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Electronic “platform” is capable of providing multiple modalities in one therapy station. You can start simple (stim and ultrasound) and add modalities (additional stim, laser, battery module and patient management software). ■ stim unit offers 6 clinical waveforms including: interferential, Russian, bi-phasic, high volt, microcurrent and premodulated ■ ultrasound delivers 1 and 3.3 MHz through a 5cm 2 applicator. Multiple waveforms available in combination mode ■ built-in patient data card device can record patient modality and pain profile information ■ user-defined protocols customize any waveform to your specific need ■ optional mobile cart has 6 storage bins to minimize cord and cable hassle Chattanooga ® Intelect ® LEGEND XT Therapy Systems Intelect ® LEGEND XT Therapy Systems stim unit (left) combo unit: stim plus ultrasound (right) both shown with optional mobile cart treatment modalities ■ each unit ships with 5 Patient Data Cards, 4 each 3" inch diameter carbon electrodes (2 red, 2 black), 4 each Dura-Stick ® II 2 3 /4" diameter electrodes and 1 2½" x 24" Nylatex ® wrap (minimum advertised price) stim units 00-2763 2-channel stim f 00-2793 2-channel stim with cart 00-2786 4-channel stim f 00-2797 4-channel stim with cart 00-2780 mobile cart 02-7508 interrupt switch channel 1,2 02-7079 interrupt switch channel 3,4 combo units (stim plus ultrasound) standard with 5cm 2 (1 and 3.33 MHz) applicator, 9 oz conductor gel 00-2760 2-channel combo f 00-2791 2-channel combo with cart 00-2788 4-channel combo f 00-2795 4-channel combo with cart 07-2852 rubber 3" carbon electrode black 07-2853 rubber 3" carbon electrode red Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 125

Chattanooga® Intelect® TRANSPORT therapy systems Transport 2-channel stimulation ■ 2-channel output with 4 standard waveforms: interferential, premodulated, HV and Russian ■ logical and simple user interface with 10 programmable memory positions ■ built-in positional stand allows desktop or wall-mount use ■ standard with four ¾" diameter Dura-Stick ® II electrodes, four 3" diameter carbon electrodes (2 red, 2 black), lead wires and one 2½" x 24" Nylatex ® wrap 00-2783K 2-channel stimulation unit f 00-2894K stim with mobile cart 00-2783B stim with carry bag and battery pack Transport 2-channel stimulation / ultrasound combination ■ electrotherapy and ultrasound work seamlessly to heat and stimulate muscles for more rapid healing and better patient outcome ■ features Transport 2-channel stimulation and ultrasound 00-2738K combo: 2-channel stim and ultrasound w/ 5cm 2 applicator 00-2738KC combo with mobile cart 00-2738KB combo with bag and battery pack (minimum advertised price applies) Transport stim unit Transport combo unit treatment modalities Transport ultrasound unit 00-2782K ultrasound w/ 5cm 2 applicator 00-2893K ultrasound with cart Transport ultrasound ■ Transport ultrasound delivers 1 and 3.3 MHz frequency in continuous (100%) or pulsed (10%, 20%, 50%) format ■ includes 10 programmable memory positions ■ output is a clean, culminated beam with a BNR that is of the lowest available (max 5:1) ■ built-in positional stand facilitates desktop or wall-mount use ■ powered by battery or 110V AC ■ standard with one 9 oz ultrasound gel ■ optional mobile cart and adapter for Intelect ® Transport unit cart adapter mobile cart 00-2780 Legend XT 00-2891K Transport cart+adapter 00-2884 adapter only cart with adapter, stim/ultrasound sold separately Transport battery pack Transport carry bag additional soundheads ■ nickel metal hydride battery stores in bottom of Intelect ® Transport units 02-7478 battery 00-2911K battery & bag ■ ergonomically designed bag for easy transport of Transport models ■ holds unit securely in place and fits accessories 02-7467 carrying bag ■ additional applicators for Legend XT (on page 112) and Transport ultrasound 02-7381 1cm 2 02-7382 2cm 2 02-7383 5cm 2 02-7384 10cm 2 126 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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