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Truly Thai

Get to know all about the deep roots of

Thai art and culture at the Thai Thani Art

and Culture Village in Pattaya. This new

tourist attraction offers old Thailand as

they preserve the art, culture, traditions,

crafts and traditional performances. It is

also a good place to soak up the beauty of

Thai architecture, with structures like the

multi-gabled pagoda, houses in various

styles from the four regions of the country.

You can join activities like painting on

cotton fabric and mulberry paper, pottery

making, creating Thai sweets from palace

recipes and other skilled crafts. Spare a

full day for these cultural experiences

and enjoy the old Thai way of life in a

contemporary setting.



It’s not just peaceful relaxation on the beach

that defines the island destination of Koh

Chang. Get off the sand and consider stand up

paddleboarding, or SUP. The fun and exciting

sport offers an adrenaline rush while on the

water. Unlike traditional surfing, an SUP rider

stands on a board, using a paddle to manoeuvre

through the water. This novel way to explore

the ocean and nature is an alternative and

adventurous fun and big waves aren’t needed

for paddling. You can go to any open water and

enjoy the ride on an SUP and experience the

beautiful waters of the island, get closer to

nature while keeping yourself fit at the same time.



Visitors looking for a perfect place to end a

productive beach day are usually enthralled

by the the ideal sunset setting at Porn’s Bar

and Restaurant. Nestled in the secluded

beach of Kai Bae, this resort is a Koh Chang

fixture and guests benefit from its wooden

bungalow architecture surrounded by trees and

tranquillity. The restaurant and the stairs lead

to the upper levels where you could absorb

the peaceful atmosphere in their terraced

pavilions while enjoying the beautiful views

and great food of Thai and Western specialties.

Hammocks or lounging on pillows ensure

comfortable viewing of four nearby islands,

making the restaurant a popular place. For a

little more action, there’s also a fire juggling

show. pornsbungalows-kohchang.com


Do magic tricks and disappearing

acts continue to amaze you? Do you

always wonder how such sleight of

hand is possible? If yes, come and

explore the world of magic in Pattaya

at the Tuxedo Illusion Hall. Prepare

yourself for the fascinating mysteries

in magic acts and illusions by Mr.

Tuxedo, a professional magician.

The theatre, arranged at full maximum

to showcase tricks and illusions,

presents a Broadway-like production.

A full range of world-standard magic

performances blows your mind away

with live exhibits and ‘headless’

opportunities of jaw-dropping

experiences at Tuxedo Illusion Hall.



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