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ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf

ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf


G U E S T C O L U M N Exciting times The world around us is changing rapidly. Web technologies have enabled us all to access any information at all time and communicate with almost everybody. Social media platforms connect people that have never met. We are living in a connected world and information is always at arms’ length. This changes our society. Public libraries are changing into social meeting places for entrepreneurs. Small retailers are losing their value add in the supply chain because consumers search the internet for the best deal before actually buying articles. Well-known brands are outsourcing production to low income countries to facilitate mass consumerism. Information is accessible for everyone so today’s brands may not exist next year. 6 ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012

GUEST COLUMN FRED VERBOON With mass consumerism, people will fi nd ways to stand out. Creativity is essential for the next generation. Creativity will fuel individualism which basically means that people are able to stand out and be successful. ‘Application of knowledge is fundamental for success in tomorrow’s world’ With all the information at arms’ length, education needs to change accordingly. Accumulation of knowledge is no longer the Holy Grail. Application of knowledge is fundamental for success in tomorrow’s world. Learn the new generations to stand out, teach them to succeed in a mass consumer world. Challenge them to compare, apply and differentiate. But most of all, learn them that is good to be different, learn them to stay close to themselves, stay close to their values and cultures. Do not lecture, but inspire! ■ ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012 7

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