RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Term of Reference 1 Theme 2 Access to CAMHS

Assessment Criterion HSC Board Level of achievement

The limited development and lack of focus on primary mental

health workers restricts capacity. This means that the community

support function and the capacity to ensure that children and

young people have access to appropriate intervention at an early

stage to prevent deterioration are also compromised.

1.2.2 The development of a

comprehensive CAMH

service should be facilitated

by establishing a structured

implementation process and

addressed across health and

social services, education

and youth justice services.

The Bamford implementation group has developed a service

improvement programme aimed at delivering the actions

recommended by the review.

The HSC Board suggested that the recently published Health

Future Strategy 2010 -2015 will provide a framework for the early

identification of the public health needs for children and for

families in need of early intervention.

A draft protocol for outreach with Youth Justice has been

developed. Consultation will begin in September 2010 however

the impact may be constrained by the current resource position.

Partially achieved

The HSC Board acknowledges there is still significant joint

working required across Health, Social Services, Education and

Youth Justice services. The establishment of the Bamford Task

group provides a structure for taking this forward.

The review team identify that the current post funded by Youth

Justice was able to provide some CAMHS in reach and asked the

HSC Board had there been consideration given to extending this.

The HSC Board suggested that this may be looked at further.


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