advice about planning for retirement, our financial<br />

planners can help. Their flexible pricing structure,<br />

which starts at $295, gives your staff more control as<br />

they can decide the level of advice they want and pay<br />

for it as they go. That’s a plus.<br />

Visit hostplus.com.au/financial-planning to find out<br />

more about our advice services. You can check out<br />

our brand-new website while you’re there.<br />

1<br />

SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, December 2022.<br />

2<br />

SuperRatings Pension Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SRP50 Balanced (60-76) Index, December 2022.<br />

Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund)<br />

ABN 68 657 495 890, MySuper No 68 657 495 890 198.<br />

This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this<br />

information is appropriate for you in light of your circumstances before acting on it. Please read the relevant Hostplus Product Disclosure Statement<br />

(PDS), available at hostplus.com.au before making a decision about Hostplus. For a description of the target market, please read the Target Market<br />

Determination (TMD), available at hostplus.com.au.<br />

Net investment returns represent the rate of return on investments after investment-related fees, costs and taxes have been deducted. Past<br />

performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a superannuation fund.<br />

Money magazine awards are solely a statement of opinion and do not represent a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell this product, or make<br />

any other investment decisions. Ratings are subject to change. Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to invest. Past<br />

performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Go to moneymag.com.au for details of its ratings criteria.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 41

LEGAL MATTERS with Curt Schatz<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 42<br />

As 2023 gets underway, you may be considering the<br />

different functions that you are wanting to hold through<br />

the year. Your licensed venue is subject to specific<br />

trading hours under the Liquor Act 1992, which you<br />

may need to consider extending for certain events.<br />

Extensions to trading hours can be sought on either a<br />

temporary (one-off) or permanent (ongoing) basis.<br />

Temporary (one-off) extended trading hours<br />

For one-off events that occur throughout the year,<br />

temporary one-off extended trading hours permits<br />

may be obtained from the OLGR. These events may<br />

include New Year’s Eve, Australia Day and large<br />

sporting or cultural events. For these kinds of events,<br />

the temporary one-off extended trading hours permits<br />

may be obtained to allow a licensed hotel to sell liquor<br />

before 10am, or between 12am and 5am.<br />

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR)<br />

will approve a maximum of:<br />

• 4 pre-10am trading permits in any 1-year period; and<br />

• 6 late night trading permits between 12am to 5am<br />

in a 1-year period.<br />

Applications for a temporary extended trading hours<br />

permit must be made at least 21 days before the<br />

event. Each of the late-night trading permits cannot<br />

be for more than 1 date in a calendar month. An<br />

exception may be made if there is a special occasion<br />

which runs over 2 or more consecutive days, however<br />

each consecutive day will still count as a separate<br />

permit (i.e. not one rolling permit).<br />

Permits for late night trading will also only be approved<br />

if sought for a ‘special occasion’ which is defined as:<br />

• a unique or infrequent special public event of local,<br />

state or national significance (for example, local<br />

music festival or a televised international sporting<br />

match involving an Australian team); or<br />

• a private function closed to the public, such as a<br />

wedding or birthday.<br />

If you need assistance in determining if you proposed<br />

date is a special occasion, please get in contact with<br />

me and we can assist.<br />

Permanent (ongoing) extended trading hours<br />

If you are planning events which may require your<br />

business to operate later trading hours than you<br />

currently have, you may consider applying for<br />

permanent extended trading hours. The OLGR may<br />

approve your venue for extended liquor trading hours<br />

between 12am to 2am where it is located outside of<br />

a safe night precinct, and 12am to 3am for premises<br />

located within a safe night precinct.<br />

The gaming operations at your venue may be<br />

approved for maximum trading hours up to two hours<br />

after the liquor operation ceases. If you are not sure<br />

whether your venue is located in a safe night precinct,<br />

the precinct maps can be found at business.qld.gov.au.<br />

To obtain approval for the permanent liquor extended<br />

trading hours after 12am, the OLGR will require that<br />

a Community Impact Statement is lodged to assess<br />

the impact from the grant of the application. For the<br />

gaming extended trading hours, the OLGR will require<br />

the applicant to evidence that there is a demand for<br />

the proposed extended trading hours.<br />

If you are planning any early morning functions, you<br />

may seek approval from the OLGR to permanently<br />

extend the trading hours of your venue pre-10am.<br />

However, this is not usually approved on a permanent<br />

basis for commercial hotels, other than for the<br />

operation of any on-site or detached bottle shop.<br />

To obtain approval for the pre-10am trading hours,<br />

the applicant must be able to show a demonstrated<br />

community need for this trading. Relevant<br />

considerations may include the location of the licensed<br />

premises and the increase in population in that area.<br />

Benefits of extended trading hours<br />

There may be various benefits for your business<br />

in obtaining approval for extended trading hours,<br />

depending on the unique circumstances of your<br />

operations. Generally, temporary one-off extended<br />

trading hours permits would be beneficial where<br />

you intend to provide services on special occasions<br />

throughout the year, such as for New Year’s Eve,<br />

memorable sporting events or nationally renowned<br />

holidays. It will also allow your business to capitalise<br />

on specific events and attract more customers by<br />

servicing demand during peak times.<br />

Permanent extended trading hours can provide your<br />

business with more flexibility to service the demand<br />

from patrons, in turn contributing towards the revenue<br />

of your business. It may also allow your venue to have<br />

a competitive advantage and cater to a more diverse<br />

market, including shift workers and international<br />

tourists.<br />

If you are considering extending your licensed trading<br />

hours to take advantage of increased business or<br />

have a specific event which requires extended trading<br />

hours, and you require assistance with the application<br />

process, please do not hesitate to contact me on<br />

07 3224 0230.

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 43


with Damian Steele<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 44<br />

Refusing entry and/or banning patrons from attending<br />

licensed premises is a decision which should be based<br />

on reasonable grounds, and one which hoteliers<br />

should feel confident and empowered to make in line<br />

with their own policies, responsible service and legal<br />

obligations.<br />

To support licensees maintain a safe environment in<br />

and around licensed premises there are three levels of<br />

bans that can be imposed on patrons:<br />

• court-imposed bans<br />

• police-imposed bans<br />

• venue-imposed bans<br />

There further exists restrictions for venues located in<br />

Restricted Area Communities and in catchment areas<br />

near Restricted Area Communities.<br />

Court-imposed bans<br />

Current legislation provides courts with powers to ban<br />

people from specified licensed premises or specified<br />

areas around licensed premises. Banning orders are<br />

a sentencing option for offences related to violence<br />

or drug trafficking and supply committed in, or in the<br />

vicinity of, licensed premises. A banning order can<br />

also be imposed under the Bail Act 1980 (Qld) as a<br />

condition of bail in the case of offences of violence<br />

in, or in the vicinity of, licensed premises. The courtissued<br />

banning orders can be for up to 12 months, or<br />

longer if attached to a sentence for a criminal offence<br />

and can apply inside and outside of venues.<br />

These powers strengthen the ability of the courts<br />

and police officers to enforce expected standards<br />

of community behaviour, recognising that everyone<br />

deserves to be able to enjoy themselves responsibly<br />

and feel safe in community spaces.<br />

What court-ordered patron bans mean for licensees:<br />

• Through court-ordered bans, patrons who<br />

endanger public safety through violence can be<br />

held to account. There are significant penalties<br />

for persons found to contravene a banning order,<br />

and any breach of a ban made through bail<br />

conditions may also have serious consequences<br />

for the individual, including having their bail<br />

revoked. Penalties include a fine or up to one year<br />

imprisonment.<br />

• The legislation allows for copies of banning orders<br />

to be provided to venues to which the ban relates,<br />

including to approved operators for uploading to<br />

the approved ID scanning system.<br />

Police-imposed bans<br />

The Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld)<br />

provides police with powers to ban people from:<br />

• entering or remaining in a stated licensed premises<br />

or a stated class of licensed premises<br />

• entering or remaining in a public place located<br />

within a safe night precinct (SNP), and<br />

• an event being held in a public place where liquor<br />

will be sold for consumption at the event.<br />

Police may amend banning notices by issuing further<br />

notices to:<br />

• extend the duration of the initial ban for a total<br />

period of up to 3 months (this can include specific<br />

days or times), and<br />

• include additional relevant public places.

Damian Steele<br />


Venue-imposed bans<br />

As well as court-ordered and police-ordered patron<br />

bans, licensees can use venue-imposed bans to deal<br />

with patrons demonstrating violent and inappropriate<br />

behaviour. Legislation also allows for these types<br />

of bans to be included in the approved ID scanning<br />

system data in SNPs.<br />

• Venue specific bans - where a licensee bans a<br />

patron indefinitely or for a specified period of time<br />

due to inappropriate behaviour, including acts of<br />

violence.<br />

• Group venue bans - where a number of licensees<br />

(usually members of a Liquor Accord or Safe Night<br />

Precinct) ban patrons from all participating venues<br />

indefinitely or for a specified period of time, due to<br />

inappropriate behaviour, including acts of violence.<br />

Restricted Area Communities and catchment<br />

areas<br />

In addition to the three pathways available currently<br />

to ban a patron, there are alcohol restrictions in 15<br />

local government areas across Queensland which<br />

are Restricted Area Communities. These restrictions<br />

ban or limit the amount and type of alcohol which can<br />

be taken into a community. In some communities,<br />

alcohol is completely banned. A catchment area is a<br />

location that provides a relatively convenient source of<br />

alcohol within a few hours travel of a Restricted Area<br />

Community.<br />

Conditions on licensed premises in catchment<br />

areas<br />

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has<br />

imposed strict licence conditions on the following<br />

licensed premises. Four basic conditions have been<br />

imposed on most licensed premises situated in<br />

catchment areas near Aboriginal and Torres Strait<br />

Islander communities:<br />

• no alcohol sales to taxi drivers who are acting as a<br />

third party.<br />

• no licensee can hold a patron’s bank access cards.<br />

• a ban on the sale of pre-mixed spirits in containers<br />

exceeding 2L and all other liquor in containers<br />

exceeding 4L.<br />

• a ban on the sale of fortified wines, such as port,<br />

muscat and sherry, in glass flagons.<br />

The <strong>QHA</strong> can assist and provide further guidance<br />

to members on the issues of refusing entry and<br />

the ‘banning’ process. Further, the <strong>QHA</strong> can assist<br />

members with a template ‘banning letter’ which can<br />

be ‘served’ on patrons and contains explanatory notes<br />

of the licensee’s authority under the Liquor Act 1992<br />

(Qld).<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 45


with Judy Hill<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 46<br />

Last year, the annual Hotel Market & Economic<br />

Outlook (HM&EO) event attracted over 100 delegates<br />

who welcomed not only the opportunity to catch up<br />

with industry colleagues but also to hear first-hand<br />

from industry presenters after a two-year hiatus due to<br />

Covid.<br />

This year, the event is taking a slightly different format<br />

as it will be held in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.<br />

The Brisbane event is confirmed for Tuesday 18 <strong>April</strong><br />

at Hotel X in Fortitude Valley where a light breakfast will<br />

be available from 7am to 8am. The Gold Coast event<br />

is confirmed for Thursday 20 <strong>April</strong> at Rydges Gold<br />

Coast Airport Hotel with the same timings for the event<br />

to conclude at 10am. A HM&EO event will also be<br />

held in Cairns later this year with a date to be released<br />

soon.<br />

The first session at both events commences with<br />

Paul Hammond, Business Development Manager at<br />

STR, who will present on the current state of play in<br />

Queensland, and the other states and territories.<br />

The next session at both events will star Adele<br />

Labine-Romain, Australian Tourism Sector Leader and<br />

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics, who will share<br />

her deep understanding of the tourism landscape and<br />

experience in strategy and policy development.<br />

Passionate about the potential for tourism to create<br />

stronger economies and better lives, Adele has<br />

supported the development of state, territory and<br />

destination tourism strategies, delivered the national<br />

regional tourism satellite account model and undertook<br />

a year-long study on how to encourage visitor regional<br />

dispersal. Adele has been a member of the Tourism<br />

Research Advisory Board, the Tourism Forecasting<br />

Reference Panel and other industry panels and<br />

committees while contributing to the development<br />

of a number of tourism employment plans and other<br />

government and industry studies.<br />

As part of the impending amalgamation between<br />

Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) and the<br />

Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA), the<br />

newly-appointed interim CEO of the Accommodation<br />

Association Michael Johnson, will also provide us with<br />

an update of the merger which is due to be finalised<br />

mid-year.<br />

The cruising industry has also returned bigger than<br />

ever. Peter Keyte, Chief Operating Officer Port of<br />

Brisbane Pty Ltd will present at the Brisbane event and<br />

discuss the plans to build a second cruise terminal and<br />

the current state of play for the cruise industry.<br />

As we are now in 2023, the 2032 Olympics are<br />

becoming a front of mind discussion each day in<br />

everyone’s workplace. This being the case, Kerry<br />

Petersen, Executive General Manager for the<br />

Brisbane Organising Committee for the 2032 Olympic<br />

and Paralympic Games will update the audience<br />

accordingly.<br />

Aviation like many other sectors is a vital ingredient<br />

that makes up our industry, so a key executive<br />

member of the management team will be present at<br />

the Gold Coast event from Gold Coast Airport.<br />

I encourage you to mark these dates in your diary and<br />

attend some of the annual events. The HM&EO event<br />

aims to provide you with an insight into trends and<br />

the market dynamics that will assist you in preparing<br />

your hotels’ budgets and forecasts. You will also<br />

receive the latest market intelligence, analysis and<br />

performance outlook. Interest rates and the Australian<br />

Dollar forecasts, together with the broader global and<br />

domestic economies will also be discussed with an<br />

emphasis on Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast<br />

and Queensland.This event is specifically targeted<br />

at accommodation properties and is guaranteed<br />

to provoke thoughts and ideas with the intention<br />

of improving your hotels’ performance, so it is best<br />

attended by middle and senior management of the<br />

hotel and hospitality industry.<br />

For further information contact Judy Hill<br />

Accommodation Division Manager by emailing jhill@<br />

qha.org.au or calling 0403 399 260.

SAVE<br />

DATE THE<br />

Tuesday 18 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

7am - 10am<br />

Hotel X Fortitude Valley<br />

Thursday 20 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

7am - 10am<br />

Rydges Gold Coast<br />

Airport Hotel


with Isabella Crombie-Tait<br />



(GENERAL) AWARD 2020<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 48<br />

Public holiday entitlements can be quite confusing.<br />

The National Employment Standards (NES) within<br />

the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (‘the Act’) set out the<br />

minimum entitlements relating to public holidays. For<br />

hospitality employers and employees, there are additional<br />

entitlements provided for in the Hospitality Industry<br />

(General) Award 2020 (‘HIGA’). While this article will step<br />

through the entitlements from both sources, the <strong>QHA</strong>’s<br />

Employment Relations Department does have resources<br />

available for members to provide more specific guidance.<br />

Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020<br />

entitlements<br />

The NES sets the minimum entitlements due to all<br />

employees, but it is not the only source of public holiday<br />

entitlements. If a modern award applies to an employee,<br />

the minimum entitlements in that award will also be due to<br />

the employee.<br />

The HIGA contains public holiday entitlements specifically<br />

for full-time employees at clause 35.3. If a full-time<br />

employee’s rostered day off (RDO) or accrued day off<br />

(ADO) falls on a public holiday, the employer must do one<br />

of the following:<br />

i. pay the employee an extra day’s pay; or<br />

ii. give the employee an alternative day off within 28<br />

days; or<br />

iii. give the employee an additional day’s annual leave.<br />

Because the HIGA is another source of minimum<br />

entitlements, this clause applies even if the employee<br />

does not have an entitlement to be paid for their absence<br />

on a public holiday under the NES.<br />

NES entitlements<br />

Entitlement to be absent and reasonable refusal<br />

Section 114(1) of the Act states:<br />

An employee is entitled to be absent from his or her<br />

employment on a day or part-day that is a public<br />

holiday in the place where the employee is based for<br />

work purposes.<br />

However, the employer may request an employee to work<br />

on the public holiday if the request is reasonable. The<br />

employee may be able to refuse the request provided:<br />

a. the employer’s request to work was not reasonable,<br />

or<br />

b. the employee’s refusal to work is reasonable.<br />

Employers and employees will need to exercise their<br />

judgement as to what is “reasonable” by referring to the<br />

criteria set out in section 114(4) for guidance:<br />

a. the nature of the employer’s workplace or enterprise<br />

(including its operational requirements), and the<br />

nature of the work performed by the employee;<br />

b. the employee’s personal circumstances, including<br />

family responsibilities;<br />

c. whether the employee could reasonably expect<br />

that the employer might request work on the public<br />

holiday;<br />

d. whether the employee is entitled to receive overtime<br />

payments, penalty rates or other compensation<br />

for, or a level of remuneration that reflects an<br />

expectation of, work on the public holiday;<br />

e. the type of employment of the employee (for<br />

example, whether full‐time, part‐time, casual or<br />

shiftwork);<br />

f. the amount of notice in advance of the public<br />

holiday given by the employer when making the<br />

request;<br />

g. in relation to the refusal of a request—the amount<br />

of notice in advance of the public holiday given by<br />

the employee when refusing the request;<br />

h. any other relevant matter.<br />

It is very common for hospitality industry businesses to<br />

operate on almost every day of the year. If a hospitality<br />

employer chooses to operate on a public holiday, they<br />

may be able to reasonably request employees to work.<br />

If an employee refuses to work on a public holiday,<br />

employers should seek to understand why. For example,<br />

if an employee refuses to work due to family or caring<br />

commitments and the employee provided notice of their<br />

intention to exercise their entitlement not to work on the<br />

public holiday, it may be unreasonable to require them to<br />

work. Each situation should be approached individually<br />

with consideration for the details.<br />

Payment for absence on a public holiday<br />

Section 116 of the Act states:<br />

If… an employee is absent from his or her employment<br />

on a day or part-day that is a public holiday, the<br />

employer must pay the employee at the employee’s<br />

base rate of pay for the employee’s ordinary hours of<br />

work on the day or part-day.

Isabella Crombie-Tait EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS<br />

An employee can be absent from work for multiple<br />

reasons, including they have exercised their entitlement<br />

not to work, the business is closed on the public holiday,<br />

or they were not rostered on the public holiday.<br />

If an employee does not have ordinary hours of work on<br />

that day, they are not entitled to payment under section<br />

116. Casual employees who are not rostered on a public<br />

holiday are not entitled to payment on a public holiday.<br />

Full-time and part-time employees may be entitled to<br />

payment depending if they would have ordinary hours of<br />

work on that day.<br />

For example, a part-time employee works four days a<br />

week and their usual days of work are Tuesday to Friday.<br />

The public holiday falls on a Monday. This employee does<br />

not usually work on Mondays, so they do not have an<br />

entitlement to be paid for their absence from work on this<br />

public holiday.<br />

Part-time employment under the HIGA provides significant<br />

flexibility for part-time employees to work additional<br />

ordinary hours above their guaranteed hours. This allows<br />

for fluctuation in their hours of work which may create<br />

some confusion when trying to identify when they have<br />

ordinary hours. To identify a pattern of ordinary hours on<br />

a day, employers can review the employee’s roster history<br />

over a reasonable period of time to see if the employee<br />

works that day for the majority of the period. There is<br />

no rule for how long this period should be, however, a<br />

period of months or more is likely to provide a reasonable<br />

indication of a pattern of work.<br />

Substituting public holidays<br />

For employees covered by the HIGA, clause 25.2<br />

provides that an employer and employee may agree to<br />

substitute another day or part-day for a full day or partday<br />

public holiday. For all award-free or agreement-free<br />

employees, section 115(4) of the Act provides for the<br />

same entitlement. An employer cannot force or put undue<br />

pressure on an employee to substitute a public holiday.<br />

Leave and public holidays<br />

A public holiday may fall during a time when an employee<br />

is on a period of paid annual leave or paid personal or<br />

carer’s leave. The Act clarifies that an employee cannot<br />

be on paid annual leave or paid personal or carer’s leave<br />

on a public holiday. If an employee is absent from work<br />

because they are accessing either of these leave types,<br />

the employee’s leave accrual cannot be debited for the<br />

day that is the public holiday.<br />

2023 public holidays in Queensland<br />

Below are the official public holidays in Queensland and<br />

the Brisbane region for 2023.<br />

New Year’s Day<br />

Sunday, 1 January AND Monday,<br />

2 January 2023<br />

Australia Day Thursday, 26 January 2023<br />

Good Friday Friday, 7 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Easter Saturday Saturday, 8 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Easter Sunday Sunday, 9 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Easter Monday Monday, 10 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Anzac Day Tuesday, 25 <strong>April</strong> 2023<br />

Labour Day Monday, 1 May 2023<br />

RNA Show<br />

(Brisbane region)<br />

King’s Birthday<br />

(Birthday of the<br />

Sovereign)<br />

Christmas Eve<br />

(6pm to midnight<br />

only)<br />

Wednesday, 16 August 2023<br />

Monday, 2 October 2023<br />

Sunday 24, December 2023<br />

Christmas Day Monday 25 December 2023<br />

Boxing Day Tuesday, 26 December 2023<br />

Further assistance<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> members seeking more information or wishing<br />

to discuss a specific employment relations matter are<br />

encouraged to contact the Employment Relations team<br />

for a confidential discussion by calling 07 3221 6999 or<br />

emailing er@qha.org.au.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 49

TOP DROP<br />



Ballistic Beer Co.<br />


Deeds Brewing<br />



Epic Beer<br />



Range Brewing<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 50<br />

I hope the troubles<br />

that have befallen the<br />

company subside<br />

because this is the very<br />

reason we need them to<br />

survive - Ballistic brew<br />

exceptional beer. Hands<br />

down, they are amongst<br />

the top five breweries<br />

in this state. Dry, bitter,<br />

hoppy and with a hell of<br />

a punch, this truly unique<br />

rendition is incredible. It<br />

is absolutely the duck’s<br />

proverbials.<br />

I must confess I have<br />

a soft spot for Belgian<br />

blondes and whilst this<br />

one was nice, it was very<br />

subtle in its flavour. I was<br />

hoping to be smacked<br />

in the gob with big notes<br />

of banana and lemon<br />

zest but it was so, so<br />

very delicate and light. I<br />

wanted a passionate kiss<br />

but alas got a peck on the<br />

cheek.<br />

Crown the king, or<br />

queen, this operation is<br />

it. I have deliberated for<br />

long enough but time<br />

and time again they<br />

knock your socks off.<br />

The Hop Zombie series is<br />

still possibly the all-time<br />

favourite but Dr Hoptavius<br />

is giving it a run for the<br />

money, can artwork<br />

included. Sweet malts,<br />

citrus, berries and stone<br />

fruit take your tastebuds<br />

on a flavour sensation.<br />

Stop it!<br />

Who said you wouldn’t<br />

want to drink one of these<br />

after a hot, hard day in<br />

the fields? The last thing I<br />

would feel like is a bland,<br />

watery beer that doesn’t<br />

take the pain away. This is<br />

the Power Trip. The hard<br />

work you have endured<br />

will be washed away with<br />

every sip as you sing<br />

your very own rendition<br />

of Ice T’s classic “Power”<br />

trip. This bitter, punchy<br />

resinous pine and citrus<br />

Molotov cocktail is sure to<br />

get the party started.

TOP DROP<br />


Little Fat Lamb<br />


Kaiju! Beer<br />



Colossal Brewing<br />


HAZY IPA<br />

8 Wired<br />

I am not entirely sure what<br />

I just had. I thought it was<br />

a beer but it says on the<br />

packaging it’s brewed<br />

wine. It wasn’t terrible. It<br />

more or less tasted like<br />

a raspberry flavoured<br />

energy drink. I certainly<br />

felt more alert and awake<br />

thanks to the addition of<br />

guarana. I guess it could<br />

be a bit of a pick-youup<br />

if you’re out on the<br />

town with mates and feel<br />

yourself falling behind.<br />

Rind-like bitterness<br />

beautifully balanced with<br />

fruity sweetness make<br />

this a magic drop. Hints<br />

of grapefruit, lemon<br />

zest, pineapple and<br />

lychee all meld together<br />

harmoniously with a super<br />

clean finish.<br />

Zingy passionfruit taste<br />

but more sweet than sour.<br />

It was refreshing enough<br />

but lacked the tartness of<br />

an exceptional sour.<br />

Dank, murky and an<br />

absolute flavour bomb<br />

hazy IPA bursting with<br />

fresh tropical fruit with<br />

pineapple to the fore<br />

as expected. The fluffy<br />

mouthfeel just rounds<br />

it off, sending you on<br />

your way. All aboard the<br />

express!<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 51

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 52<br />




THE LAND<br />





Set on 30 acres of natural bushland in Stanthorpe, just<br />

about everything the venue needs to produce quality<br />

brews is offered by the sublime growing conditions of<br />

the cool, high country in the Great Dividing Range.<br />

Since we last checked in on the crafty staycation,<br />

Steve Davenport, sales and marketing director for<br />

Granite Belt Brewery, said they have increasingly<br />

focused on producing a range of clean, easy-drinking<br />

original beers that showcase the flavours that make<br />

the Granite Belt so unique.<br />

“As well as buying the locally grown Possum Lane<br />

Hops, we also try to produce unique small batch<br />

seasonal brews that use the fabulous fruit and veg<br />

that the region is known for. We typically have around<br />

10 beers on tap at any one time, with three or four of<br />

these being our seasonal or small batch runs.<br />

“We have produced beer with everything – locally<br />

grown blueberries, pumpkins, plums, rhubarb, cherries<br />

and even finger limes. We try to support our local<br />

farmers as much as possible and use what is now<br />

often called the ‘odd bunch’ produce. We are happy<br />

to take the fruit and veg that supermarkets or suppliers<br />

won’t take as they might not look right.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 53


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 54<br />

“Recently, we had a local blueberry grower<br />

call us and ask if we wanted some of the<br />

blueberries they had left over and couldn’t sell.<br />

We obviously jumped at the chance to get them<br />

and brew something a little different. Turns out,<br />

he had about 200kgs of big, plump and super<br />

ripe blueberries – which is a hell of a lot, so we<br />

took them.<br />

“They were so flavoursome, so we added the<br />

freshly pressed juice to a slightly hopped beer<br />

we were brewing. This made the sweet notes of<br />

the blueberries really shine and the result was a<br />

really lovely, sweeter style Blueberry Ale, which<br />

was hugely popular,” he said.<br />

Granite Belt’s flavourful beers and 1,000 litre<br />

microbrewery is only some of the reasons the<br />

venue is a stand-out in the region of vineyards<br />

and wineries. The picturesque venue doubles as<br />

a retreat and features 20 private timber cabins<br />

complete with log fires, a spacious restaurant<br />

and a newly opened cocktail bar – Deck Bar.<br />

Steve said their rural location means they are<br />

fairly relaxed in their trade and tend to not be as<br />

time driven or regimented with their brewing as<br />

bigger breweries often are.<br />

“We are happy to keep beers in the tank a little<br />

longer if we think it is going to improve the beer<br />

or spend more time playing around with our<br />

smaller volume seasonal beers, as we always<br />

want to be pouring the very best beer we can.<br />

It is that relaxed freedom that really helps when<br />

we are experimenting with new beers and<br />

flavour profiles.<br />

“Our water also plays a huge part in the<br />

flavours and purity of our beers. Our brews<br />

are all produced using 100% rainwater that<br />

we capture on our property. Given our rural<br />

location, and the fact that we are surrounded<br />

by bushland and state forest, our water purity is<br />

unrivalled,” he said.<br />

Granite Belt brewery’s core selection of beers<br />

include a Session Ale (3.6%), Applethorpe Cider<br />

(4.8%), India Pale Ale (4.9%), Irish Red Ale<br />

(4.9%) and Pale Ale (4.9%). In addition to their<br />

Blueberry Ale, some of their more iconic, quirky<br />

seasonal concoctions include a Merlot Sour<br />

(4.9%) and Porter (5.5%).


Steve said 2023 has started really strongly for the<br />

brewery with the past summer being really busy, this is<br />

especially fortunate, as the winter months are usually<br />

the busiest when the demand for their wood fired log<br />

cabins are at its peak.<br />

“We are seeing an increase in demand for our pet<br />

friendly accommodation as well, as more and more<br />

people are bringing their pets with them on their<br />

travels. Our large rear deck is also dog friendly,<br />

allowing visitors to enjoy a meal or tasting paddle<br />

without having to leave their best friends behind.<br />

“We are also in the exciting process of upgrading<br />

some of our cabins with new kitchenettes and also<br />

new carpets too,” he said.<br />

Granite Belt Brewery is currently conditioning a Cherry<br />

Berry Ale using local blueberries and cherries and will<br />

continue to enjoy and share in the fruitful, beautiful land<br />

of Stanthorpe.<br />

“The new brew has been conditioning for the past<br />

month and should be ready for drinking in the next<br />

few weeks. The blueberries add a rich purple hue to<br />

the beer as well as sweetness, but it finishes like a<br />

normal beer. The sourness from the cherries help add<br />

weight to the flavours as well as complexity and a little<br />

tartness.<br />

“Our new Deck Bar also serves a range of handpicked,<br />

locally produced gins and other spirits from<br />

some of the region’s best independent distillers. Our<br />

gin flights allow visitors to choose three gins with a<br />

unique garnish and mixer.<br />

“Our goal is to keep producing beer that is made<br />

purely to be enjoyed,” he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 55

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

W H Y N O T S T O C K & S U P P O R T<br />

4 Hearts Brewing<br />

The first brewery to open its doors in<br />

Ipswich in over 100 years, 4 Hearts’<br />

brew masters are committed to<br />

premium local ingredients and<br />

profound taste. Preservative free and<br />

all natural they use the highest quality<br />

ingredients to consistently deliver a<br />

tasty beer every brew. Our core range<br />

features modern spins on traditional<br />

brews while our ever growing range<br />

of seasonal beers takes things to<br />

more adventurous levels, utilising<br />

local seasonal produce as inspiration<br />

(honey, rosella or carrots anyone…?).<br />

0439 439 710<br />

4heartsbrewing.com<br />

Ballistic Beer Co.<br />

At Ballistic we have a simple theory.<br />

Fresh beer is the best beer. That’s<br />

why we brew in small batches, more<br />

frequently, and store it cold so you get<br />

the same blast of flavour our brewers<br />

do. Our pale ales, lagers, IPAs, sours<br />

and special releases will blow away<br />

the traditional ideas and expectations<br />

of what beer should be.<br />

Set in an old World War II<br />

ammunitions factory in the historic,<br />

industrial suburb of Salisbury, Ballistic<br />

HQ is home to a team of innovative<br />

brewers who believe everyone should<br />

have the chance to enjoy a well<br />

crafted, quality beer.<br />

07 3277 6656<br />

ballisticbeer.com<br />

Helios Brewing Company<br />

Helios is the sun god of Greek myths.<br />

Each morning the rising sun marks<br />

Helios’ crossing over into the mortal<br />

world, driving a chariot drawn by wild<br />

horses that only he can control. Helios<br />

Brewing Company harnesses the<br />

sun’s power to sustainably create craft<br />

beer. Our brewing infrastructure has<br />

been custom-designed to maximise<br />

energy and water efficiency, minimize<br />

waste and our carbon-footprint<br />

while capitalising upon Queensland’s<br />

renewable natural resources. We brew<br />

beers that are malt-forward, balanced,<br />

and intense using only the best<br />

ingredients, impeccable techniques<br />

and sustainable practices.<br />

07 3392 9739<br />

heliosbrewing.com.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 56<br />

Slipstream Brewing<br />

Slipstream Brewing is an<br />

independently owned brewery based<br />

in Brisbane. We are a small but<br />

passionate team producing some of<br />

the most accessible and sessionable<br />

craft beers in Australia. We’re the<br />

missing gap between bland beer and<br />

wanky beer, our beers hit the bullseye,<br />

brewed with nothing but pure flavour<br />

in mind. Hops are the heroes and<br />

we milk them for all their worth. We<br />

love the freshness, juiciness, the zing<br />

and the zest. One sip, it tastes so<br />

good – capture that feeling and fill the<br />

fridge with it. Beer is the last thing you<br />

should settle on, so come and get<br />

caught in Slipstream.<br />

07 3892 4582<br />

slipstreambrewing.com.au<br />

Burleigh Brewing Co<br />

Founded in 2006 by Peta and Brennan<br />

Fielding, Burleigh Brewing was one of<br />

the first independent craft breweries in<br />

QLD. Now celebrating 15 years of the<br />

brand, Burleigh Brewing has upgraded<br />

their Taphouse in Burleigh Heads, won<br />

countless awards for both business<br />

and beer (a testament to their shared<br />

and individual strengths), grown to a<br />

team of 70, and in their own humble,<br />

hard-working way, helped transform<br />

the Gold Coast’s craft brewing scene<br />

into one of the most vibrant and<br />

thriving in the country.<br />

07 5593 6000<br />

burleighbrewing.com.au<br />

Terella Brewing<br />

Terella means “Little Earth”, and<br />

we’re building our vision of a dream<br />

brewery, drawing inspiration from<br />

science, a serious love of beer, and our<br />

connection to the local land.<br />

We’ve planted ourselves in North Arm,<br />

a rural setting between the hinterland<br />

and farms of the Sunshine Coast,<br />

surrounded by crops and free roaming<br />

cattle. Our concept is based on a<br />

sustainable cycle, producing what we<br />

need and using what we produce.<br />

22 rotational taps and a new exciting<br />

beer released every week! Pushing<br />

the limits of Hops and Grains to<br />

produce quality small batch brews for<br />

enjoyment.<br />

0492 929 357<br />

sales@terellabrewing.com.au<br />


Q U E E N S L A N D L O C A L S<br />

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co delivers you 15<br />

taps of fresh beer locally produced<br />

in our Tamborine Mountain Brewery.<br />

Enjoy a day trip up the mountain and<br />

visit our team for the best fresh pizza<br />

and tasting paddles.<br />

07 5545 4273<br />

fortitudebrewing.com.au<br />

Brouhaha<br />

In 2016, four Sunny coast locals set<br />

out to build their ultimate brewpub.<br />

One that produced premium quality<br />

beer and serviced fresh, local<br />

food. Cut to today, Brouhaha has<br />

expanded to Aura with a seaside<br />

production brewery & taproom,<br />

making Maleny the pilot kit for new<br />

and bespoke seasonal brews.<br />

toby@brouhahabrewery.com.au<br />

0405 707 975<br />

brouhahabrewery.com.au<br />

Your Mates<br />

Your Mates isn’t just a brand, it’s<br />

a lifestyle. Drinking good beer with<br />

good mates and having a bloody<br />

good time. We believe these simple<br />

pleasures are much sweeter with a<br />

good beer in hand. Mateship is our<br />

founding principle, it’s why we exist<br />

and encompasses everything we do.<br />

Our beers are represented by a few<br />

legendary characters we’ve all met<br />

in our lives, with distinct personalities<br />

matching their flavour styles. Our vision<br />

is to inspire mateship through great<br />

beers, and our mission is to build<br />

an inclusive beer community at our<br />

brewery on the Sunshine Coast, our<br />

beautiful backyard in Queensland and<br />

beyond!<br />

0456 492 889<br />

yourmatesbrewing.com<br />

Felons Brewing Co<br />

Founded by Brisbane locals, Felons<br />

Brewing Co. is a modern-day brewery<br />

proudly positioned on the banks of the<br />

Brisbane River. Our brewery is nestled<br />

down under the Story Bridge, within<br />

Howard Smith Wharves. We truly<br />

believe that beer is what binds us all<br />

to this great part of the world and as<br />

proud brewers, we believe in brewing<br />

with passion and freedom.<br />

07 3188 9090<br />


W H Y N O T S T O C K & S U P P O R T<br />

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

Brisbane’s longest-running<br />

independent brewery, familyowned<br />

and serving award-winning<br />

beer since 2005. Our beers are<br />

brewed to suit the climate, bringing<br />

people who love to explore the<br />

world and locally made craft beer<br />

together. Welcoming and friendly,<br />

unpretentious, and easy going,<br />

enjoy on hot summer or cool sunny<br />

winter day, “The Brisbanest Beer”.<br />

(07) 38911011 (1)<br />

brisbanebrewing.com.au/wholesale<br />

Revel Brewing Co.<br />

We are proud to be one of<br />

Queensland’s best independent<br />

breweries consistently producing<br />

Australian & International award<br />

winning beers.<br />

Bringing brewing back to Bulimba<br />

where the original Eagle Brewery<br />

resided in 1883 and the essence of<br />

QLD brewing began. Our beers are<br />

bursting with flavour and personality<br />

whilst possessing drinkability for<br />

everyone.<br />

Come and be a part of the Revel-ution!<br />

Matthew Flexman<br />

matt@revelbrewingco.com.au<br />

Boiling Pot Brewing Co.<br />

Everything we do at Boiling Pot<br />

Brewing Co. is influenced by our<br />

birthplace, Noosa, with all its beauty,<br />

nature and damn fine beer-drinking<br />

weather.<br />

We named the brewery in honour of the<br />

first headland in Noosa National Park,<br />

Boiling Pot, if you know it, you know it.<br />

If we could bottle the feeling you get at<br />

Boiling Pot, it’d be a bestseller.<br />

At Boiling Pot, we take what we do<br />

seriously but we know we’re not<br />

saving the world. Our mission is<br />

simple: to make life that little bit better<br />

for beer drinkers, one beer at a time.<br />

#cheerseverybody<br />

0414 415 920<br />

boilingpotbrewingco.com.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 58<br />

Aether Brewing<br />

Aether is more than just a<br />

brewery or just some beer. It is an<br />

expression of creativity, innovation<br />

and quality which is hand crafted<br />

by a team who treat each other as<br />

family. We are driven by our shared<br />

unrelenting passion for what we<br />

do and the dedication we have for<br />

great beer shows in each and every<br />

beer that leaves our home in the<br />

North of Brisbane. From our multiple<br />

award winning core range to our<br />

highly anticipated seasonal releases,<br />

we create a beer for every taste.<br />

07 3815 6455<br />

aetherbrewing.com.au<br />

The Catchment Brewing Co<br />

Catchment Brewing Co, located in<br />

a beautiful art deco building in West<br />

End, is a fully functioning brewery,<br />

bar and restaurant and your one stop<br />

shop for all things craft beer, awesome<br />

food and functions.<br />

Whether sampling the medal winning<br />

core range beers named after iconic<br />

streets in the local catchment or the<br />

seasonal smash hits that will amaze<br />

you, it’s well worth a visit for a taste of<br />

West End.<br />

Catchment Brewing Co - For locals,<br />

by locals, everywhere.<br />

07 3846 1701<br />

bookings@catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

Granite Belt Brewery<br />

Granite Belt Brewery is a small batch<br />

brewery with a passion for creating<br />

unique, full flavoured beers that are<br />

perfect for every occasion. Our beers<br />

are made purely... to be enjoyed.<br />

We brew and bottle everything onsite<br />

in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt,<br />

and it is all available for wholesale<br />

distribution.<br />

07 4681 1370<br />


Paul St John-Wood PUB TALK<br />


Anzac Day plans<br />

Thank you to the hoteliers and <strong>QHA</strong> partners who<br />

attended the Gold Coast Region Hoteliers Meeting in<br />

March at Robina Pavilion. I would like to give a special<br />

thanks as well to the Fitzgibbons Family, Damien<br />

Stephen and the whole team at the venue for hosting<br />

the meeting and PFD Food Services for their ongoing<br />

support of the program. The next Hoteliers Meeting<br />

will coincide with the <strong>QHA</strong> Toowoomba Race Day on<br />

Wednesday 26 <strong>April</strong>.<br />

Two-up on Anzac Day<br />

Many hotels will be looking to host two-up games in<br />

their venues on Anzac Day but remember you must<br />

receive written approval by an RSL sub-branch, and<br />

the following conditions are to be adhered to:<br />

• people aged under 18 must not play two-up<br />

• no commission can be charged on money wagered<br />

• all money wagered in the game must be returned to<br />

players as winnings<br />

• if an entry fee is charged for those who participate<br />

in the game, the money raised is to be donated to<br />

the RSL or RSL sub-branch to support ex-service<br />

men and women and their families (this could be<br />

through an association such as Legacy)<br />

• money raised from entry fees must not be used for<br />

administrative purposes<br />

The <strong>QHA</strong> can assist members with a template letter for<br />

seeking RSL sub-branch written approval to conduct<br />

two-up and can provide information on Anzac Day<br />

trading conditions.<br />

External advertising and promotion management<br />

plans for on-premise promotions<br />

With the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays<br />

approaching, many hoteliers will be looking to<br />

advertise upcoming events and promotions at their<br />

venues, so it is always timely to remind you of the<br />

legislated restrictions in place for external advertising.<br />

The Liquor Act states;<br />

Section 142ZZC (1)(a) to (c) prohibit a licensee or<br />

permittee from advertising, or allowing anyone to<br />

advertise:<br />

(a) the availability of the following for consumption on<br />

the licensee’s licensed premises or the premises<br />

to which the permittee’s permit relates (each the<br />

advertised premises)<br />

• free liquor<br />

• multiple quantities of liquor; for example - 2<br />

drinks for the price of 1.<br />

(b) the sale price of liquor for consumption on the<br />

advertised premises; or<br />

(c) a promotion that is likely to indicate to an ordinary<br />

person the availability of liquor, for consumption<br />

on the advertised premises, at a price less than<br />

that normally charged for the liquor. Examples of<br />

promotions for (c) include:<br />

• ‘happy hours’<br />

• ‘all you can drink’<br />

• ‘toss the boss’<br />

In accordance with s142ZZC(2), a person does not<br />

contravene s142ZZC(1) if:<br />

(a) the advertising happens only within the advertised<br />

premises; and<br />

(b) the advertisement is not visible or audible to a<br />

person who is outside the advertised premises.<br />

Guideline 60 requires you to have a documented<br />

promotion management plan, or harm minimisation<br />

strategy, for all on-premise liquor promotions.<br />

These plans detail the strategies you will implement<br />

throughout the promotion period to ensure patrons<br />

consume in a safe and responsible manner.<br />

If you would like a promotion management plan<br />

template or require assistance with your external<br />

advertising contact the <strong>QHA</strong>.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 59

WINE<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 60<br />

Since 2004, Bruce Dukes has been<br />

creating award winning wines for other<br />

labels at his own custom crush winery in<br />

Margaret River. When the time was right,<br />

he launched his own brand, Domaine<br />

Naturaliste. Some six years later an<br />

opportunity for Bruce arose to complete<br />

the vineyard to bottle journey. After<br />

purchasing the vineyard in Wilyabrup, the<br />

land is now home to Domaine Naturaliste’s<br />

Cellar Door. With it’s Wilyabrup location<br />

and having worked with the fruit from<br />

this vineyard with it’s previous owner for<br />

a number of years, it was an ideal site for<br />

Bruce to take custodianship and further<br />

develop the vineyard varieties.<br />

Bruce draws on decades of local and<br />

international winemaking experience,<br />

including four years at Francis Ford<br />

Coppola’s Niebaum-Coppola winery in<br />

California and a significant tenure at Pierro<br />

Winery in Margaret River. His time spent in<br />

California helped Bruce hone his exacting<br />

and confident approach.

WINE<br />


2021 ARTUS<br />

Chardonnay<br />

Bold, beautiful and significant. Textured, rich<br />

mouthfeel of nashi pear, peach and grippy<br />

green mango. Significant buttery oak notes<br />

envelope the long spiced tight finish.<br />

2019 REBUS<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Deep crimson and a nose of grilled game and<br />

currents. Blackberry, dark plum and blackcurrant, on<br />

relaxed fine tannins with an underlying bay leaf and<br />

spice note. Oak complexity. Rich and defined.<br />

2018 MORUS<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Mulberry tomato bush and blackberry with a hint<br />

of eucalypt alight from the glass. A true statement<br />

Cabernet from Margaret Rivers northerly aspect<br />

– Wilyabrup. Concentrated palate of dark plum,<br />

blackcurrant and dried olive savouriness. Savour<br />

or save for a decade from now.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 61



Your trusted advisor, helping you identify the risks your<br />

business faces and finding the right insurance solution to<br />

protect the future of your business.<br />

Call: 1800 240 432<br />

www.ajg.com.au<br />


Foxtel Business delivers the magic of sport to venues –<br />

bringing people together, entertaining them and contributing<br />

to a boost in trade. And with over 50 live sports, there’s<br />

something for everyone. Serve your customers the best<br />

sporting action with Foxtel.<br />

P: 1300 761 056 www.foxtel.com.au/venues<br />





No matter the size, shape or demands placed on your<br />

business, we have the ability to deliver equipment that is<br />

functional, adaptable and reliable, Turbofan, Waldorf, Waldorf<br />

Bold, Cobra, Convotherm, FastFri, Merrychef.<br />

P: 1300 268 798 E: info@moffat.com.au<br />

Service department: 1300 264 217<br />


Stoddart are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and<br />

importers of a large range of world leading equipment for<br />

food service and bar applications.<br />

Darrin Miller<br />

P: 0417 867 979 E: dmiller@stoddart.com.au<br />

stoddart.com.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong><br />

MEMBER<br />

OFFER<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 62<br />

BUPA<br />

Refer your colleague to your Bupa<br />

health cover plan and get rewarded<br />

with a $100 e-gift card*. Plus get 9%<br />

monthly corporate discount when<br />

quote ID 2139463. *T&Cs apply.<br />

Call 1300 662 074,<br />

E: sales@bupa.com.au<br />

www.bupa.com.au/corporate/qha<br />



We go above and beyond, whether<br />

it’s looking at an advertising campaign<br />

or a promotional concept. We<br />

develop creative solutions to grow<br />

your business.<br />

E: ideas@horseandwater.com.au<br />

www.horseandwater.com.au<br />


Over 25 years of commercial cleaning<br />

services | Triple certified Quality<br />

assured | EcoClean Certified using<br />

environmentally friendly products.<br />

Get 2 weeks free with any 12<br />

month contract when mentioning<br />

this advert. P: 1300 630 636<br />






Mullins’ hospitality team has unrivalled experience in the liquor<br />

and gaming sector, developed over 40 years. From greenfield<br />

applications and integrated developments to liquor and<br />

gaming compliance and employment advice - we are your<br />

one-stop-shop to ensure the best outcomes for your hotel.<br />

Curt Schatz, Managing Partner | Direct: 07 3224 0230<br />

Email: cschatz@mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

For more information on<br />

advertising and promoting your<br />

business in the <strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW<br />

contact Simon Cross.<br />

qhareview@qha.org.au<br />

or 0413 698 630<br />


Full range of commercial legal services<br />

to assist the liquor and gaming<br />

industry, including all Liquor/Gaming<br />

applications and advisory, WHS,<br />

employment and property services.<br />

Robert Lyons<br />

P: 07 3135 0559<br />

E: Robert.Lyons@holdingredlich.com<br />

www.holdingredlich.com<br />


Trust the experts in CCTV / Facial<br />

Recognition, Alarm and access<br />

control Systems plus all your data<br />

needs. Get the competitive edge with<br />

the latest digital advertising displays,<br />

LED screens, music and TV systems<br />

P: 0411 799 914<br />

darren@electrica.net.au<br />

www.electrica.net.au<br />


This new generation of exciting game<br />

content draws on the strength of<br />

Scientific Games to create one of<br />

the most dynamic game libraries<br />

in the market.<br />

P: 07 3458 9180<br />

www.sggaming.com/australia<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 63

<strong>QHA</strong> PARTNERS & CORPORATE MEMBERS<br />





<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 64<br />


BDO Australia<br />

Ph: 07 3237 5999<br />

bdo.com.au<br />

HLB Mann Judd -<br />

Chartered Accountants<br />

Ph: 07 3001 8800<br />

hlb.com.au<br />

Prosperity Advisers QLD<br />

Ph: 07 3007 1971<br />

prosperity.com.au<br />

SW Accountants &<br />

Advisors<br />

Ph: 07 3085 0888<br />

sw-au.com<br />

Quantaco<br />

Ph: 02 8346 6000<br />

quantaco.co<br />

Clarity Management<br />

Ph: 3058 9732<br />

claritymg.com.au<br />

Hotel Accountants Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 07 5560 8988<br />

hotelaccountants.com.au<br />

McGrathNicol<br />

Ph: 07 3333 9800<br />

mcgrathnicol.com<br />

Professional Client Services<br />

(QLD) P/L- Accountants &<br />

Business Advisors<br />

Ph: 07 3209 4452<br />

pcsqld.com.au<br />





Ashley Cooper<br />

Construction<br />

Ph: 07 3142 5915<br />

ashleycooper.com<br />

BSPN Architecture<br />

Ph: 07 3851 9100<br />

bpsn.com.au<br />

Open Projects<br />

Ph: 1800 461 421<br />

openprojects.com.au<br />

Paynters - Design &<br />

Construction<br />

Ph: 07 3368 5500<br />

paynters.com.au<br />

Rohrig Constructions<br />

Ph: 07 3257 4411<br />

rohrlg.com.au<br />

BWC Constructions Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0403 579 997<br />

bwcgroup.com.au<br />

Caughley & Co<br />

Ph: 0434 549 242<br />

caughleyco.com.au<br />

ICM Construction<br />

Ph: 1300 798 107<br />

icmco.com.au<br />

IQ Construct<br />

Ph: 3667 8202<br />

iqcontruct.com.au<br />

Urban Play<br />

Ph: 07 3256 0554<br />

urbanplay.com.au<br />


Accolade Wines<br />

Ph: 07 3252 7933<br />

accolade-wines.com<br />

Brown-Forman<br />

Australia P/L<br />

Ph: 07 3010 2000<br />

brown-forman.com<br />

Campari Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 07 3253 1801<br />

camparigroup.com.au<br />

Carlton & United<br />

Breweries<br />

Ph: 07 3666 4104<br />

cub.com.au<br />

Coca-Cola Europacific<br />

Partners<br />

Ph: 13 26 53<br />

ccamatil.com<br />

Coopers Brewery<br />

Ph: 07 3275 3732<br />

coopers.com.au<br />

CUB Premium Beverages<br />

Ph: 07 3666 4104<br />

cub.com.au<br />

Diageo<br />

Ph: 07 3257 0800<br />

diageo.com<br />

Lion<br />

Ph: 07 3361 7400<br />

lionco.com<br />

Liquid Specialty<br />

Beverages<br />

Ph: 07 5440 2006<br />

liquidsb.com.au<br />

Pernod-Ricard Australia<br />

Ph: 07 3340 5471<br />

pernod-ricard.com<br />

Red Bull Australia<br />

Ph: 02 9023 2892<br />

redbull.com.au<br />

Samuel Smith & Son<br />

Ph: 07 3373 5777<br />

samsmith.com<br />

Southtrade International<br />

Ph: 07 3085 7418<br />

southtradeint.com.au<br />

Treasury Wine Estates<br />

Ph: 03 9685 8000<br />

treasurywineestates.com<br />

Your Mates Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 07 5329 4733<br />

yourmatesbrewing.com<br />

4 Hearts Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 0428 236 436<br />

4heartsbrewing.com<br />

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 0401 399 625<br />

headsofnoosa.com.au<br />

Terella Brewing<br />

Ph: 0408 920 759<br />

terellabrewing.com.au<br />


& SERVICES<br />

Bunnings<br />

Ph: 07 3452 5725<br />

bunnings.com.au<br />

Urban Play<br />

Ph: 07 3256 0554<br />

urbanplay.com.au<br />



Best Security - Security<br />

and Training<br />

Ph: 07 3212 8460<br />

bestsecurlty.net.au<br />

Find a Chef Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0431 376 689<br />

findachef.net.au<br />

Frontier Leadership<br />

Ph: 0423 097 246<br />

frontierleadership.edu.au<br />

Federation Academy<br />

Ph: 0423 097 246<br />

federationacademy.edu.au<br />

Prime Effect<br />

Ph: 0406 500 171<br />

primeeffect.com.au<br />

Professional Hospitality<br />

Ph: 07 3160 8132<br />

professionalhospitality.<br />

com.au<br />

MLKA Hospitality<br />

Recruitment<br />

Ph: 07 4128 8400<br />

mlkarecruitment.com.au<br />

TAFE Queensland<br />

Ph: 1300 308 233<br />

tafeqld.edu.au<br />

Tribe Workforce Solutions<br />

Ph: 07 3238 0808<br />

tribeworkforce.com.au<br />

The Kingsmen<br />

Ph: 0410 0416 655<br />

thekingsmen.net.au<br />

Zenith Hospitality Staffing<br />

Solutions<br />

Ph: 07 3002 4000<br />

zenithhospitality.com<br />


BOC Limited<br />

Ph: 07 3212 4135<br />

boc.com.au<br />

TransTasman<br />

Energy Group<br />

Ph: 1300 118 834<br />

tteg.com.au<br />

ELGAS<br />

Ph: 02 9672 0777<br />

elgas.com.au<br />

Horan and Bird<br />

Ph: 1300 467 262<br />

horanandbird.com.au<br />

Sun Flux Solar Australia<br />

Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0421 082 828<br />

sunfluxsolar.com.au<br />




BDO Australia<br />

Ph: 07 3237 5999<br />

bdo.com.au<br />

Commonwealth Bank of<br />

Australia<br />

Ph: 0476 824 307<br />

CommBank.com.au<br />

Gallagher Insurance<br />

Brokers<br />

Brisbane: 07 3367 5000<br />

Nth QLD: 07 4753 5311<br />

Toowoomba: 07 4639 7102<br />

ajg.com.au<br />

Shift<br />

Ph: 0498 137 007<br />

shift.com.au<br />

Green Finance Group<br />

Ph: 0457 883 700<br />

greenfinancegroup.<br />

com.au<br />

GSA Insurance Brokers<br />

Ph: 02 8274 8138<br />

gsaib.com.au<br />

Waratah Debt Capital<br />

Ph: 0448 681 783<br />

waratahmanagement.<br />

com.au<br />

Westpac Banking<br />

Corporation<br />

Ph: 0438 701 195<br />

westpac.com.au<br />

Austcover<br />

Ph: 0412 286 511<br />

austcover.com.au<br />

Banktech<br />

Ph: 1800 080 910<br />

banktech.com.au<br />

BUPA - health insurance<br />

Ph: 134135<br />

(quote ID 2139463)<br />

bupa.com.au<br />

CTB & Co (Cooking the Books)<br />

Ph: 1300 911 282<br />

cookingthebooks.com<br />

Marmalade<br />

Ph: 0407 040 733<br />

withmarmalade.com.au<br />

Trinitas Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 836 025<br />

trinitas3.com.au<br />



Bidfood Australia Limited<br />

Ph: 0434 939 134<br />

bidfood.com.au<br />

PFD Food Services<br />

Ph: 131 733<br />

pfdfoods.com.au<br />

Simon George and Sons<br />

Ph: 07 3717 1400<br />

simongeorge.com.au<br />

CTB & Co<br />

(Cooking the Books)<br />

Ph: 1300 911 282<br />

cookingthebooks.com<br />

Food and Agribusiness<br />

Network<br />

Ph: 0419 651 157<br />

foodagribusiness.org.au<br />

Goodrop Oils<br />

Ph: 0439 206 664<br />

goodropoils.com<br />

The Entertainment Group of<br />

Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0413 035 482<br />

entertainment.com.au<br />


Table Top Innovations<br />

Ph: 07 5532 7191<br />

tabletopinnovations.com.au<br />

SlumberCorp<br />

Ph: 07 3892 7477<br />

slumbercorp.com.au<br />


Ainsworth Game<br />

Technology P/L<br />

Ph: 07 3209 6210<br />

ainsworth.com.au<br />

Aristocrat Leisure<br />

Industries<br />

Ph: 07 3727 1600<br />

aristocrat.com.au<br />

IGT<br />

Ph: 07 3890 5622<br />

igt.com.au<br />

Konami Australia<br />

Ph: 02 9666 3111<br />

konamiaustralia.com.au<br />

Light & Wonder<br />

Ph: 02 9773 0299<br />

explore.lnw.com<br />

MAX<br />

Ph: 0436 839 857<br />

max.com.au<br />

Odyssey Gaming Services<br />

Ph: 07 3087 3300<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> PARTNERS & CORPORATE MEMBERS<br />

PVS Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 03 8671 1900<br />

pvsoz.com.au<br />

Simtech<br />

Ph: 07 5596 6993<br />

simtechcreations.com<br />

Keno<br />

(The Lottery Corporation)<br />

Ph: 07 3001 9300<br />

thelotterycorporation.com<br />

TAB<br />

Ph: 1800 823 888<br />

tab.com.au<br />

UTOPIA Gaming Systems<br />

Ph: 1800 200 201<br />

utopiagaming.com.au<br />

Australian Pokie Consoles<br />

Ph: 0413 261 777<br />

clubsandpubs.com.au<br />



AHS Hospitality<br />

Ph: 07 5512 6143<br />

ahshospitality.com.au<br />

DASK Entertainment<br />

Group Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0452 640 418<br />

daskentertainment.com.au<br />

DNS Specialist Services<br />

Ph: 0433 906 809<br />

dnsspecialistservices.com.au<br />

DWS Hospitality Specialists<br />

Ph: 07 3878 9355<br />

dws.net<br />

Foxtel for Business<br />

Ph: 1300 720 630<br />

austar.com.au<br />

Sky Channel<br />

Ph: 07 3228 6344<br />

Freecall: 1800 251 710<br />

skychannel.com.au<br />

Stan Sport<br />

Ph: 0416 208 417<br />

stan.com.au/sport/venues<br />

Damian’s Games<br />

Ph: 0412 726 688<br />

accounts@damian.com.au<br />

Grub Lab<br />

Ph: 0437 875 134<br />

grublab.io<br />

Nightlife - Music & Video<br />

Freecall: 1800 679 748<br />

nightlife.com.au<br />

Pro Score - Sporting<br />

Promotions<br />

Ph: 0431 366 800<br />

proscore.com.au<br />

Rooks Entertainment<br />

Ph: 07 4068 8633<br />

rooks-entertainment.com.au<br />


BOC Limited - Gas/<br />

Reticulation Supply<br />

Ph: 07 3212 4322<br />

boc.com.au<br />

Reward Hospitality<br />

Ph: 07 3341 5929<br />

rewardhospitality.com.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> PLATINUM PARTNERS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> DIAMOND PARTNERS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> GOLD PARTNERS<br />

Lighthouse Safety &<br />

Compliance<br />

Ph: 0422 669 631<br />

www.lighthousesafety.com.au<br />

Stoddart<br />

Ph: 0437 576 447<br />

stoddart.com.au<br />

Morph Consulting Services<br />

Ph: 0438 758 847<br />

morph-consulting.com<br />

Professional Hospitality<br />

Ph: 07 3160 8132<br />

professionalhospitality.<br />

com.au<br />

Sculpture Hospitality<br />

Queensland<br />

Ph:0427 532 925<br />

sculpturehospitality.com<br />

Marmalade<br />

Ph: 0407 040 733<br />

withmarmalade.com.au<br />

Now Book It<br />

Ph: 1800 265 726<br />

nowbookit.com<br />

Nuvho<br />

Ph: 07 3357 9951<br />

nuvho.com<br />

Prostaff Events Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 07 3061 8644<br />

facebook.com/Prostaff-Events<br />

Queensland Risk<br />

Ph: 0408 840 969<br />

E: franz@qrisk.consulting<br />


Fox Sports<br />

Ph: 0403 061 412<br />

foxsports.com.au<br />




Off Market Hotels<br />

Chris Cameron<br />

Ph: 0477 271 875<br />

offmarkethotels.com.au<br />

Power Jeffrey & Co -<br />

Hotel Brokers<br />

Ph: 07 3832 6000<br />

powerjeffrey.com.au<br />

CRE Brokers<br />

Ph: 07 5371 0165<br />

crebrokers.com<br />

HTL Property<br />

Ph: 02 8016 3810<br />

htlproperty.com.au<br />

JLL<br />

Ph: 07 3231 1311<br />

jll.com.au<br />

LEGAL<br />

Mullins<br />

Ph: (07) 3224 0222<br />

mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

Corrs Chambers<br />

Westgarth – Lawyers<br />

Ph: 07 3228 9778<br />

corrs.com.au<br />

Holding Redlich<br />

Ph: 07 3135 0500<br />

holdingredlich.com<br />

BDO Australia<br />

BSV<br />

CashZone<br />

Daily Press<br />

H&L Australia<br />

Best Security<br />

BOC Limited<br />

BSPN Architecture<br />

Chewzie Table<br />

Ordering<br />

Coopers Brewery<br />

Command 51<br />

Grayza<br />

Green Finance Group<br />

GSA Insurance<br />

Brokers<br />

HLB Mann Judd<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> SILVER PARTNERS<br />

Off Market Hotels<br />

Prosperity<br />

Advisers QLD<br />

PVS Australia<br />

Simon George & Sons<br />

Tanda<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> BRONZE PARTNERS<br />

Liquid Specialty<br />

Beverages<br />

MSL Solutions<br />

Odyssey Gaming<br />

Services<br />

Open Projects Group<br />

Operandio Pty Ltd<br />

Paynters<br />

Platypus Print<br />

Packaging<br />

Power Jeffrey and<br />

Company<br />

Trans Tasman<br />

Energy Group<br />

UTOPIA Gaming<br />

Systems<br />

Your Mates Brewing<br />

Company<br />

Quantaco<br />

Rohrig Constructions<br />

Red Bull Australia<br />

Secure Access I.T.<br />

Shift<br />

Simtech<br />

Southtrade<br />

International<br />

Stan Sport<br />

SW Accountants<br />

& Advisors<br />

Waratah Debt Capital<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 65

<strong>QHA</strong> PARTNERS & CORPORATE MEMBERS<br />










KNOWLEDGEABLE. THANKS, <strong>QHA</strong>.”<br />


Online RSA/RSG Training<br />

Gaming Nominee Training<br />

Employment Relations Training<br />

Employment Relations Webinar<br />

HopgoodGanim Lawyers<br />

Ph: 0419 762 469<br />

hopgoodganim.com.au<br />

K&L Gates<br />

Ph: 0416 131 543<br />

klgates.com<br />

MBA Lawyers<br />

Ph: 07 5619 7319<br />

mba-lawyers.com.au<br />

Ramsden Lawyers<br />

Ph: 07 5554 1964<br />

ramsdenlaw.com.au<br />

Sparke Helmore Lawyers<br />

Ph: 07 3016 5014<br />

sparke.com.au<br />

LIQUOR<br />


Bottlemart<br />

Ph: 1300 733 504<br />

bottlemart.com.au<br />

Independent Liquor<br />

Group<br />

Ph: 07 3713 2751<br />

ilg.com.au<br />

Liquor Legends<br />

Ph: 07 3107 7422<br />

liquorlegends.com.au<br />

LIQUOR<br />


ALM (Australian Liquor<br />

Marketers)<br />

Brisbane: 07 3489 3600<br />

Townsville: 07 4799 4022<br />

Cairns: 07 4041 6070<br />

almliquor.com.au<br />

Your Mates Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 07 5329 4733<br />

yourmatesbrewing.com<br />

4 Hearts Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 0428 236 436<br />

4heartsbrewing.com<br />

Terella Brewing<br />

Ph: 0408 920 759<br />

terellabrewing.com.au<br />

Idealpos Solutions Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 944 117<br />

mark.beeley@idealpos.<br />

com.au<br />

MyVenue Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0447 129 873<br />

myvenue.com/pubs-cafes-bars<br />


Platypus Print Packaging<br />

Ph 07 3352 0300<br />

platys.com.au<br />


Best Security<br />

Ph: 07 3212 8460<br />

bestsecurity.net.au<br />

Command 51<br />

Ph: 0437 368 352<br />

command51.com.au<br />

CMBM Facility Services<br />

Ph: 07 3391 1040 /<br />

Ph: 0419 708 715<br />

cmbm.com.au<br />

Future Business Technology<br />

Group<br />

Ph: 1300 706 155<br />

fgtgroup.com.au<br />

Hikvision <strong>Digital</strong> Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

Lotus Commercial Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 653 536<br />

lotusfilters.com.au<br />

Luxxe Outsourced Hotel<br />

Services<br />

Ph: 03 8761 9156<br />

luxxe.com.au<br />

Security Registers<br />

Ph: 0452 363 166<br />

securityregisters.com.au<br />

Tru Security Services<br />

Ph: 0452 377 662<br />

trusecurity.com.au<br />


Compassify Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0406 624 677<br />

compassify.com.au<br />

Cherry Hub Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0409 548 276<br />

cherryhub.com.au<br />

DQ VIP Systems<br />

Ph: 0448 749 008<br />

getdqd.com<br />

Future Business Technology<br />

Group<br />

Ph: 1300 706 155<br />

fgtgroup.com.au<br />

Hikvision <strong>Digital</strong> Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

IDU Technologies Pty Ltd<br />

mitch@idu-identification.com<br />

idu-identification.com<br />

JB Hi-Fi Commercial<br />

Division<br />

Ph: 07 3360 9925<br />

jbhifi.com.au<br />

Klackit<br />

Ph: 0404 840 858<br />

klackit.com<br />

Mr Yum<br />

Ph: 0448 504 121<br />

mryum.com.au<br />

onPlatinum ICT<br />

Ph: 0402 281 561<br />

onplatinum.com.au<br />

Qantum Network Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0417 125 566<br />

qantumnetwork.com.au<br />

Scantek Solutions<br />

Ph: 1300 552 106<br />

scantek.com.au<br />

Security Registers<br />

Ph: 0452 363 166<br />

securityregisters.com.au<br />

Smart Parking Limited<br />

Ph: 0421 155 972<br />

smartparking.com<br />

Responsible Management of Licensed Venues<br />

Training is a mandatory training requirement<br />

for those applying for a liquor licence, and<br />

applicants for an Approved Manager’s Licence.<br />

Training is offered face to face at regional<br />

centres throughout Queensland.<br />

For more information please contact the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Training Centre<br />

Ph: 07 3221 6999 Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Email: training@qha.org.au<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />


Daily Press<br />

Ph: 0412 224 969<br />

dailypress.com.au<br />



CashZone<br />

Ph: 0466 148 752<br />

cashzoneatm.com.au<br />

H&L Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0407 975 411<br />

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Synergy Grills use a gas burner system, utilising<br />

electronic ignition with a flame protection probe.<br />

The entire Synergy Trilogy Range features SMART<br />

controls with a rapid heat up function. The unit<br />

reaches perfect cooking temperature in just 30<br />

minutes. Each burner features independent heat<br />

regulation with 10 power settings.<br />

The Synergy Grill is far kinder to food. Fat is atomised<br />

whilst cooking on the grill, and less moisture is lost<br />

during cooking.<br />

The Synergy Grill is quick and easy to clean, by using<br />

a vacuum or brush to remove the debris from the grill.

eyond a payment<br />

solution, it’s tailored<br />

specifically for<br />

hoteliers<br />

eftpos terminals<br />

ordering apps<br />

payment gateways<br />

virtual terminals<br />

sample<br />

1300 192 600<br />

beyondpayments.com.au<br />

beyond expectation

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