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Southern Thai Touch

This black traditional Thai teak

house sits on stilts in a floating

illusion that seems to exist in

your surreal dreams. Black

Ginger – an elaborate Thai

restaurant at the Slate Phuket

– is known for its dreamy and

mysterious atmosphere, as

well as its good mixture of Thai

southern flavours served as

exquisitely as the ambience.

Phuket-style fresh spring

rolls derived from a Hokkien

recipe – is among the favourites,

as well as Bua Thod – Phuket’s

popular appetiser made from local

leaves and spices. In case you

want to delve deep into the local

food repertoire, try their yellow

fish curry and the equally fiery

Khua Gling Moo, a southernstyle

stir-fry minced pork, also

with southern curry. While all

these intense flavours seem too

daunting to enjoy with wine, the

restaurant does provide a wellcurated

wine pairing experience,

ensuring that even the spiciest

curry in Thai cuisine goes well with

a well-selected drink. Open daily:

6.30 - 11pm, T: +66 (0) 76 327 006,



For coffee connoisseurs, spending time to

slowly appreciate a cup of craft coffee is a

given. At many third-wave coffee bars, you

get to know your beans, the farmer who

grows it and your barista provides the full

coffee experience and brewing method.

At The Shelter Coffee in Phuket,

the AeroPress coffee maker replaces

the expensive high-end espresso

machine. Each cup of your coffee is

hand-pressed, or if you prefer slowly

dripped, to perfection. Coffee beans are

also hand-roasted in small batches via a

small ceramic pan by the owner – who

came into the spotlight after winning the

Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand’s

AeroPress Thailand 2016 competition. A

small menu of craft coffees, two snacks, or

lunch of the day featuring a one-dish meal,

is also made by the owner. A perfect place

to take it easy and be gentle on your soul.

Open daily except Wednesdays: 9am - 5pm,

T: +66 (0) 86 595 5148


The origins of Phuket’s most famous shaved ice dessert, ‘O Aew,’ has always been a mystery, even for

the locals. In a bowl, the translucent jelly is cut up into big cubes and typically served with red kidney

beans, black glass jelly and adlay millet. A lot of people explain that this strange-sounding dessert is

made from banana, thanks to the fruit’s natural pectin component.

At Cafe’in Thaihua Museum in Phuket Old Town, O Aew is revealed to be a derivative of a Hokkien

sweet made of Aiyu Jelly – a natural jelly made from the dried seeds of a fig-like fruit. The museum also

shows many new creations of Aiyu Jelly desserts served to fit modern tastes. You can try many variations

such as lemon and lychee jelly, red bean paste jelly or watermelon jelly. Although some of the newer

desserts may look unorthodox, they sure are as refreshing as in the old days. Open Tues - Sun: 9.30am - 7pm,

T: +66 (0) 88 766 0962


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