RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Term of Reference 1 Theme 4 Access to specialized services


The Belfast Trust provides the Senior management Senior management

regional inpatient service. The reported difficulties in reported difficulties in

review team found that the regional accessing regional accessing regional

inpatient beds appear to be

inpatient beds.

inpatient beds.

disproportionately used by Belfast

and South Eastern Trust, although

access by other trusts has

improved in the past two years.

1.4.1. Provision and

procedures are in

place to ensure that

appropriate and

timely inpatient care

is available for

young people.

Assessment by

review team

The review team found that at

present there is an over-reliance on

the provision of inpatient treatment.

It was found that the development

of alternatives to hospital admission

and community services via

outreach, early intervention and day

services would reduce the need for

in-patient beds. In turn, the

regional unit may then have

sufficient places to avoid the need

for children and young people in

Northern Ireland to be placed on an

adult ward.

The Northern Trust

reports it has been

allocated 1.5

adolescents beds in the

regional unit, however a

bed is not always

available when needed

and young people are

often placed in an adult


The review team

highlighted this as a

particular challenge as

the trust does not have

access to alternatives

to hospital admission.

The Southern Trust reports

it has been allocated

approximately two

adolescents beds in the

regional inpatient unit.

However, they stated that

they rarely have two

patients using the unit. It

was reported that 28

patients have been

referred within the last year

and only three have been


The review team noted that

alternatives to hospital

admission are limited.



reported difficulty

accessing regional

inpatient beds for

children and

young people.

In addition the

trust reported that

young people and

their families feel

that the regional

unit is inaccessible

due to


distance from the

Western area to


Partially achieved Not achieved Not achieved Not achieved


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