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Wohnen war und ist eines der zentralen Themen für dérive. Wir haben uns – beginnend mit den ersten Heften – immer wieder intensiv damit auseinandergesetzt; in den letzten Jahren besonders kritisch mit der Warenförmigkeit von Wohnen. In dieser Sonderausgabe veröffentlichen wir eine Reihe dieser Texte und zwar von und mit: Anita Aigner, Diana Botescu, Christoph Chorherr, Elisabeth Ertl, Edeltraud Haselsteiner, Susanne Heeg, Andrej Holm, Florian Humer, Justin Kadi, Michael Klein, Anna Kokalanova und Haotian Lin.

Haotian Lin




in Fast-Growing CHINESE Cities

A SHENZHEN Perspective

Danwei, Redevelopment,

Population Growth, Housing Problem, Over-Marketization,


Like many other Chinese cities, Shenzhen is experiencing intense spatial transformation.

Downgraded neighborhoods are replaced with luxury housing, shopping malls and

offices. Such development might improve the competitiveness of the city, but ignores the

affordability of the city for lower-income groups. The reliance on the market parties

to develop affordable housing has not produced satisfying results. The old Danwei

housing, which is profusely present throughout Shenzhen, has a number of qualities that

make it attractive for redevelopment. Might it solve the shortage of affordable housing

for the young and creative class, and thereby contribute positively to the transformation

of Shenzhen?

According to the 11th five-year plan (2006-2010), Shenzhen will shift from

manufacturing industry to creative and knowledge-intensive industries. Human capital

and technology innovation are to become the new generators for economy. Many

young and highly educated graduates therefore come to Shenzhen to search their fortune.

However, high house prices become the first barrier for them to settle in the

city. Rocketing house prices have been with no doubt the most popular topic in recent

years among Chinese citizens. This article illustrates the current housing problems in

Shenzhen and introduces a new renewal model to improve the affordability of housing.


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