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FOREWORD Kathrin Meyer,

FOREWORD Kathrin Meyer, Ph.D.

In the year 1998 then - Swedish Prime Minister, Goeran Persson, was deeply shocked to learn that a worryingly high number of Swedish High School students lacked appropriate knowledge of the Holocaust. Barely half a century after the Second World War, the Holocaust – an event which had fundamentally challenged the foundations of civilization – was beginning to recede into the shadows of history. Recognizing the crucial role that education about the Holocaust plays in the historical and civic education of young people, Persson began the “We share a commitment to encourage the study of the Holocaust in all its dimensions. We will promote education about the Holocaust in our schools and universities, in our communities and encourage it in other institutions.” Stockholm Declaration on the Holocaust (see p.1-2) process of uniting governments to form the unique 31 member country intergovernmental body which is now known as the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. What Persson recognized - and indeed what this volume entitled Holocaust Education in Pedagogy, History, and Practice confirms – is that when we teach about the Holocaust, we are not only teaching history. By reflecting upon the moral and spiritual questions raised by the events of the Holocaust, we raise awareness of the dangers of prejudice and discrimination. 9 HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN PEDAGOGY, HISTORY, AND PRACTICE

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