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RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit Installation ... - Comtech EF Data

RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit Installation ... - Comtech EF Data

Appendix A.

Appendix A. RSU-503L OPTION This appendix describes the RSU-503L (Figure A-1), a low-loss version of the RSU-503. Note: The RSU-503 and RSU-503L are similar units. As a result, only the primary differences of the RSU-503L are provided in this appendix. Figure A-1. RSU-503L Front Panel Rev. 8 A–1

RSU-503L Option RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit A.1 Description A.2 Assemblies Refer to Figure A-2 for an interconnection block diagram of the RSU-503L in a typical earth station application. Using WR229 (C-band) or WR75 (Ku-band) waveguide, the RSU-503L routes the RF outputs from both RFTs directly to a waveguide switch on the antenna plate. In addition to the RSU-503 functions, the RSU-503L provides command pulses for the external uplink waveguide switch (28V). The RSU-503L consists of the following assemblies: Assembly EFData Part # Top Assembly PL/3000-1 Cable Harness PL/3001-1 Chassis Base FP/3802 Panel Divider FP/3139 M&C Assembly, RSU-503L PL/3002 M&C Firmware, RSU-503L FW/3080-1 C A / 3005 T X / IF R X / IF TNC TN C RFT-XXX #A AS/2578 R X / RF TX /RF C A / 1530 WAVEGUIDE CA/3005 26 CA/3003 M&C-RS232 T X / I F R X / IF A A A 70 M Hz T X / I F IN P U T R X / IF J14 TN C J15 TN C J 1 S 1 1 TN C J2 J4 AS/3000-1 3 2 4 1 3 70 M Hz O U T P U T TNC 6 S2 4 2 P19 IND 6 IND M& C AS/3002 CA/3951 UPLINK WAVEGUIDE S3 4 SW ITCH 2 3 1 6 N LNA #A RS232 J16 P21 12 J10 19 6 REM OTE CONTROL TN C TX /IF B P20 WG IND TN C TN C TN C J5 J12 J6 J1 3 J8 RSU-503L R F / I F STANDBY LOW LOSS REDUNDANCY SWITCH UNIT T X / I F B TE ST STAND BY LNA TE ST IN P U T WG TO N ADAPTER LN A W A V EGUIDE LN A SW ITCH N #B IN P U T R F / IF TEST CA/3003 M&C-RS232 REDUNDANT SW ITCH P LA TE O U TP U T B C /A3005 26 R F / I F T X / I F TNC TNC RFT-XXX #B AS/2578 T X / RF R X / RF W A V EG UIDE CA/1530 SHOW N W ITH " B " ONLIN E Figure A-2. RSU-503L Low Loss Block Diagram TO ANTENNA FROM ANTENNA A–2 Rev. 8

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