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The sheer beauty of Krabi

– radiant in its dazzling

cerulean waters that

blend and sometimes

contrast with an indigo

sky and dreamy sunsets

– puts it at the top of the

list for many travellers.

If the pull of the sea, sand, and karst

islands weren’t enough, Krabi offers

forests and mountains, along with

local history, a thriving mix of cultural

heritage and therapeutic regimens that

create an overall feel of wellbeing.

To top it all off is the hospitality and

friendliness of the local people that

makes the island a true sanctuary for

relaxation and indulgence in nature.

Photos Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand


Your boat trip from Laem Sak will pass

by dramatic landscapes, including the

amazing ancient cliff paintings. Be part

of the flora and fauna preservation

by participating in an orchid planting

activity. Experience the diverse Buddhist-

Islamic-Chinese culture, where people

of different origins and beliefs have

co-existed in harmony for generations.

A local dish not to be missed is rice

prepared with a local shrimp paste and

served with the crunch of seaweed

grapes known as green caviar.



A Krabi outing takes you to the mangrove

forest and the tranquil village of Thung

Yi Pheng in the Lanta Island district.

Relax your mind and body during your

stay in the local community, enveloped

by tranquillity and surrounded by nature.

Practise some mindfulness while listening

to birdsong and rustling leaves and cool

breezes. Let your thoughts flow with the

streams. This great combination with

nature makes you come away revitalised.

Opposite Page,

Bottom Left

Calm waters

smooth the path

to paddle through

Thung Yi Pheng.

Expect to see fishes,

lobsters, shrimps

and hopefully,

a crab-eating

macaque monkey.


Kayaking along

the Laem Sak route

brings you closer

to nature and its


Below Top

Koh Klang is one

place to visit and

learn about local

village life.


The mangrove trees

of Thung Yi Pheng.

In Krabi, you’re spoilt for choice

with the many well-known natural

havens – having been amplified by word

of mouth and power of social media.

Popular islands and destinations include

Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Hong,

Koh Poda, Ao Nang bay, Ao Railey, Ao

Luek, and Khlong Muang beach. From

bungalows to luxury hotels, abundant

places offer modern and comprehensive

facilities, and travel companies are at

the ready to arrange island-hopping

daytrips or pampering massages and

wellness retreats.

We highly recommend a deep

immersion in the Krabi experience

and the following five compelling

trips should tell you why the alluring

attractions of the island makes for a

special getaway.



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