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Fah Thai Magazine March/April 2018 - Infight Magazine of Bangkok Airways

Fah Thai is the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways. It is YOUR MAGAZINE. It is distributed with our compliments on all Bangkok Airways flights. We hope you enjoy it.

GALLERY Khanom Khrok or

GALLERY Khanom Khrok or Thai rice pancake with coconut milk is evidence of shared culture in Indochina as the snack shares a kinship with “montlin mayar” in Myanmar, “khaonomkok” in Laos and “numkrok” in Cambodia. Though they look alike, the Thai Khanom Khrok has its unique charm. It is made with two separate batters: a thinner, more watery blend that results in a crispy outer shell when cooked while the thicker batter forms the inner core of coconut custard. Ingredients for both batters are flour, coconut milk and salt but in different proportions. Have it plain or choose from the variety of toppings like green onions, corn, taro, and even pumpkin. The succulence and contrasting sweetand-salty of coconut cream is best when it is freshly-made and hot from the cast iron Khanom Khrok pan. 86 87